Lakewood police arrest victim's boyfr...

Lakewood police arrest victim's boyfriend in homicide case

There are 114 comments on the Denver Post story from Jul 27, 2012, titled Lakewood police arrest victim's boyfriend in homicide case. In it, Denver Post reports that:

The Lakewood Police Department arrested Corey Anthony Lopez Thursday night on suspicion of first-degree murder and domestic violence in a case involving his girlfriend.

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Denver, CO

#21 Sep 22, 2012
So Cory is so wonderful ... As are his great friends ,too?

We were enjoying a nice night in Blackhawk, when 5-6 dudes started bad mouthing my son, giving him sht about his choice in clothes, and how they were going to knock him out .... Right inside the Ameristar casino! We needn't know who these jerks were and what we did to them. We went to stand by security while they circled around us like drooling hyenas.

Drove the 30 miles home .... Only to have them follow us!

Even to come to our house and try to steal the bike. We called police, and they took off ... Like the punks that that are!

Only then did we realize that they were pissed at the Richeele memorial shirt that my son was wearing!

Cory's jerkoff friends .... We got you on video at the casino and the house. Explain that one to the police. They are getting the jail cell next to Cory ready for you.

And Cory's such a wonderful guy?

United States

#22 Sep 22, 2012
I can't believe that! That makes me sick. How innocent is he now? Wow you heartless bastards. It sure does show how "innocent" he really is!!. You wear a t-shirt with Richelles face on it and you act like that? How dare the family even try to apologise you cowards.!! Richelle was murdered and his so called "friends and or family" harrass someone wearing at fucking tshirt with her beautiful face on it? HOW DARE YOU!!.. trust me this heartless peice of shit will get his in the end, keep on believing he Is innocent but I have all the faith in the world this heartless,cold,ugly monster will suffer for the rest of his life.. bring it on I say because God is all mighty and powerfull. You can't hide from him Corey. You are locked up and soon we will see your face once again and show you that you are nothing.. I can't believe the friends and family are still harrising this poor girls family and friends.. can't wait to hear the verdict. I will praise the day he spends life in jail for this poor girls life.. stay strong family and friends of richelle.. you are in our prayers..JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL. PEACE AND LOVE..

Morrison, CO

#23 Oct 1, 2012
Richelle was the most loving caring young lady ... she cared more for others than she did herself. She had just turned 21 her whole life ahead of her. In a moment she was murdered and her life stolen from her and us. How fragile she was. Praying peace for her family! And God will get revenge! RIP our sweet angel!!

United States

#24 Oct 16, 2012
Wow.. Its people like the both of you that make me freaking sick to my stomach.. Corey Lopez sat in the court room with his "fan club" trying to show off for all those wanna-be thugs.. I mean seriously, he was smiling as if to say "hahaha im going to get away with this".. I pray everyday that justice will be served for Richelle Best.. I worked with corey & i saw what happened when he got angry.. He needs mental help & there is no doubt in my mind that he crushed that poor girls throat, without remorse.. I have heard stories of his mother.. I mean no wonder hes a monster.. she should be ashamed.

Denver, CO

#25 Oct 23, 2012
Heard that the next court date has been changed. It was supposed to be october 25th.... Now changed to next month. Any information as to why?

Denver, CO

#26 Nov 11, 2012
I am one of richelles best friends she was such a loving and peaceful person she was always laughing and was all about peace and love.....he took her from a lot of people she was a sister daughter friend and she is gone and his pathetic soul still lives on how can you people stand up for a murderer you should all be ashamed... I would hang around her and I knew in my soul Richelle was not happy he murdered her and the truth will come out best believe

Denver, CO

#27 Nov 11, 2012
Mshugge wrote:
Heard that the next court date has been changed. It was supposed to be october 25th.... Now changed to next month. Any information as to why?
They found new evidence

United States

#28 Nov 27, 2012
Looking forward to wearing my Richelle tshirt on Friday, November 30 hearing at 9 am. PRELIMINARY HEARING, courtroom 5A.

Corey - you've been rotting in jail already for 4 months. Hope you're having "fun".

United States

#29 Dec 1, 2012
Can anyone fill me in on what happened on Friday the 30th? Is Mr. Innocent still playing the "victim"?

Westminster, CO

#30 Dec 1, 2012
Yes ... Corey's defense team is trying to present the picture that even though he has a temper (and smashed out the window of his truck the night before), he was apologetic and never meant to hurt anyone. In fact, they claim he was only trying to leave town because he was fearful for his life.

Thank god for his ex girlfriend who came forward .... even before autopsy results in ... to present evidence on how much Corey liked being a "choker". And, Corey, how could you have "made love" to her the morning she died, claimed to have immediately fallen asleep, yet she was found dead next to the bed fully clothed?

The defense team is dragging things on .... Preliminary hearing to be continued in two weeks with testimony from coroner.

I wont be able to attend, so I hope someone posts info.

