is Zombie Walk 2 right or wrong
Mr Bojangles

United States

#21 Oct 20, 2012
curious wrote:
<quoted text>Kinda hard when its downtown and they block it off and you can't even go that way without seeing dead people. I just don't understand why any parent would want their child to dress up as a dead zombie. You keep on saying if you don't like then don't participate. Trust me i'm not. But, Greenville freaking pisses me off! Why can't we have halloween on halloween. I mean gosh.. I don't wanna have halloween when its not even halloween yet. Its not right. Do you want someone to tell you when to celebrate your other holidays or would you like to celebrate xmas a couple days before? the only reason they do it is because it is halloween. but they can have this dang zombie walk.. its dumb.

lets all walk around dead and act crazy but lets celebrate halloween 4 days before the actual holiday..

And Iknow the zombie walk is charaity thats good but do something else!!! And to be honest if you did something else instead of having kids dress up as dead people I bet you would even raise more money and even MORE people would come!:)
just a thought
I don't have young kids and I am not the Mayor of Greenville. Nor do i care how other people raise their children. None of my business. This isn't about Halloween and trick or treating. It's about the zombie walk. Maybe those opposed should organize an event that would meet their standards.

White Plains, KY

#22 Oct 20, 2012
This is just my opinion , but i believe people think to much about these kind of things . It is all in good fun its not hurting nobody and it is helping the community out . I remember a time when halloween was all about fun celebrating fall , and for one day a year you get to pretend to be something or someone else you make things what you want them to be . To many people with to many ideas of what is right and wrong I love god but i do not think he cares if were just having a little harmless fun ! If you do not want to participate you do not have to. It is that simple ! my teenage daughter is all dressed up and ready to go ! And life is to short to not have a little fun!

Nebo, KY

#23 Oct 20, 2012
We at Woods Bait Shop in Central City would Like to thank everyone for coming to the walk tonight, us being the co-spencer of the event for the second year and looking forward to next year.

Madisonville, KY

#24 Oct 20, 2012
I hope wrote:
I hope everyone enjoys seeing all the pics on facebook of all the kids dressed up like they are a dead zombie!

It's HALLOWEEN people! Dressing up isn't gross or unethical. It's FUN for a lot of people so stop trying to spoil it and stay at home if you don't like it. No one asked for you to criticize the zombie walk that loads of kids and adults have a blast doing. Children know they are just playing dress up. Some people are so uptight these days.

United States

#25 Oct 20, 2012
Simple solution don't go to downtown greenville for 2 hours, once a year. I saw a lot of people having fun and a community coming together for a good cause. It Halloween! Zombies are a common character of halloween. No, I didn't take my child and I probably wouldn't take a child until they understood it wasn't real, but if other people do thats their decision. That being said, you can make anything negative if you try to. Somebody always tries to ruin things if its not a "somebody's" idea!

United States

#26 Oct 20, 2012
I'm a Christian and I went to the zombie walk. That doesn't make me a devil worshipper. By the way, being a Christian doesnt mean you are better than others. being a christian is realizing your flaws and that you need the Lord's love and mercy. Tonight I saw a lot of people of all ages coming together and having fun raising money for an amazing cause and I hope the continue to have it every year. Your negativity doesn't do anything, but make you look ignorant. No one cares if you don't want to be apart of it, if you don't want to be apart don't talk about it. There is no wrong or right to the zombie walk. Now if we lit a huge fire in the middle of town and starting chanting and performing satanic rituals, than yeah that's something to be worried about. But other than that, we don't need your concern. If you want to deprive you and your family from good harmless fun, go right ahead

Greenville, KY

#27 Oct 20, 2012
This is some of the most senseless stuff I have yet to see on this sight. It goes to show that people in this county just want to fight about anything and everything they do or do not agree with. I have never seen anyone fussing about Friday Bike Night or Saturday on the square. The truth is we have plenty of stuff around here for the adults and hardly nothing for the kids. Adults have gotten so selfish there is no wonder the world keeps getting worse and worse. Criticizing those who worked there behinds of for free to hold an event in this county that benefits children is immoral. Why don't those of you who criticize and say they should have come up with something better volunteer your time and money and come up with a better event yourself. I see everyday parents around here who could care less if their children have fun. When the weekend comes they are at grandparents or even great-grandparents being babysat so the mommies and daddies can have their fun getting drunk or high or whatever. It would have been easy for me to do the same, but I instead chose to go to the Zombie walk. Truthfully I did not want to go, but my kids did. I got to do their make-up and see the excitement on their face when they looked into the mirror. I got to enjoy their anticipation waiting for the event to start, I got to see all the smiles on not only my kids faces but others as well. Some of you may think it is horrible but I got to spend cheap quality time with my kids today that they will never forget, time that was totally dedicated to them and their amusement. They had as much fun doing this as they did going to the fair and it didn't cost no where near as much. I applaud those who volunteered their time and money, I applaud the parents who chose to spend quality time with their children tonight instead of fulfilling their selfish needs, I applaud the ones who came up with the idea that would benefit children and bring families and community together. Sorry if you do not agree but we all have our own opinions and they are all pretty much different, just know I don't down talk or condemn you for yours!

