Worst Neigborhoods in Greenville

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#41 Oct 18, 2010
Bobbie wrote:
These drug dealer's are still slaves & on down the line,they will lay the blame on someone else.They never step up & do the right thing. Its to easy to play the Woe is me,profiling,calling white people names,& crying about what they don't have & the whites do. Its because they don't want to be anything except low lifes.They lie,steal,kill,rape & alot more.They really do need to live in a cage.The innocent people that they do harm to should insist that they are jailed for 20-50 yrs.people like this should'nt never see daylight again.

Exactly WHO are you talking about, be more specific, because EVERY group here in America does those things. Don't play tunnel vision and try to ascribe those traits, qualities and degenerate behaviors onto one group when you know full well that they are true for a certain percentage of EVERY group in this country. I can assure you that the prisons are just as full where they are predominately white, and for all the crimes you mentioned. People who hate and have contempt for other human beings are the ones that need to live in a cage.

People don't 'cry' about what whites and what they don't have. Don't confuse people standing up for their basic human and constitutional rights with crying. Don't confuse venting about racism, racial profiling, racial harassment, injustice and illegal treatment and/or actions, with 'crying.'

People like you are merely sociopaths and psychopaths who have found a (so far) socially acceptable "rationalization" for your psychosis, not unlike men who hate and batter women; at one time that was "rationalized" as well.

It is totally irrational for anyone to blame an entire group of people for the actions of a few from that group. There is no way I see or could ever see ALL white people as hate mongering, murdering, theiving, raping racists, do to the fact that it is what SOME white people have done to Blacks in this country for well over two centuries. All whites cannot be blamed for the actions of a few or some; all Blacks cannot be blamed for the actions of a few or some.

The only way this country (the world, for that matter) will rid humanity of degenerate and delinquent behaviors is to stop forcing a race, religion, class, income level on it. Only then will the you see that out the HUMAN race, a certain percentage is or will possess degenerate qualities.

Elko, NV

#42 Feb 16, 2011
Gangster wrote:
The Grove Station Community off Staunton Bridge Road. You would be surprised or maybe you wouldn't at where the drug dealer works and exactly how much they have "locked" it down.
Who are you referring to? What line of work is this mystery person in?

Easley, SC

#44 Mar 15, 2011
does anybody know where prostitution goes on in greer or lyman? i would really like to know, im a greer city police man and i patrol sometimes at night and sometimes on daytime but we just closed a case on a prostitution ring that left the courtroom innocent due to lack of evidence and know its time for me to take action and start busting some people and i really need your help!!!
i thank you in advance for your help.
Gene in Greenville SC

Suffolk, VA

#45 Apr 2, 2011
One of the worst places in Greenville is peidmont manner.

Mount Pleasant, SC

#48 Apr 14, 2011
I like having prostitutes in Greenville, easy money for me when I rob them... and the W-HORES don't cry to the cops... GOOD TIMES
Black -Proud

Brunswick, GA

#49 Jul 15, 2011
Coco wrote:
Bobbie i knew u would find me here. Lol thanks for falling into my trap. I know where the worst ones are- the trailor park
Wow i like that one, you never lied then white trash in the trailer parks, dpn't forget about them, blacks might be the drug sellers but most of the whites are the drug users, so watch out for them neigborhoods, now. How you like them apples.

Anderson, SC

#50 Aug 20, 2011
What is the deal with the digressions and straw-man fallacies here?
Stick to the damn question. CRIME AREAS.
Start a new thread for your worthless political commentary and quit hijacking threads. I am horrified that there are votes attached to these opinions.

Since: Oct 10

Anderson, SC

#51 Aug 23, 2011
New Greenville Girl wrote:
My husband and I are starting the home buying process, and well I was wondering if anyone knows about the area for the school district that JL Mann is in. We are looking at a house on Mayo Drive.
Anyway I also would like to say I agree with Mind over matter. We all make choices. I was raised by a single mother, and I am currently in college (I married young). Our circumstances don't determine our choices in life. WE choose where we go and what we do.
Please do not move to Mayo Drive. Rough Neighborhood. In fact, there is a General Sessions crack case from Mayo Drive being heard this week.
cut it out

Detroit, MI

#52 Sep 12, 2011
O most I see is white people and meth in jail birds paper and even mauldin etc so yes y'all s#!+ stank too !!

