BAD BUSINESSES are On-Board, on SCHOOL BOARDS all across America.

QUESTION: Why would anyone in their right mind spend over $100,000 USD's to get Elected to Serve on a School Board that pays approximately $800.00 per month.

FACT: It doesn't make any since does it? Unless of course you had an ulterior motive.

FACT: The "ULTERIOR MOTIVE" is to make MONEY, BIG MONEY and that is what is currently occurring across the United States of America. Public Education is currently be Privatized to the Detriment of our Nation, Our Nation's Future and WORST of all the Detriment of our Children's Futures.

FACT: Greedy School Board Member are steering Business Contract to all these so-called "NON-PROFIT" Charter Schools. Charter Schools that are little more than "FRONTS" being utilized by corrupt Businesses all across America.

FACT: Corrupt Business Men and Women once Elected to School Boards Nation Wide are helping to assist Family Members and Friends to get Contracts to run these NON-PROFIT" Charter Schools.

FACT: There is nothing that's "NON-PROFITABLE" about running a Charter School, as a matter of fact, Charter Schools are all about the "MONEY HONEY". Millions and Millions of USD's.

FACT: Many Charter Schools are setup simply a Legal Form of Bribery. IF I help you to get a Charter School, then you give my Son, Daughter or Best Buddy an Insurance Contract, a Maintenance Contract, a Food Service Contract, a Snack and Coke Contact, etc....

FACT: Violent Crime in America has nearly doubled in the past 5-years. One of the Biggest contributing Factors to this VIOLENT CRIME OUT BREAK is that MOST Charter Schools don't even call Roll or if they do call Roll they lie to their respective States about who actually showed up for School on any given day.

FACT: When Kids don't come to School, they are significantly more likely to get involved with Gangs, Drugs and Crime.

FACT: Charter Schools can be owned by anyone simply by hiring a so-called "FRONT MAN" or "SPECIAL AGENT" with Financial Backing.

FACT: Charter Schools can hire Uncertified Teacher or Teachers from Foreign Countries to Teach our Nation's Children just about anything that they Choose.

The fatuous1 once again finds himself running around in circles screaming and yelling "BULL$HYT"!