Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some information/opinions on the old Depot Restaurant and how everyone remembers it vs. the Panda Wok now. Was it better, was it worse? Any thoughts?

The reason I ask is that I am a family member of the owner of the Antiques Mall next door to the Wok. My family's been experiencing trouble with things like drunk people hitting the wall in front of the lot, beer bottles and cigarettes left everywhere etc. We're curious as to whether or not anyone else in town feels that the Wok is actually bad for the town, or, at least, ought to patrol their lot and manage their customers better.

We're also wondering if the Depot Restaurant had the same problems or if it was more family friendly, as my family bought the Antiques Mall after the Depot shut down, so we don't know if it's just the same as always or not.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.