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#1 Jan 13, 2009
Went to court on a bogus traffic vioation and had an eye opening experience. Sat and listened to both motorcycle officers lie to the judge about the events. Nothing I said made a difference. Your guilty until you prove your not. That's pretty much impossible when the cops can get away with that. Unbelivable.
general info

Atlanta, GA

#2 Feb 3, 2009
no jeff, u just got caught!:)
Cindy Wilikins

San Diego, CA

#3 Mar 11, 2009
Jeff welcome to our system unless you have wads of money to toss around you are guilty unless you can prove beyond reason your not, that's why I would not ever like to be accused of a crime these days.

Jeff read the papers every day people are smeared across the pages accused of crimes before the trial! its truly awful and the DA's just slam you to show you they are anti-crime.

In traffic court they just want you to pull out your wallet and shut your face I know I have been their.

Jeff I wish you the best at least their is 1 person thats been their.

Cindy Wilikins

Jeffs response

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#4 Mar 11, 2009
general info wrote:
no jeff, u just got caught!:)
Yes, I got caught entering a bicycle lane to make a turn. Look up the law, your allowed to do that.
Cindy Wilikins

San Diego, CA

#5 Mar 12, 2009
But it's your word and the cops word who will the court side with Jeff.

and when you try to speak for your self the court served up attitude right.

watch your back my friend the cops have your number now!

Good luck you may want to get a car now.

Portland, OR

#6 Mar 16, 2009
Gresham traffic officers are the biggest waste of taxpayer money I have ever witnessed in my life. They are overzealous jerks whose primary concern is creating revenue for the city. I have never known of them issuing a warning for anything (unlike other officers), always a citation. But this seems to hold true for most traffic officers, not just Gresham's. While they do have a purpose and stop truly reckless/drunk drivers, assist in accidents, etc., they are there to create revenue pure and simple.
another Jeff

Chepachet, RI

#7 Mar 22, 2009
Incredible isn't it? I have heard horror stories about the Gresham police but didn't give too much thought until I personally witnessed a cop lie and twist in action. It's a shame. At some point in the future, the cops and the judges will face their maker. In the mean time we must tactfully and tenaciously promote truth. Good luck on your future endeavors.
Get over it

Portland, OR

#8 Mar 12, 2010
"Another Jeff"...Get a life. Cops and judges will have to "face their maker"...You ever hear the saying "blessed are the peace makers." An excerpt directly from the bible. And just so you know, ticket revenue goes to a general fund. The PD doesn't see a dime. Get your facts straight. Bunch of whiners..

United States

#9 Mar 13, 2010
only god can judge them. last time i checked, god wasnt breaking traffic laws in gresham.

United States

#10 Mar 13, 2010
i got a parking ticket in portland. all the meter maids are going to hell.

Portland, OR

#11 Nov 8, 2010
Gresham Officers such as motorcycle cop Officer Durbin are nothing more than revenue collectors. Evidently, this is just fine with the citizens of Gresham. They don't even bother to enter the political process by running for office against the status quo. The Mayor was unopposed in the most recent charade of an election. A sad statement of apathy.
Without necessity to win his case, Officer Durbin began his testimony with a lie to bolster his case that I committed an infraction. Of course, this was after his attempt to intimidate me in the hallway just prior to his testimony. I have zero respect for him and would hope he is not the first responder should I ever need to call 911.
As I've heard before, the judge was late and seemed annoyed at the 4-out-of-40 defendants who opted for a trial instead of a "deal" in the hallway with their accuser.
Gresham traffic court is about revenue collection. That's all. Officer Durbin simply does what he was hired to do. He is not a real police officer.
Monkey wrench

Portland, OR

#12 Jan 24, 2011
I have had the same experience with officer Durbin,hall intimidation and all. I was very cordial with him when I refused his attempt to get me to change my plea, he opted to behave in a way that I found to be overtly aggressive and unpleasant. This is poor police work as it causes the public to view all officers negatively. Just because I excercise my right to due process does not give him the right to treat me poorly, I am sorry but that is how the legal system works.

On that note I encourage anyone who receives a citation from Durbin to contest it, it won't cost you a thing but your time, the worst that can happen is you have to pay the ticket. It can be fun, it takes up his time, and pisses him off.

