Worst Neigborhoods in Greenville

Concord, NH

#65 Jul 13, 2012
How is Berea
tax payer

Anderson, SC

#66 Aug 3, 2012
You need to send additional funds to support your dumb ideas.
The US has more people in prison then any other country. US spends more on prisons then any other country. US has put more innocent people in prison then any other country.
People will get out of prison and have no hope of employment, but they will get hunger and find a way to feed themselves.
I have not been in prison, but believe the US has a problem. Politics use getting hard on crime for votes. Too much manufacturing has left the states. Percentage of employed people serving the population is funded by tax dollars is increasing and budgeting are getting larger. I could go on, but most understand.
US has the best structure of any country.
Changes need to be made. I believe everyone should be able to live in a safe environment with opportunities to legal citizens. Need more job protection, more education for the US to compete in the world. Protect the value of the dollar, overhaul the health care system, bring back the middle class, ensure there is no corruption in the legal system. Provide opportunities for retiree's to be productive if they want to make more income.

Germantown, MD

#67 Aug 7, 2012
You all really wonder why the drug dealers don't get busted? Because at least 1/2 of the cops are crooked and they cover for them or look the other way. Notice how they have all the time in the world to sit around and give speeding tickets. If they spent have that much time on real crime, things would be a lot different.

Taylors, SC

#68 Aug 9, 2012
i know for sure

Daniels, WV

#69 Aug 11, 2012
I born in greenville I lived there till I was 25 at that time we had 2 children we were middle class we lived on anderson rd we would not allow our children out front of our house because people on the road was doing drug deals they were robbing people all the time at the gas station on the corner and yes we called the law and no nothing was done and no we did not live in a trailer park but we had before we made a big decision to leave our family and everything we knew where our children could be raised in a better area we now have more then we would ever had there south carolina has went to he-- and i do not ever see it getting better and i would never move back i hate what it has become
Son of Southie

Norfolk, VA

#70 Aug 14, 2012
Have any of you Greenville, SC residents ever checked out the web-site of the Mary Buckley Foundation's Beacon House in Virginia Beach, VA!?
thelastwillbefir st

United States

#71 Aug 24, 2012
1. I live in sunnyside...yea it may be sum crime as every urban neighborhood has it.
2. When i lived in the suburbs near thornblade there was also crime...a lotta drug use. Vandalism...they didnt have to rob b/c mommy n daddy gave em the credit card n whenever they got n trouble it was jus kids being kids and not the label of thugs criminals n lowlifes...so thats y ppl start mentioning race n these conversations b/c the language is always so strong when discussing urban neighborhoods r the suburbs....n rightly so...i mean i never new so much hate existed until i saw a black president n to think this is the bible belt......lol
thelastwillbefir st

United States

#72 Aug 24, 2012
But back to sunnyside...its a tight knit community n a few bad apples dont spoil the bunch..we r proud of our community...whether its a drunk dope fiend whatever we speak say a kind word n show love cuz guess what u priviliged ppl dont care about us at all...n these ppl r not lazy...they dont have any belief n theirself b/c no one has told em that this so called american dream applies to them as well....so stop speaking about a life u dont know about n do something to make it better.....u ppl on here talk like u actually interviewd a drug dealer r whoever to know what they think r say.....lol u sound just as ignorant as the ppl u insult b/c their grammar is bad....this is y i push for education for the black community cuz we sell ourself short n history has proven that an ignorant person does not like the black ppl who live in the poor neighborhoods r the sucessful ones who fight for equality for all i.e. Mlk jr, president obama, etc......lol smh....im done cuz i no im talking to brick walls....

Greenville, SC

#73 Nov 12, 2012
All of u are stupid scared idiots get a life stop crying and gossiping if u dont like what someones doing man up and say somthing......lol guess white folks are just scared of black people

Summerville, SC

#74 Nov 15, 2012
Yo. Fo sho I gotsz me sum sum kiila weed n curry mah glock foo.
I bees Wrekin downtown on duh coner soft mah Ho'z.
conceal carry

Summerville, SC

#75 Nov 16, 2012
deez wrote:
All of u are stupid scared idiots get a life stop crying and gossiping if u dont like what someones doing man up and say somthing......lol guess white folks are just scared of black people
Didn't look to me like the "white" guy who was eating dinner with his family at the waffle house in spartinburg last year was to scared when a couple of young black kids came in the place with shotguns to rob it. One of them punks ended up with a bullit to the chest and one to the brainpan.
The other punk shit his pants while running out the door. Then the cops nabbed him.
I remember reading comments on Greenville online, people cryin bout how he waso such a good kid and didn't deserve to be shot. Guess what? It was a violent crime.
Justified homicide. You see, law abiding gun owners who carry Don't have to go "say something" to somebody who is suspicious or engaged in illegal activity. We are trained to avoid conflict and just wait for stupidity to happen. Just as it did at waffle house and in many other cases.
Carmen Sanchez

