how to get away with not paying child...
May D Truthbetold

Duncannon, PA

#109 Aug 26, 2013
I wasn't getting child support from my exes so I wrote a comedic book about how they get away with it. It was my way of dealing with the stress they cause me. You can check the book out at
Pimp C

Hopkinsville, KY

#110 Aug 29, 2013
jimmy84 wrote:
i believe in paying child support and i myself pays child support to my ex wife every month on three beautiful little girls, but i do believe that some moms dont deserve to be paid child support. Some women dont deserve to get child support paid to them because they dont use it on what they are suppost to use it on. Im not saying all women are like this but some are. My ex wife uses the child support money that i pay to her on things that she wants and not my children. she uses the money on drinking and having fun also. i get my little girls every other weekend and i wish i didnt have to pay my ex child support so i can spend the money myself on my beautiful little girls. what can i do.
I feel you bro it make you wish you would have kept yo pecker in your pants ya dig? There's nothing much you can do about it but accept it and move on. The only thing you can hope is that she change, or maybe she get caught slipping doing something she don't have no business doing and get custody. If you watch her hard enough she going to mess up get yo video camera and witness ready lol..

Phoenix, AZ

#111 Sep 25, 2013
Hi to every body all I see is the attack of this people to a men this system only cares about money its not the child cuz why shut we get a lawer to get custody I benn discriminate by the judge .ds everything they toll me was a lie now I own a lot of child support because this people are not doing there job.its been six years and I haven't seen my son the mom she's in the same state the last time I spoke to her I toll her I was going to give her money buy clothes and food to my son and she set no I'm going to take you to court my son doest even have my last name. The judge he's an ass to me I have 2 kids that I take care and they are living me whit 100 a week to take care of my family thats crazy.I have done all the paper work and I can't serve her because she is hiding nobody know were she is at the only people who are sufferings is my kids.and I guess the judge doest see this I can't afford a lawer don't have food for my kid no clothes no shoes can somebody give me advice my email is [email protected] and its 2 people that make a child not just one I was thinking if giving up my rigths as a parent cuz she only wants money but she don't want me to see my son .so if I don't give her money she will want me to be there for him need help thanks to every one

Ridge, NY

#113 Mar 7, 2014
First of all it's appalling how you broadcast ways of trying not to take care of your child, you should be ashamed but like my ex people like you are not!! I'm sure you walk around bragging what a wonderful dad you are. In the eyes of your ex and children you are a dirt bag!! 55

Duncannon, PA

#114 Mar 29, 2014
You want to get out of paying child support?

Have no fear! There are several ways around paying child support, and the book, Simple Support Secrets (The Guide to NOT Paying Child Support), reveals the tricks and secrets that have worked for other non-custodial parents. The tips in this book have been used for decades and have excused parents from paying support, even if it was only for a short period of time.

Check out the book at

Colorado Springs, CO

#115 Apr 8, 2014
Dear Sue,
You probably quit on your marriage and made him suffer. Maybe if you were a real wife, your HUSBAND would be a success because you loved and cared for him. Instead, you quit on him. Go back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich. You should be ashamed for feeling that way. Dead Beat Wife.
Sue wrote:
My X thinks he is getting away with never paying his child support. LOL Ya so he owes me 25 thousand give or take for for around 20 years.
ya he is applying for SS. LOLOLOL
What he has not gotten away with is growing OLD & dimwitted & broke & alone & not having his kids give a flying dam!
Dont forget not being able to collect SS cause he has worked under the table for years.
But ya if he does get it I will guarnish 1/2 of it straight from the government into my bank account. His credit is shot & he will never be able to own a dam thing of value for the rest of his sorry life all cause he got away never paying his child support. LOL he got away all right LOL
Icing on the cake is he had to move in with his elderly mother...the old bat....& she pees her pants so he has to clean up after her. Perfect Justice if you ask me.

Detroit, MI

#117 Apr 17, 2014
Oh, and to those women whimpering about not getting support yet don't let the guy see his're doing more damage emotionally than he is financially. So give your face a nice high five for me...and next time you lay down spread eagle, remember your IUD.
TheWatcherontheW all

Central City, KY

#118 Apr 21, 2014
What about all the single moms that are working their asses off to support their children, while the dad doesn't do shit?
Should those women be "sterilized" or shunned for being on federal health care, or SNAP?
Uh, no.

They're working a two-man job. These moms are struggling everyday because some low-life won't step up and do his job as a father.
State and Federal assistance doesn't make one lazy. Lazy people get it, sure, but people that work 40 hours a week and are the only one taking care of their kids get it too.

I know, I'm one of them, and I work damn hard to make what I do.

I need help from DCBS to make ends meet and anyone that judges me for it should try being in my shoes for a month.
You'll be damn glad to have it then.
MuhlenbergMarket place

Greenville, KY

#119 Apr 28, 2014

United States

#120 Apr 28, 2014
You gotta do something big and get the public involved. It's really pretty simple.

