In a WAR between RUSSIA and the Globa...

In a WAR between RUSSIA and the Globalists, I'm "ROOTIN' for PUTIN"

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Doniphan, MO

#1 Jul 29, 2014
I'm so damn tired of the corrupt as hell Wall Street Bankers that George W. Bush, and oBOMBa have forced us to bail out these corrupt banks and pay off Their GAMBLING DEBT.

I'm so damn tired of the Israeli US based lobbies, AIPAC and AEI, and the LIKUD Party of Israel for having corrupted the US government, bought the Congress and Administrations off, and have taken control of our government.

I'm so damn tired of the politicians that the Israeli lobbies, corporations and Wall Street Bankers brought off.

I'm so damn tired of the Democrats and REPUBLICANS who have conspired to flood our nation with illegals, and claiming that these drug cartel members, baby mommas, MS13 gan members and other criminals are "unaccompanied immigrant children'.

I'm so damn tired of our money being taken to bribe nations like Israel, Egypt, and a mile long list of other nations to do the bidding of the Globalists.

I'm so damn tired of Democrats and Republicans taking our money to create a police state, attacking what stinking ass little freedom we have left, militarizing our police forces and training our military to confront us in a false "civil emergency" that the government created to enslave us further in their Satanic New World Order.

I am so damn tired of the Sunday Morning Social Clubs, that used to be churches before they made a deal with the IRS to not say anything bad about the government, giving up on Jesus and preaching false doctrines that will lead their congregations to hell.

I'm. So damn tired of Republicans protecting Wall Street banks and hore-like Globalist corporations who off-shored our jobs, but they call them "job creators".

I'm so damn tired of people yelling that there are 50 million on food stamps, wanting them to get a job, when there are no jobs, and most of these morons voted for the politicians who off shored the jobs and caused millions to seek food stamps just to survive.

I'm so damn tired of these trillion dollar wars of terror, which are really wars for profit, Zionism, and globalism. The politicians and the morons who have supported these wars, and claim that the governments troops are fighting for our freedom, really, really piss me off..

I'm so damn tired of that DOJ Piece of SH*T, Lanny Breuer, forcing us to pay taxes into their phony DRUG WAR scheme, yet, when big criminals at the Wall Street Banks are caught laundering TRILLIONS of dollars in Mexican Drug Cartel Money, and money belonging to the CIA ran AL QAEDA, Lanney Breuer lets them off, saying that these Wall Street Bank executives at JP MORGAN, GOLDMAN SACHS, WELLS FARGO, BANK of AMERICA, and HSBC, are "too important to the operation of the bank to be sent to prison." Billy Joe Ray Bob, cooking meth out in the county, he is going to prison, as is Lashonte selling drugs on the street corner... but the DOJ and Lanney Breuer think that the executives of these banks are "special."

I'm so damn tired of the government bringing in drugs, especially, the CIA, and flying those drugs around America on military aircraft. Then, they get us into wars, such as Afghanistan, so that the CIA and the American drug crime families, the Bushes, and the Clintons, et al, can get drugs grown again there for the US market.'NO BLOOD FOR OIL...' "NO BLOOD FOR CIA DOPE"

I'm so damn tired of campaign contributor pay off schemes like OBAMACARE, and these wars launched to pay off filthy ass "defense" contractors.

WHAT BULL SH*T. No one has died for our freedom since WWII.

I consider neocons, globalists Wall Street bankers, CFR, AIPAC, AEI, internationalist corporations, communists, and fascists to be DOMESTIC ENEMIES of the US CONSTITUTION.



“No Tea for Me”

Since: Nov 13

Centennial, Co

#3 Jul 29, 2014
SnuffAGlobalist wrote:
It happens to be 2014 and our country works off a Global economy, like it or not.

Isolationism works to an extent but in the long run the Country's economy would crumble and we would not survive.

Militarily we probable should be more of an isolationist nation. But economically The United States should not be an isolationist country. We pride ourselves on the melting pot of cultures and ideas that exist within our borders. Thanks to modern communication and the Internet, isolationism is very hard. Militarily, the United States needs to stop being the 9-1-1 service of the world. Immigration laws need to be upheld and the flood of illegal immigrants needs to be stopped. However, in a global economy it is next to impossible for the United States to isolate itself from everyone else.

Doniphan, MO

#4 Jul 29, 2014

WOW, that was a very sound, and reasoned reply. Thank you.

The ONLY part I would marginally disagree with your post is your use of "isolationist".

I don't think that there are many in America who are true isolationists. Were weren't economically isolationist at any time since WWII.

We have always had global trade since 1776. We sold England cotton, they sent us some manufactured goods, etc.

What I deplore, and what really pisses me off is the deliberate off shoring of our jobs.

That worked out great for the Wall Street Bankers, and corporations who off shored our jobs, first to Mexico, when the Republicans gave Bill Clinton NAFTA, and then when they wanted to move from America, and Mexico for slave wages of 30 cents an hour in Communist China and Communist Vietnam. In each move, they received tax payer dollars from the OVERSEAS PRIVATE INVESTMENT CORPORATION, a quasi government agency that paid them to move off shore with our tax money, and then, if they advertised in a foreign country, like McDonalds does in Japan, OPIC gave them our tax money to do that, also.

Before NAFTA, America had about a $5 billion dollar trade SURPLUS with Mexico. That means that we sold them $5 billion MORE than they sold us. After the Republican Congress passed NAFTA, we almost immediately had a trade DEFICIT with Mexico of $15 BILLION. Meaning that they sold us $15 BILLION more than we sold to them.

HELL.... we even had a trade surplus with EASTER ISLAND... How the hell could that be?

Point is, we ALWAYS have had a Global economy... the difference is, there were rules set in place that kept the Wall Street Bankers, the Globalists and our corporations from raping and robbing us blind, and off shoring OUR JOBS, thus, making America an increasingly unstable nation approaching THIRD WORLD STATUS.


“No Tea for Me”

Since: Nov 13

Centennial, Co

#5 Jul 30, 2014
SnuffAGlobalist wrote:

What I deplore, and what really pisses me off is the deliberate off shoring of our jobs.
I completely agree....

The broad outsourcing or protecting American jobs is the function of the Congress, specifically the House. The Republican House leadership has failed America on many levels. Any and all actions Obama has attempted has been effectively thwarted by the irrational TEA-Republican party to show no quarter to or for the president.

What we have supposedly representing us in D.C. is an utter disgrace...They should ALL be fired!

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