Salt Lake City, UT

#76 Nov 16, 2012
Wow, sounds like there are quite a few neighborhoods that any purchasing real estate greenville SC should stay away from. Thanks for all of the information. http://www.greenvillerealestate.com
Tired of reverse raceses

Greenville, SC

#77 Nov 23, 2012
livinproverty wrote:
yea you guys set up here and talk about drug dealers and prostitutes ,just because a lady was dressed like she was a prostitute doesn't mean that she was selling her body. how can you judge somebody on their appearance? that whats wrong in greenville to many of you hippocrytes here won't give us no job because of where we live look down on us for every little thing that we do. we do this to support our families because greensville has a messed up system we ought to be back in slavery because if you don't have the money like some of you big wigs here in greenville instead of looking down on us give us a helping hand give us a chance maybe some of this drug dealing and prostitution would be resolved. so stop trying to make it out that we are bad people because people are just trying to feed their families. you stick us in these situations and talk down on us when people are trying to survive. our people have been held down for so long to be talked about like we are useless.
First of all im sorry to bust your proverbial bubble but non of us were alive when slavery was around and im sick and tired of people like you sitting on there pitty me potty and blaming us for the situation you are in im probably in more poverty then you could ever imagine and omg should I say it ...Im white if you want out of the situation you in stop begging for help and get off your lazy butt and collect some of the dividends your so called president has handed you in many forms of government help like GO BACK TO SCHOOL or i don't know GET A FREAKING JOB YOU Lazy Bum stop blaming your situation on us because of something that happened centuries ago and had nothing to do with us in the here and now but hey i agree with you we should have left you in the jungle then you could have been living high on the proverbial boar. living in your grass huts with your breast hanging down to the ground and a bone stuck out your nose dang we should be hung for taking you out of that situation huh.where here you sit you lazy butt in an air conditioned apartment payed for buy the government with hot and cold running water and food at your fingertips any and everywhere you turn you have so many option here its pathetic and you dare sit there and say you have it bad because of us how dare you stop using the American people as an excuse for you to sell or take what ever drugs you want to and as for the non prostitute if you don't want to be called one then don't freaking dress like one there is a proper was to dress and just because you poor don't mean you have to dress like a prostitute there is a goodwill on every stinking corner and hey guess what ..... they give out vouchers for free clothes find something decent to wear and stop using your food stamps and government check to go out on every Friday and Saturday night save it and you might get a way out of the hood and into a nice nieghbor hood to raise a decent family in.
Tired of reverse raceses

Greenville, SC

#78 Nov 23, 2012
deez wrote:
All of u are stupid scared idiots get a life stop crying and gossiping if u dont like what someones doing man up and say something......lol guess white folks are just scared of black people
you people are about as ignorant as i have ever seen in my life you have just called yourselves out as the main drug sellers in America when you say that whites are afraid of blacks. I believe this discussion was about drug infested neighbor hoods and where a decent place to raise your children is located well i believe west side was one of those listed as the top drug area of Grenville being populated by oh lets see 80% white folks duh this has nothing to do with who is scared of who but where we want to raise our kids and to tell you the truth Id rather raise them around a dealer then an idiot like you ohhhh my bad they are one in the same arnt you !!!!!!!!
coon hat

Lincolnton, NC

#79 Nov 25, 2012
Sounds like even the scared liberals are getting fed up with this nixxer crime mess!!!!

Anderson, SC

#80 Dec 19, 2012
It's the blacks. Get rid of them, crime goes away.


United States

#81 Jan 3, 2013
T-Lots wrote:
They are drug deals eary where an why yall want 2 know wat we do in da streetz iz our bizz i can tell yall some streetz if yall want im South Side B's all day dont know wat dat means look it up South Side Bloodz i know da streetz jus ask an i will tell ya eary thing bout da streetz
T where do u deal at in greenville n what do u deal i jus moved here from maryland n im tryna get a connect on the boy email me plz [email protected] or txt me 4432211901

United States

#82 Jan 3, 2013
I need a good connect on boy/heroin i jus moved here from maryland sumone plz tell me where at in greenville i can go to get some
conceal carry

Sylacauga, AL

#83 Jan 3, 2013
buddyroo1488 wrote:
I need a good connect on boy/heroin i jus moved here from maryland sumone plz tell me where at in greenville i can go to get some
There is a heroin house at 4 McGee st in Greenville.
Just walk in and tell them what you want.

United States

#84 Jan 5, 2013
Conceal carry have u done this bfore

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