Van Nuys, CA

#31 Dec 13, 2012
Justice will prevail for Richelles family corey deserves everything he gets for what he did to her. I didn't know her but she was a good friend of Camren someone I know so I hope he gets the book thrown at him

Denver, CO

#32 Dec 13, 2012
I do have to agree I thought the ex girl friend stepping up was really good for this case he was physco before he Evan got with Richelle.... And only time will reveal that he did murder her he will never get out of jail! But that doesn't bring our Richelle back I miss and love you baby girl

United States

#33 Dec 15, 2012
BEB wrote:
First of all, I am family to Corey and as you can see above my deepest condolences go out to Richelle's family as I am so sorry that this happened and I am grateful I still have Corey in my life. However, nobody knows what actually happened and a lot of people are pulling s*** out of their a**es so how about we all shut up and wait until we hear the evidence. And whoever said Corey was fleeing is a liar because he was at home grieving the loss of someone he loved dearly. I've known corey since he was born and he is the most harmless person I've ever met. I pray for him every day and I pray for Richelle too because her sweet life was lost too soon. Truth will prevail.
. Yes the truth will prevail and it has. He is officially charged with pre meditaded FIRST DEGREE MURDER.! All the evidence they had made me sick to know what he did to that poor girl.. No accident he killed her in cold blood and he WILL spend the rest of his pathetic life in prison. No one else will be hurt by this sick disgusting monster!! And if you guys still think he is inncocent after all the painfull horrible evidence, you are just as sick as he is.

United States

#34 Dec 25, 2012
I hope the lopez family has heard all the shit that has been brought up im court this guy should get the death sentence. Any one who would stand up for what he did is a low life like him. My deepest wish is this man spend life in jail, with bubba
number1coreyhate r

Denver, CO

#35 Dec 25, 2012
wow first i would like to start off by sayin to coreys parents good job at rasing a child, you did really great look at your work pay off! second the courts and judicial system has to have alot of evidence to put someone on trial for murder. He should quit lying because its just gonna hurt your family more when they do convict him. second he should get used to being in jail he is gonna be there a very long time. hopefully in that long time he gets to experience the painful slow death in which i can only describe as deeply pornagraphic! get used to hanging out with bubba

United States

#36 Jan 11, 2013
Looking forward to another day in court, Corey? January 11th ... you've been locked up for almost 6 months. The preliminary hearings drag on forever because you are in such deep trouble!

Salt Lake City, UT

#37 Jan 13, 2013
I cannot go to these court dates.. until trail.. if people can please post any updates.. I drive myself crazy looking at pictures of Richelle & crying.. never knew her personally, but her eyes say a lot. She's beautiful.. I have been very effected by this and updates would probably help the nightmares.. thank you

Longmont, CO

#38 Jan 13, 2013
The 01/11 hearing was a prelinary hearing for the judge to determine if enough evidence was present to add a 4th charge of attempted 1st degree murder. His previous girlfriend, samantha, had contacted police after learning of richelle's death that she suspected richelle had been choked to death. Her testimony given to police was that Corey liked to choke, when he was angry or having sex. On at least one occasion, Corey was so angry with her that he punched her 3 times and tried to choke her to the point she thought she was dying. Her friends heard the struggle, broke the door down, and pulled him off. Corey's defense attorneys argued that most of this was heresay and that, at worst, he was gulty of 3rd degree assault.
The judge did determine there was sufficient evidence to add this 4th charge.
Corey's lawyers entered four counts of not guilty.
Motions are set for march. The defense wants to seriously separate the cases, as they don't want the jury to hear the damning evidence of Corey's past and his fondness for choking women.
Probably wont attend these dates.
The trial is set for mid June, after what would have been richelle's 22nd birthday and almost a year after her murder. My son is a witness in the case, so will be posting updates.
Faith and hope

United States

#39 Jan 13, 2013
Yes that court date was another little piece of justice for our family and friends. I miss her everyday and would give anything to have her back. My sister and friend was taken from us way too soon and I can't bare watching him walk into the court room without a care in the world. I thank Samantha for coming foward and facing this monster. Corey your lies are un folding and the truth will prevail for our lost but never forgotten sweet angel!! Just remember you may have taken Richelles life but you will pay for it and we will not give up untill we get the justice we deserve! Justice will be served! I love and miss you girl!
Court Watcher

United States

#41 Mar 12, 2013
Court Dates for Corey Lopez:
03/14/2013, 8:30 am: More motions hearings (slimy defense lawyers were not prepared last time, claimed that they could not talk to ex-girlfriend; but she wisely doesn't want to talk to them!)

05/01/2013, 9:00 am: More motions hearings (2 days)

06/13/2013, 8:00 am: Trial, set for up to 10 days

By the way, the slimy defense lawyers have now started their calls to other people (witnesses, etc). Watch out for lawyer quickly identifying themself as being with Public Defender. These are the slimeballs defending Corey. I don't know how they can stand to smell themselves.

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