anyone know Terrance Benson, the dope...

anyone know Terrance Benson, the dopehead?

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Washington, DC

#1 Nov 4, 2011
A rat on crack.

Philadelphia, PA

#2 Nov 4, 2011
candace moore

Owensboro, KY

#3 Nov 4, 2011
This is so messed up. I wish they would delete this site bc its bullshit for ppl to get on here n talk shit especially since more than likely the person doesn't even know there name is on here. Its sad that ppl are so bored with there life they have to get on here n do this.

United States

#5 Nov 5, 2011
All this site is, is for people with no life can try to be look...Haha....I think it funny....atleast people know my name....hahahahaha

Washington, DC

#6 Nov 5, 2011
I dont know if it true or not but I heard that he be hittin his girl that shits fucked up man. everyone done knows you be smokin that shit thats why you lookin the way you do. if people new my name by that I wouldnt want them to know it al all. you need yo face beat in for real tho

United States

#7 Nov 5, 2011
Real look man....if you know me you know better but that's right, you don't know me. Thanx...IV got more of a life than this stupid site like you so rite what y'all want but no one cares...everyone knows its immature so c-ya soon

Bowie, MD

#8 Nov 5, 2011
Terrance is a good person and hes good in bed. He told me I was so much than cassie hope the bitch likes my seconds!

Bowling Green, KY

#9 Nov 5, 2011
This is bullshit for real! Terrance has never laid a hand on me and never would!!! Y'all don't know shit about him. Or me. Your not in either of our lives or ud know better. Y'all need to grow up and stop trying to start shit. You can't even put ur name on here. This is immature and ur making yourself look stupid.

Thanks Candace, love ya girl!

Bowling Green, KY

#10 Nov 5, 2011
Your damn right he's good in bed. Been in mine for 3 years!!! Thanks for misspelling my name Hun!:) now grow up

Washington, DC

#11 Nov 5, 2011
You wasnt the only one in that bed Hunny let him keep lying to you. Im not going to put my name because it would just cause drama but me and Terrance did have sex BUT he told me that you two was not together if I knew you two was together I would have never done that. We talked for like 2 weeks after that too
but believe whatever you want
tacky people

Morgantown, KY

#14 Nov 7, 2011
gross. you people are disgusting..but somehow funny at the same time

United States

#15 Nov 10, 2011
terrance is a good guy and would do anything in the world for someone who needed it. Ive know him for a bit and never knew of him to do dope. but if he did its none of you eucking business atleast he works and does things for a living ya broke a$$ is on here starting $hit so if you got a problem let me knw and we can do this shit face to face you pu$$y a@@ ditches and for WELLWELLWELL app. casseys much better then u now u see who hes still with. anyways terrance you knw who this is man we went mudding the day ur truck ran hot and put pond water in it lmao.

Nashville, TN

#16 Nov 15, 2011
LOL This is truly a funny site. People can hide behind FAKE ASS names.. and talk about people they are just jealous of... or wish they could be like. Terrance Benson is my baby brother. Hes been the same size all his life lol so sorry nope hes not on no drugs unline 99.9% of the rest of you sad excuses of people. lol He has ALL his teeth... half of you here have to TYPE because u cant SPEAK because youre missing most of your teeth or they are rotten and black from meth or crack or whatever you losers do now days. My brother is a GREAT GUY! Cassie and him love each other and hes NEVER laid a hand on any female. He wasnt raised like that. He loves animals... is very kind hearted.. would give the ones he loves the shirt off his back...((even if its a blue paid shirt... because I know you love the plaids lol LOVE U BUB)) but to all of you who are hating on him... youre probably either some little crack whore that wishes they could be with him and he didnt give you a time of day.. or maybe when him and Cassie was broken up you gave him some of that toothless head youre so good at... but for the guys here youre just jealous because your sisters, aunts, cuzzins and even MOM prolly wanna bed him and thats not gonna happen. Stay off my brothers nut sack you stupid inbred crackheads. This site is a JOKE and Ive never posted before.. but if you mess with my family you can best believe youre opening a can of whipass that u dont want or need. SO WATCH YOURSELF.... lol INTERNET WARRIORS lol so sad post from REAL NAMES. <---- Terrance's big sis Kimberly.. and I live in CC.. all day anyday bring it!

Nashville, TN

#17 Nov 15, 2011
LOL You can tell the REAL ppl from the bitch ass whores and fakes on here lol look at the NAMES... you can look in this thread ALONE and see whats up lol Terrance posting under HIS REAL NAME... Cassie posting under HER name.. Candace posting under HER name.. and of course myself. LOLOL SO funny ppl get all big and brave on the computer but when push comes to shove they BITCH OUT! HEEERREE BITCHES BITCHES BITCHES! lolol They better NOT post their names lol or they will have an ass whoopin they aint ever had before... so thats ok scared little chicken bitches... keep posting and keep being fake. Everyone knows youre lying if u cant even post your name!

Belton, KY

#18 Nov 16, 2011
Alls I gotta say is believe whatever you want. Terrace knows what's true(;

Philadelphia, PA

#19 Nov 18, 2011
I have known terrance a longtime and he is an good friend and like Kim said he will do anything for u. Hell he is like my brother.

United States

#20 Dec 6, 2011
Ive smoked meth with this dude
And I made out with his ole lady cant say I liked it haha

Tweet tweet OUT.

Belton, KY

#22 Dec 8, 2011
Plz delete this thread.

Marion, KY

#23 Sep 23, 2013
Terrance is a rat no question there. He's also hot and will get with guys for dope or money ask tj Baxter bout that.

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