Muhlenberg Job Corps KY, violate lega...
lilbit24 mcdc graduate

Morganton, NC

#91 Feb 13, 2013
lilbit24 mcdc graduate

Morganton, NC

#92 Feb 13, 2013
[QUOTE who="love it!"]<quoted text>
No they fired them[/QUOTE] What year did u attend JC?
love it!

Tucker, GA

#93 Feb 14, 2013
lilbit24 mcdc graduate wrote:
[QUOTE who="love it!"]<quoted text>
No they fired them"

What year did u attend JC?
I worked there
lilbit24 mcdc graduate

Morganton, NC

#94 Feb 14, 2013
[QUOTE who="love it!"]<quoted text>
I worked there[/QUOTE] When?
lilbit24 mcdc graduate

Morganton, NC

#96 Feb 16, 2013
lilbit24 mcdc graduate

United States

#101 Feb 17, 2013

United States

#111 Feb 20, 2013
She loves a big black dik in that fat a$$ just bend her over the desk and pour it to her. She plays alike she's a bada$$ but when she's taking a big one she loves it
lilbit24 mcdc graduate

Morganton, NC

#115 Feb 20, 2013
So why did mama G get fired?
love it!

Philpot, KY

#117 Feb 22, 2013
lilbit24 mcdc graduate wrote:
So why did mama G get fired?
They were just trying to get her fired! Ms jones was

Cadet, MO

#121 Feb 28, 2013
The sh!t hole is about to shut down they are laying off a bunch now and they aren't getting any new people in. It's about time the head people out there are all a bunch of a$$holes anyway they preach about taking care of the kids when all they really worry about it screwing each other and getting paid

Greenville, KY

#122 Mar 21, 2013
i go to muhlenberg job corp now, and we do not have that issue, if we chose not to stand, we get asked why we are not standing but we do not get yelled at or a write up, so either your lying, or they changed staff since you been here, but thats not how things are now. thank you

United States

#124 Jun 1, 2013
Zoey Garrett wrote:
Job Corps is a choice for some, others are forced there by their parents. Some, despite being against rules and regulations, are being forced there by criminal and family courts. Job Corps is like every other government thing... Broken and functions only half a$$edly. Sorry to whomever said it, but no, attending job corps is only like high school IF you are a non-residential student.
Columbusind -->> I attended a center in Illinois where similar and if not far worse things went on. On a personal level, you probably could have stood up for the pledge - you ARE in America. However, you could have stood there silently, as many often do. Job Corps is a nightmare.. Too many chiefs, not enough Indians, per se. If being there is an option, I suggest you exit stage left.... Once that bridge is crossed, its burned the moment that you do.
You cant always blame the court systems or the parents. The rcruiters will tell lies to get you to sign on also. It happened to me in 05. When it was time for my vacation the staff didn't want to tell me because hurricanes were coming towards Florida.

Duluth, GA

#125 Jun 23, 2013
@Yep. You have no idea what you are talking about! I went to Job Corps in 1989. I went on to graduate from a four year University. I have a great Career not just a job! There are many success stories. Before you make a comment about something, be more informed so you don't sound Ignorant.

Yep's Comment
if your in job corp then you are just hoodlum scum anyways and have no rights or opinions and you steal from walmart on shopping night.
polite as pie

Lexington, KY

#126 May 8, 2014
yep wrote:
If your in job corp then you are just hoodlum scum anyways and have no rights or opinions and you steal from walmart on shopping night.
That not totally true. I'm not "hoodlum scum" as you put it and I going to be going to job corps very soon (within weeks). I don't steal.

I was raised to be very proper young lady. Saying things like "Please", "Thank you", "Yes, Ma'am" and " No, Sir". Having manners to holding the door up for others among other things.

But, stealing, any violent or any of that is not me at all..

Not everyone that goes to job corps is a bad person.. Not even most.

Tomball, TX

#127 May 14, 2014
My daughter is trying to join the job corps. Her file is in review at this time. Does any one know the turn around time is? She has been waiting for about 2 weeks.

United States

#128 Sep 1, 2014
[QUOTE who="love it!"]<quoted text>
No they fired them[/QUOTE]


United States

#130 Sep 27, 2014
I went to the same job corps back in 06 after I graduated from high school.I must say the rules have completely changed.Never have I heard you have to stand for the pledge, even in high school you don't have to stand as long as your quiet your fine I don't know what to tell you buddy you might want to transfer.i probably shouldn't say this but you should've hit that guy for yelling in your face like ijs since when you gotta make your bed to go to the bathroom at one in the morning. Never have I ever. Job corps is suppose to be fun meet new people prepare yourself for your future they treating y'all like convicts y'all at boot camp lol. They need to fire the staff they have now and bring back the people who care like Mr. Zender he was a good center director.

Atlanta, GA

#131 Dec 21, 2014
The same stuff happened to me. the staff there were shady. The first time I got there I was dead tired from waking up at 5:30 and traveling all day. When it came time to sleep my birch ass roomates were playing rap music and talking on phones til like 12. I told the hillbilly RA and he didn't do a damn thing except take me out to the lobby then told me I can't lay down on the couch. Some kid punched me in the head for no reason I told him don't u ever put your f*king hands on me again. I told staff and they didn't do shit I became irritable after a month from being tired and not being able to read without getting distracted. They said I was crazy and had me arrested and taken to some disgusting hospital far away in some hick town in the middle of nowhere. 4 days later I was released because I was normal. It would have been sooner but it was on a fri night . The fake beoch at the wellness center made me wait and wait to be allowed back. After living miserably from lack of income and gaining 50lbs from the meds, 6 months later I was back. I too chose not to stand for the pledge because it's a free country if u don't like it go f**k yourself period. They sat me at the end of this big round table and basically harassed the shit out of me til I was in tears. I took care of my schooling and got what I came to get and was a silver student mostly. F**k Kentucky and the shady staff who work at mcdc you know who u r. What goes around comes around.

United States

#132 Apr 11, 2015
Muhlenberg Job Corps also sent all my belongings that wouldn't fit in my suitcase to my old address. Which I persistently stressed to my guidance counselor, Mrs Almon that my home address is different now. I must have let her know three or four times, just because I had a bad feeling it would be sent to the old address. So my belongings were sent to the wrong address anyways so I called the staff and they told me to check with the post office and nothing. I even went to the old address to check and nothing. I called the staff and they didn't try to help . Instead they just jerked me around. Part of those belongings of mine included my extensive notes from my trade I acquired. I can't ever brush up on my skills I've learned now which is vital. If I want to brush up I would have to spent over $200 in textbooks . Ya know it's sad but this was exactly what I expected would happen . Also a lot of students there had family to send them anything they wanted and had smartphones and family that cared. I didn't have nobody back me or send me shit. Job Corps isn't that bad as long as you have somebody to be with you everystep of the way. So as long as you pay your respects you'll be fine.

Waxhaw, NC

#133 Jan 10, 2016
Job corps is what you make of it, he'll kids are doing those same things at home in your house while you work or sleep. They are I controlled environment that'd designed to teach, structure, and a trade. Instead institutionalizing kids this is where they prove their worth, gives them a second chance at life. Those are things that obviously you as such concerned parents were not able to do. Also, I don't hear any fuss about these sorry ads school teachers,or sorry school systems. May I add I know this from experience, young adults that went straight to college or didn't face a lot these troubles still indulge in the same activities. I am a former job corps graduate, I graduated from High school, never he been in any trouble, just needed a way to be who I wanted to be without any pressure, I turned pretty well off and I give thanks to MCDC for making that possible.
_Dominique Price

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