Hopkinsville, KY

#121 Apr 28, 2014
Dont do like chad burn them up

Stratford, CT

#122 May 6, 2014
MaryH wrote:
That just show how low down you are with the devil. You wanted stuff when you where a child, so your saying that your child is not good enough to deserve things in life. You dont care about your own flesh and blood. That kid didn't ask to be here. If you kept that little noodle in your pants you wouldn't have to pay d----a---. Also, remember God knows who you are and that you wrote some stupid crap like this. you must be an uneducated hillbilly or brain damaged from drugs.
What you fail to understand is that certain women put there child's father on child support out of spite. Why should a man pay child child support for a child he's already supporting? Certain women abuse the rite for child support. The courts say it's easier but it's actually not at all because if you lose your job you have to go to court again and notify them you have no income. In my situation my son has everything he needs while he's with me his mother do the same while he's with her. I have my son 3 1/2 days out the week every week I shouldn't be obligated to pay child support.

Madisonville, KY

#123 May 10, 2014
Pay your child support!

Madisonville, KY

#124 May 10, 2014
Pay for your kid!!!!!
Mommy Dearest

Atlanta, GA

#125 May 10, 2014
Move to Mexico.

Marengo, OH

#126 May 13, 2014
I have two girls there mother has worked under the table here hole life and I had a good job making a good life for them paying for everything she up and left stole my 10,000 crotch rocket and cleaned out oour bank accout and moved out of state. Then I got hit with child support 1100 a month and because I didn't know she filed when she was living with me I'm behind there taking out so much 65% of each check I can't pay my bills. I have a house two new cars and a camper of witch I pay for I am about to loose everything and see no way I can stay ahead this is why we want to see if there is a way out. FYI I can't pay my bills so I can't afford a lawyer to get help

Mountain View, CA

#127 May 24, 2014
My situation is simular. My ex refuses to allow me to be in my childs life, purely out of spite. Kicked me out 2013 of December because she found someone with a BMW and then put me on child support today. Her sister told me she is filing for back support also... wtf. Out of anger I have thought of many thing I could do to alleviate this problem, all illegal but I have only came up with two obtainable options. Pay it and not be able to see or spend time with son...causing financial and physical distress of immense and dire proportion. Or opt to give up parental rights and give child financial support secretly, directly to him since he is 15. What do you all think?

Since: May 14

Location hidden

#128 May 31, 2014
My children's father was lost within his own misery. He would hit me in a rage. Idaho always was lenient to him, no matter the severity. One night the kids and I escaped. In the divorce he was supposed to pay $500 a month for three boys. I worked two jobs, attended school, just to pay all the bills. Because i made more than $1,200 a month, i couldnt get help, like food stamps, health insurance. I saw more food pantries, got clothing coupons and begged for every single bit of help we got. I felt ashamed and embarrassed. He made over $2000 a month, and much more under the table. People constantly asked me about child support, why didnt I get it, why wasnt I making more effort to obtain it. I had kept on the State of Idaho to collect the support. They would only collect what the employer reported (his BF was his employer who ran a decontamination company) and would not even question the cash. When my X's mother died in Florida, he was left $100k, Idaho refused to go after that also. They even suggested that I hire an attorney to get the child support. My kids dad was enjoying a very social lifestyle of drugs and alcohol, new car, boat and a wonderfully expensive condo. In 2005 his life and its contents was slipping away, he lost everything, was arrested numerous times, all for the desire of the drugs. He ended up on the streets. Whenever he found himself in the hospital, he called me and I would got to see him, and I managed to get him into a rehabilitation center that the State paid for, I never understood why I could never get medical help for my children. One day in 2009, a drug and alcohol spree with all the wrong people got him killed in a very brutal manner. In his wallet was my contact information, and a small note to me. The State paid for his funeral costs and in the final end, the State had failed me as my X owed me $145,000 in back owing support. I never did understand why my home state saw so little value in me and my children, but would pay for the multiple rehabilitation costs, assist in housing for my X and to this day they have the same attitude towards obtaining child support. I pulled myself and my kids through all the struggle with every bit of strength I had, and the best I could do with what I had. It could have been so much better for my children. No reason to be angry at something beyond my control, nor the embarrassment by comments made by people. Today I suffer seizures from all the hits I took when he raged and turned towards me. I feel sorry for his choices and have no respect for the State of Idaho.
Beaner Love

Greenville, KY

#129 Jun 24, 2014
Move to Missouri! I've got 3 kids back in KY and I don't have to pay a dime on their child support!

Greenville, KY

#130 Jun 24, 2014
Stephanie wrote:
What about this? I was married, got divorced, had one son, and I paid for everything for him to get here in the united states,
Had you have married a legal citizen not a friggin illegal immigrant then you wouldnt be having these troubles. You deserve whatever you get for having a kid with I'll assume a Mexican.

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