United States

#13 Jun 22, 2012
You must be carefully when pleading not guilty as I did after being ticketed by Durbin my case was dismissed and he proceeded to sit across the street from my house for about 2 months trying constantly to catch me breàking a law of any kind. I am surprised that officer very unfriendly spent so much time and effort in trying to catch me doing something wrong I must have really pissed him off by getting my case dismissed or making him look bad to his departmentas he pulled me over as I was following someone whom had stolen a trailer from in front of my house as I was following him I called 911 and reported the situation when durbin pulled me over( instead of the speeding thief) I told what I was doing and asked him to please apprehended thetruck and trailer he told me "tough shit you'll never catch him now" very poor police work if you ask me.
when this all came out in court and my story was verified by the 911 operator and police dispatch my case was dismissed
And I'm not sure but I think officer unfriendly was disciplined. So as I said be careful who you anger in G.P.D.

Portland, OR

#14 Oct 3, 2013
Durbin's a tool, plain and simple.
Law-abiding-citi zen

Puyallup, WA

#16 Mar 14, 2014
FACT: Officer Durbin is required to complete a quota of 30 tickets per day. In an 8 hr day, that is 1 every 15 minutes,.... and when you account for the time he sits and writes the tickets, and watches and pulls people over (even when they've done nothing wrong), you can already figure out why he makes false judgments, acts on them, and has some of his tickets pre-written with certain infractions.... He then finds anyone, waits or watches for anything he can try to call an infraction, and if not, writes it anyway (based on "What HE observed" - his words), knowing that most people cannot afford the time to fight in court and he is hoping they will give up or settle or go to a class and pay, so he still makes quota.... He is also extremely rude, condescending, talks to women like they are stupid (AND "how dare you question my authority!"). He refuses to listen to anyone, and once his mind is made up, he will actually lie, be forceful, ignore your request, ticket the passenger for stating he was wrong, yell, falsely accuse, and many other unbelievable acts "unbecoming to a police officer-civil servant." I revere our police officers, and trust them and respect them, and value them for putting their lives on the line for me... but.... I have never had to deal with such a rude, obtrusive, unprofessional officer in my life, as I did with officer Jeff Durbin. I did file a formal complaint, as did a friend of mine, and pled not guilty in court.

Eugene, OR

#17 Apr 3, 2014
Anyone who reads this thread and believes even a fraction of this drivel is a moron. Don't you idiots drive on our highways and see all the speeders, tailgaters, and red light runners? Why in the hell would a cop have to lie about what you did? It's got to be like shooting fish in a barrel to write tickets. Sounds like you crybabies just got caught and have trouble getting over yourselves.

Portland, OR

#18 Sep 21, 2015
LOL wrote:
Anyone who reads this thread and believes even a fraction of this drivel is a moron. Don't you idiots drive on our highways and see all the speeders, tailgaters, and red light runners? Why in the hell would a cop have to lie about what you did? It's got to be like shooting fish in a barrel to write tickets. Sounds like you crybabies just got caught and have trouble getting over yourselves.
This is ridiculous!!

I will never live in gresHAM ever!! It makes me absolutely sick to the core listening to all this bs. My mom was stopped for turning and not signaling within 100 feet. Well sorry cops if your on 162nd in division turning left then a right to get into plaid pantry there is no 100 feet. People are speaking every bit of the truth with these little man syndrome cops that have to hide behind a badge to make their misserable lives worth a damn. Mr Chad Stevens officer of nothing. Get a life and stop making people that actually do work in these communities pay for your ego trips. All you cops do is pencil push your tickets on all these people and act like your big and bad. That's why nobody respects you or anything you stand for. To all the people that get a ticket fight it!! ALWAYS fight it. Also set it over as many times as the law allows. Make sure we are ruining these officers day so they have to stand there in the court lobby waiting to tell their lies all just to hear its been set over lol. We have a right lets make it to where these officers are off the street even for a day. These courts aren't going to want to spend thousands to chase hundreds. Funny how in gresHAM you have to try and ask the cop that pulled you over to please please drop it down to nothing instead of having the judge make a decision. What is the judges job for then?? Never heard of such nonsense in my whole damn life. Every single one of you will always get karma for the things you do. Every time your tiny little lives suck think of us citizens that helped make it that way ;)

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