If Staples isn't the worst coach in KY

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#22 Sep 14, 2010
OMG wrote:
This must all be the coaches family or Muhlenberg Co. has the stupidest people in the state. So a guy keeps on losing bad and he is doing a good jobe..I see..LOL
Well from what I keep reading we need YOU as the coach. Go on down to the school board, put in your resume, and maybe you can get the job. I would bet my right leg that you could not do any better than Staples, or any other coaches we have had here, both North & South.

You just don't get it. We are NOT a football school and we never will be. We just don't have the interest by the kids in school. They don't want to play football!! Oh there are a few but thats not enough. This IS a basketball county! Always was, always will be! Accept that fact and move on. Forget being a powerhouse in football! Its not going to happen!

Or I should say this...its not going to happen in the next 3 years.
I do believe in 4-5 years, when this crop of 11-12 year olds playing Jr Pro football gets to high school, we will have a team. That is if they all stay with it and don't get sidetracked at the middle school level. Thats where the joke is at the middle school level. They miss out on two years of learning because either school has middle school football coaches worth a shit. South is worse than North too. So until it changes there, forget about it.

Pembroke, KY

#24 Sep 15, 2010
JEEZZZZ wrote:
If I remember correctly, "North" did not have a football team for several years...there is a price to pay for that. You have boys coming up with no experience...you can not develope a winning team in one year! Yes I said one year, August 2009 was the first time the schools became one...thus the first year for ONE football team was '09.
Now just bc we are a class 6A school does NOT mean that we have the players of a CLASS 6A school. Owensboro catholic is a private school and they can recruit outstanding players. Edmonson county is not a 6A school, however they plan against Bowling Green Schools and other 6A schools. So for one to say "we got beat by a 3A school" is really a misrepresentation of the facts. The only reason we are a 6A school is because of the number of students we have in the highschool. It has nothing to do with talent or training. That being said...be real careful when you decide to run your mouth about a coach at the highschool...we have never been Class 6A Football Team and guess what...it will be YEARSSSSS before we are! Jeeezzz, give the coaches a break!
Right on most counts. However---we ARE a 6A school because the enrollment number is what determines the class----not the skill or level play.


#25 Sep 15, 2010
OMG you keep saying in this state or down here this makes me think you came from somewhere else. I just wish you would go back so you could be happy again because it is clear that you are not happy here and you are trying to make everyone else feel bad to. Just stop all this and let the kids who want to play, play and those who do not will they can always be a quiter. I bet Tony H. didn't get the pay our football assit. gets but that is different. How about addressing some of your issues to DALE TODD and that stupid school board. The ones who voted on the merger. Josh Staples has more respect for those kids on his team then you will ever know. Do you think he likes losing? He likes to win just as much as the kids do so lay off him. He would do anything for those kids. But he can't play for them they are going to have to relize they are a team and start playing like one. I heard one of the players say some of us are still not doing what coach tells us to do maybe that is the problem. maybe not but we need to stop all this stupid stuff and start backing the team and the coaches. Josh Staples is a good coach and a good man. And you all should be ashamed of your self.

Owensboro, KY

#26 Sep 15, 2010
What does Dale Todd have to do with how bad the football coach is? Staples may be a good man but he is not a good coach as the scores every friday indicate. You tell people to quit blaming Staples yet you blame Todd and the kids. The kids follow the direction of the leader, if their not tough its because the coaches aren't making them tough. Some of you people need to learn some things about football because your posts show you know nothing about it. Babying the kids does not help them when these other teams come in here ready to kick some tail. It's ashame the county doesn't hold football at a high esteem because its a great sport to get behind and support plus the kids bond so much more in football if they can be competative and win some games. Too bad.

United States

#27 Sep 16, 2010
At least he has a jobe. Learn how to spell. At least we all know how intelligent you are.
Chill Out

Owensboro, KY

#28 Sep 16, 2010
Let's all remember that we are talking about high school sports here, HIGH SCHOOL!! This is not the NFL. We need to stop putting so much pressure on kids to be better athletes in any sport and start concentrating on making sure they are growing up to be good citizens with honor and morality. I know Coach Staples and he is a very good man with a great family. I would much rather the kids on the team learn respect and the value of hard work than how to catch and throw a football. I do not judge anyone, however, if people are getting this tore up about high school football, perhaps you need to learn some of the same life lessons that we hope for our children. When I here someone say something about how the youth of today act, I only need to look at how some parents and other adults act to understand where the youth has learned it! Let's be supportive of our children and the people who work with them, and instead of tearing them down, pitch in and help. And isn't possible to get on here and have a discussion without the foul language?

United States

#29 Sep 16, 2010
Chill Out--- it's no use trying to reason. They can not understand what you are saying. They think if it wasn't for a coach their little "Johnny" would be signed to go pro. Only two people ever have gone pro from the county. One in the fifties for a few months and one in a country I can't even spell.

United States

#30 Sep 16, 2010
I don't think anyones talking about winning a state championship but a damn game would be nice. This has to be the most backward county in the state, because I know of no other school that would accept losing like you people do.


#31 Sep 17, 2010
You know what OMG if this county or the people is not good enough for you why don't you jump on the horse you rode in on and go back home.If you have one I don't think you have a place that you are happy at. Our kids aren't pros so stop treating them like they are. I feel sorry for your child because he has to be under a lot of pressure. Remember they are still learning don't be so hard on them. Maybe we don't have a good record but we do have good families and lots of love for each other. So OMG just leave us and coach alone. you started all of this now would you please just go away. You probably are the one who started all the bad thing about Warford to. O will who cares just stay away.