“Liberal Teachers ruin Kids”

Since: Mar 09

Paradise Valley Arizona

#53 Sep 12, 2011
Worst Neigborhoods = Lots of Obama voters
mr big dick

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#55 Oct 3, 2011
where can I get a prostitute in Greenville. I want to get aids and then give it to my wife.
mr big dick

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#56 Oct 3, 2011
I put it in a dogs mouth in Greenville.

Taylors, SC

#57 Oct 4, 2011
what so wrong in greenville they don't want to do nothing about the crimes money rules greenville co, and simpsonville there is a trai park about 3-5 minutes below me thats drug head and anything you want .There is a black man one time he is a man then a women . the cops goes by there and do nothing .itts a shame. not one will do nothing about it people will not stick together.
Oh my

Chillicothe, OH

#58 Oct 10, 2011
Greenville resident wrote:
I'm having a hard time reading half these comments due to poor grammar. Don't expect anyone to take you seriously. In fact, don't expect anything - we are the only ones reasonably responsible for ourselves, our actions, and our situation. It's paramount that every person make good decisions for themselves and not assume that they can or should be able to rely on anyone else for help. That being said, I believe that it's equally as important for people to help each other out, especially right now. "No man is an island," and by that I mean that no one exists in isolation. The decisions we make impact the lives of other people, just as we are affected by the decisions that other people make. I don't personally believe in Jesus, but apparently even he understood this concept (do unto others). Regarding "bad" neighborhoods, studies have shown time and again that poverty and crime - especially violent crime - correlate. Studies have also shown that aleviating poverty reduces crime. Don't take offense if someone says your neighborhood is poor with high crime. It's not a slight against you personally, it's just an oppinion about where you live based on data. In general, the west side of town has higher levels of poverty and crime. Most people who live in those neighborhoods would like to see crime rates reduced. Those types of neighborhoods are also the ones that Greenville City Council is working the hardest to improve. You can read all about the good work that has been and continues to be done in our low-income neighborhoods on the Greenville City website.
So, because a fellow's diction and spelling tells you where his heart is, let's dismiss him. Isn't that special. Get off your grand soapbox and volunteer at a soup kitchen and learn.
Guardians Of the Night

Wilmington, NC

#59 Nov 20, 2011
ENOUGH...its time someone takes a stand....i see your talking about it, but nothing is being done....i wont stand by and watch greenville go up in flames....do not worry this city will be saved....

United States

#60 Dec 9, 2011
Here is solution to the drug problem, which will also help clear up the prostitution problem although you will never totally do away with the latter.
Execute dealers. Plain and simple. Kill them. Make the price of selling drugs high enough so the next generation will see futility of that life style.

Since: Jan 12

Gaffney, SC

#61 Jan 22, 2012
Every neighborhood in every city has a drug dealer and a user. Some have more but all have one. Now in the old J. Jackson projects the drug dealing was in your face and yea it was hood rats sellin that dope. They sell it to the crack head two doors down and to the coke head living in a nice white area. Just a side note in those apartments I've meet some great people old and young who were just down on there luck. That said I also knew some people who would shoot you for a buck. What's wrong with asking a simple question about greenville? There is bad areas and there's low income areas and black areas and mexican areas and white areas. I can go to ANYONE and find some type of drug from crack to pain pills. Look up crime rates and that will tell u if an area is bad. Its not a black or white thing. Ps the post about holdin us dwn well that's just stupied

Pittsburgh, PA

#62 Feb 3, 2012
Can someone just answer the question about which neighborhoods have the most crime?

My husband and I are thinking of moving with our daughter to Greenville from Pittsburgh, and I need to know which neighborhoods to avoid looking into when it comes to housing.

And this doesn't have to be about race; JUST crime rates.

Greer, SC

#63 May 2, 2012
The police see everything you see!As long as that activity stay in the bad areas,they could care less!
proud jew

Taylors, SC

#64 May 6, 2012
Stay off white horse rd, every neighborhood here switches drastically very quickly my advice is use google street view to check out neighborhoods, and just ensure your not next to a trailer park. All depends on if younwantnro live in the city or out in the country. Cherrydale is nice as is roper mtn road.

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