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News hound

Yazoo City, MS

#66 Mar 15, 2012
www wrote:
I lived in the Delta for several years and I am thankful for what my ancestors taught me about race. We, the white people of this beautiful country are superior to the black race. I will carry what I was taught and will pass it along to my children. The Delta is a wretched place simply because of the number of blacks that pollute the area.
Either you're the most ignorant person I've ever encountered or you're just stupid.

Jackson, MS

#67 Apr 23, 2012
This type of stuff makese angry and sad. be hated just for being black os somethinh no other race will ever understand.o be honest I love th fact that we as blacls are taking advantage of the educaational system. Recieving college degree and doing things that other blacks died for. Master
Degree and Doctorial
Degrees. Some becoming Becoming Doctors, Lawyers, judges and even The President Of the United States. So no matter how much they try to break us , we come back stronger and fighting hardr than before. With all of our help coming from God. Achiving thing they tried to keep away from us which is an education. "The first will be last and thr last will be first"

United States

#68 Dec 6, 2012
dlomane wrote:
It's also true that African-Americans are now the majority race in Greenwood and I think that was proven true during the mayoral race. Former mayor Harry Smith managed to steal the first election when his poll workers suddenly and magically "found" two - hundred some odd votes - just enough for him to "win." Stevie Wonder could see that something was wrong with that. Well, there was another election and the voters spoke. We now have our very first African-American mayor who just so happens to be a woman. The predicted that this would be Greenwood's downfall; some white people even vowed to move to Carroll County to get away from "this." You have to be really ignorant and stupid to put your house up for sale and move somewhere else just because the city you live in just so happens to have an African-American as mayor but let's not forget, racism is ignorant and stupid so I would understand why some would want to move. I've been in Greenwood all my life and I've never seen this much progress in so little time. There's new construction all over the place and even more planned. Downfall? No. I think this is what potential businesses have been waiting for. A change in the racial climate so to speak. Now it's here and the city council - which is also majority African-American - along with our new mayor will see to it that not just one side of town will benefit from the tax dollars and government funding but the WHOLE town. White racism will never die. You know why? The white man's fear that he has to always have the power; they have this superiority complex that they will never get over. Well, get over it because everyone is equal.
Now this has to be a coincidence: I'm going to Minneapolis in two weeks for a graphic art convention. I'll stop by Mickey Ds and get you one of those applications. Say "thank you."
This town is majorly racist because of black people. Everywhere you go they have all the minimum wage jobs. Which is a suprise considering they are rude, bossy, and the reason why I am moving. Tired of hearing boom boom boom from their overly loud stereo systems at 11 o 'clock at night. It's ridiculous.

United States

#69 Dec 6, 2012
Concerned in Mississippi wrote:
First of all, each of you should get a refresher course in the English language.
Carroll County Girl, you do not put a commas in front of the word because , and I quote "when you are talking about a your bossess." This makes no sense.
Texas T, "boarn" is spelled born. Greenwood is always capitalized.
Come on people, did anyone graduate?
. This post isn't an English course. I'm pretty sure I spelled that right considering I'm a college graduate. I even used my commas.

United States

#70 Dec 6, 2012
Get over slavery! Black people sold other black people for a profit to our white ancestors. Do your research.

United States

#71 Dec 6, 2012
I'm so sick of blacks pulling the racism card. I got a girl fired from walmart here in Greenwood for pulling that 200 year old excuse. Can us white people complain that We aren't getting the jobs we want because we are white? We would be put in the newspaper and ridiculed. And then told we were racist. Ugh. Greenwoods majority is black people. I went to college and can't get a job, but you don't see me starting a pity thread because I'm white and can't get my dream job. Hello It's Greenwood. There is nothing here. The school systems are a joke. I feel sorry for the next generation that gets stuck or not smart enough to leave this hole. Rude, stereo blaring, crack-headed blacks and some trailer-trash druggie whites have run this town into the ground. So glad I'm moving this summer! Adios!

United States

#72 Dec 6, 2012
no name wrote:
Several years ago I was on a cruise and found myself seated next to a nice looking couple. It didn't take long for me to recognize the southern accents, as I could overhear their conversation.
Since I was born and raised in Ms. I asked where they lived. They were as surprised as I was to find another southerner from the same state. We chatted comfortably for awhile until the man asked me "who's your people"? I had not heard that for many years and was actually shocked.
Racism is problematic in many areas of this country and a non-issue in others. I believe it is just one of the problems in Greenwood and the other is the genetic elitism that is still prevalent there. This is just as racist as white racism toward blacks and I believe that is quite possibly the root of all prejudices there. It also seems to be perpetuated by the very people who are compromised by it. One has only to look just beneath the facade of civility to see that the people who are perceived as being "top drawer" rarely, if ever, are prosecuted for wrongdoing or even suffer any social consequences for same.
I spent the better part of my first 34 years in Ms. Since then I have lived in many differnt areas of the country and I would never consider moving back to Ms. My primary reason is because of the deplorable lack of equity for all the citizens there.
BTW I am white and female.
You were raised in Mississippi and you were shocked by that comment? Seriously? Apparently you weren't from Greenwood.