Owensboro, KY

#32 Sep 17, 2010
no comment at all. This is retarded! Who cares???

Eddyville, KY

#33 Sep 17, 2010
baby wrote:
You know what OMG if this county or the people is not good enough for you why don't you jump on the horse you rode in on and go back home.If you have one I don't think you have a place that you are happy at. Our kids aren't pros so stop treating them like they are. I feel sorry for your child because he has to be under a lot of pressure. Remember they are still learning don't be so hard on them. Maybe we don't have a good record but we do have good families and lots of love for each other. So OMG just leave us and coach alone. you started all of this now would you please just go away. You probably are the one who started all the bad thing about Warford to. O will who cares just stay away.
You should change your name to crybaby cause that's what you are..Warford did what he was paid to do and won ballgames why would I call him out he is not incompetent.

Calhoun, KY

#35 Sep 28, 2010
We need Hays Browning to come here and right this ship!

Since: Oct 10

Nebo, KY

#36 Oct 13, 2010

I've known Coach Staples for 174 years.

He saved me and my 18 young'uns from a house fire. We were all but doomed, but he ran in and gave his life for us. He escaped by the hair on his pretty little head. What a good man.

I'm indebted to him. I've heard that college coaches across the country watch him to see what to do next. Do laugh. I'm not being sarcastic. They're just trying to work with personnel issues.

Keep this here ... but I heard ...

Chuck Norris sleeps with a night light. Not because he's afraid of the dark, but because the dark is afraid of Coach Staples.

Josh Staples doesnÂ’t need to shave. His beard is scared to grow.

Coach Staples counted to infinity - twice.

The Dinosaurs looked at Coach Staples the wrong way once. ONCE.

Before he forgot a gift for Staples, Santa Claus was real.

The Boogie Man checks his closet for Josh Staples before he goes to bed.

Deal with that, Staples haterz. YEAH!

You know what else?

Reggie Warford wears Josh Staples pajamas to bed.

When the schools consolidated they were going to name West Campus the "Josh Campus" and the East Campus the "Staples Campus," but because of his great humility, he refused.

I saw him one day cancel football practice to pick up litter by the side of the road to make Greenville more beautiful.

You do know that his mom has cancer, right? And that he's involved in cancer organizations and outreach programs in the Muhlenberg community to raise awareness?

Oh, heck. I forgot. One day, my car stalled driving home by the Staples/West campus. It's an F-10. He saw me there and asked what was wrong. I said, "I have no idea." He picked the dang thing up with one hand over his head and said, "Well, there's your problem," and with precision he fixed my carburetor in 16.4 seconds flat.

Yeah, I've got some funny stuff to say, but we've got a good man on our hands. Don't forget it before you type some of the junk that you type. He loves these kids and he loves this community. Be careful, Muhlenbergers.

You can feel free to talk all you want about men like Jeff Fisher who make millions, but we're talking about Josh Staples. He's aware of what's being written. Imagine yourself in his shoes. He's doing his best with what he has.

He's a human being. The original poster is an internet toughguy who hides behind a username to throw mud. Pathetic.


Disgraceful. Get a life and a freaking job. How have you made lives better? Not by posting here, toughguy. Why not support a guy with two beautiful daughters who is trying to help young men.

Don't like what he's doing on the field? Fine. You don't have to. Complain to the athletic director. Not on a public forum. Not the place for it.
Nobody cares

United States

#37 Oct 13, 2010
Why do people like you verconingtonix69 keep posting BS on this site trying to instigate shit. If you don't want people talking BS about your friend don't post anything on here. Its that simple. All your doing is trying to stir the pot. According to the topix records no one has said a word about this subject in over 2 weeks. So why are you? Nobody cares

Seymour, IN

#38 Nov 21, 2011
Too much money is being poured into sports anyway, and not even into the teams that are actally very good.

Birmingham, AL

#39 Nov 24, 2011
As someone who played for Staples I know that while he is an excellent human being he is not a good coach. He is responsible for the offense which is consistently terrible. There isn't much football talent in this county for him to work with however it is a coaches job to make his team win with what he has.
I know the problem

Greenville, KY

#40 Nov 24, 2011
Coaching requires fixing mistakes...as you keep fixing them your team becomes fundamentaly sound...this is what Hopper and Sparks did with the basketball programs. With this said I had a son play on Staples team and my son would come home and tell me that in film sessions and on the practice field nothing was ever fixed. He said they just ran through the same boring drills (at about what ever speed you wanted) day in and day out. IMO hire a average coach and they would at least would compete week in and week out.
Goo Oose!!

United States

#41 Nov 24, 2011
Why do you people think that the kids have to go to the same school to be good at sports? What do you think college is? Everybody comes from a different school. If your a good athlete you can play great with anyone. No matter who they are or where they come from. The kids just aren't any good or are just LAZY! PERIOD!!!!

United States

#42 Nov 24, 2011
I played for staples for 4 years. Three of them he was my head coach. Yes he makes mistakes but he is a young coach and will fix this as he gets older. Its not all his fault. This year the talent level was down way more than it has ever been. And it's hard to coach kids who won't listen and have the football I.Q. of a down syndrome kid. Sorry but that's the truth. Now get off his case. If you can do better than him or standiford please come out and show him and the kids how it's done. Thank you.

Dunmor, KY

#43 Dec 4, 2011
Give the guy a break. He did his best.

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