United States

#73 Dec 6, 2012
News hound wrote:
<quoted text>
Either you're the most ignorant person I've ever encountered or you're just stupid.
How many well spoken African Americans have you met in the Delta? Think about it. That's what I thought.
D Reethe

Sioux City, IA

#74 Dec 13, 2012
Lets end this post once and for all. People, stop commenting. Pray for those who are judgmental and ignorant that they may come to know love regardless of color.
Lived there for 3 yrs

Beaufort, SC

#75 Mar 18, 2014
I lived there for 3 yrs. in the early 2000's. I am from NE MS and felt like I had stepped back 30 yrs when I moved to greenwood. I am a white female and I couldn't believe how backwards things are there. There are restaurants you never see African Americans in. If you are white, you go to a private school. Being from northern MS you would think it wouldn't be much different but it is a totally different mentality. Amazing how a 2 hr drive south can change a whole dynamic of living. I'm do glad I moved, there are some nice people there but I prefer to live where equality is a way of life.
Greenwood visitor

Gurnee, IL

#76 Jan 29, 2015
Visited 2009 multiple times while doing a project. Agree with many posters, especially the one from the Chinese lady. Greenwood was like stepping back in time. While much of what's being discussed is racial, the one thing I noticed here was how unhealthy the place was. It was sickening to see. A local told me that the county was the heart attack/stroke/knee/hip replacement capital of the world. The restaurants, Walmart carried nothing but unhealthy food. It was truly sad for me to watch this.

Brighton, TN

#78 Mar 22, 2015
dlomane wrote:
I'm submitting this topic because of something that I discovered after having one of the most regretful job experiences of my life. About three months ago, I applied for and accepted a job with The Greenwood Commonwealth. This is a small newspaper and I really didn't expect anything spectacular so far as job promotions are concerned so I wasn't surprised to see that out of a writer staff of twelve to fifteen, not one of these people were black.
About a month into my employment at this place, the newspaper had a luncheon at the local country club. I wasn't interested in attending this event but it struck me as odd that the racial makeup of this facility is an equal amount of African-Americans and Caucasions, only the white people were invited to the luncheon. At this point I began to observe the daily "functions" of this place and I learned the following:
The long-time press supervisor had recently retired so that left an opening for a new one. An African-American employee who had seventeen years of experience in that department was overlooked by the editor of the paper when it came time to hire someone for the position. Instead, he hired a white man with little or no experience with the printing press. Every other day the press employees would encounter problems with printing. This "new" surpervisor would hold up the printing process for hours because he didn't know what he was doing. Why the editor didn't hire the African-American is beyond belief.
The job I applied for was a part-time position paying only $7.00 an hour. My responsibilities for this job included - get this now -
1. downloading the various newspaper pages.
2. pairing the pages.
3. pre-flighting the pages.
4. Scanning, cropping and enhancing pictures that would be included in the newspapers.
5. "burning" the pages to plates so that they may be placed on the press for printing.
6. bending the plates.
7. developing negatives for the newspapers that chose that process for their paper.
8.cutting and punching these negatives.
9. taping the unwanted portions of the negatives.
10. burning these negatives.
11. changing out the developing solution when needed.
12.punching the plates that would be used each day.
Twelve different things had to be done for $7.00 an hour.Six years ago, I worked for a local picture frame factory. I made $7.85 an hour an my only job duty was to staple the backs on picture frames.
I left this job after the "press supervisor" demanded that I and I alone clean up one of the machines. Let me just state that a white guy and I both worked on this machine but the focus of this "press supervisors" anger was directed towards me. I walked out never to return.
Just out of curiosity, I contacted the editor of the paper two days later and gave my side of the story.Since he was on vacation at the time of the incident, he wasn't aware of what happened until he returned that following Monday. I was told that an "investigation" would be held to determine my "eligibility" to return to the job. I had no intentions of returning. My only purpose was to see if the editor would go along with the supervisors version of what had happened. Let me state here that the supervisor had previously been in the editor's office for the very same type of incident with two other African-American employees. He has this thing where he believes that he can just talk to you any kind of way and the editor had proof of this prior to my calling him. What did he do? He agreed with the supervisor and i wasn't eligible to return. What a laugh. Now the newspaper has the very same job opening listed in the help wanted section of the Greenwood Commonwealth. If you are an African-American or just anyone that doesn't want to be taken advantage of and worked like a slave would be worked, don't apply for this job.

Chicago, IL

#79 May 2, 2015
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