Greenville, KY

#28 Oct 21, 2012
curious wrote:
<quoted text>Let me explain myself a litle better. I mean it could put visions in kids heads. Just like when kids watch a scary movie most of the time they have nightmares. I'm just saying it could.

I have a 4 year old and I would not take her to this. I just don't think its okay.

What pisses me off is its okay to have a DEAD ZOMBIE WALK DOWNTOWN where everyone acts dead and crazy but its not okay to have halloween on a sunday..

But, i'm sure god thinks its just fine but this... I don't think so... There is just stuff that kids should not be around or exposed to!
It's for a good cause you idiot.... I agree not having Halloween on a Sunday is dumb, but get over yourself it's all in fun so far that's the one thing their working on taking away in this town but just haven't made it yet.... And they raised a little over $3,000 for the children's fund so I say do it and you and others that want to whine shut you pie holes

Central City, KY

#29 Oct 21, 2012
Who's working on "taking away in this town but just haven't made it yet?" Unless you've been in a coma there's been more stuff going on in downtown Greenville in the last 5 years than ever before. I'm sure the Zombie Walk will be around as long as the Costume Store wants it to and it's for a good cause. Anyone who doesn't like it should move along.
#30 Oct 21, 2012
ok i called the chamber of commernce a cpl of weeks ago they said trick or treating was on halloween and now reading this someone said it aint so can someone tell me when it is because i like to know
Fed Up with Ignorance

Brandenburg, KY

#31 Oct 21, 2012
Never fails to surprise me about people being so negative. Some of the most mean-spirited people I know are self-proclaimed Christians who don't have a real clue about the teachings of Jesus. Grow up, try to attain some enlightenment and knowledge.
Kudos to those who organized this event for CHARITY and kudos to those who participated! For the bitter whiners, stay home, lock your doors and take comfort in your small self-righteousness.
Come on people

Greenville, KY

#32 Oct 21, 2012
Well, I have a 3 year old boy who I dressed up like a zombie for the walk! My husband and I did debate on whether we would take him or not. And, I'm very glad we did, because he had a great time! I, for one am glad the county did such an event that was for CHARITY and something to involve the children. What's this world come to? What's the difference in going to haunted houses? It's not like anybody was jumping out at you, or chasing you with a chain saw! I love my child more than anything, and never would I want them to feel scared or threatened!

Why do people have to complain about EVERYTHING!? When i was little we had a skating rink and a bowling alley.. now there is nothing, but ANOTHER gym! I'm glad we attended the zombie walk, we had a great time, and it was cool to see all the creative costumes people had. Give it a rest already...
Fed Up with Ignorance

Brandenburg, KY

#33 Oct 21, 2012
For the lovely God-Fearing non-judge-MENTAL person I pissed off - I take those as a badge of Honor. LOL *MUAH*

Greenville, KY

#34 Oct 21, 2012
Curious wrote:
I am curious. Does anyone else think its kinda weird that we have this HUGE zombie walk downtown where everyone dresses up as a dead person? I understand dressing up for halloween. But, kids dressing up as dead people? I'm sorry but I would never let my son dress up as a dead person. I do not think its right. I also do not think kids should be exposed to this. Yes you can tell your kids its all pretent but its like everything thinks it okay to walk around like your dead. I just do not agree with it. kids that are 2,3,4,5 really think are to young!!! It gets all these crazy visions in their head. I just think it could mess up a kid.

Now, don't say well what about halloween..Well do you see a bunch of kids dressing up a dead people for halloween? That would be a NO. They just up as characters or animals. Whatever.

I just think the Zombie walk is wrong. What like some other opinions.
Jeeze! Did your parents ever have any kids that lived!? Have a little fun now and then! What's the harm in "dressing up like a dead person?" Some people would say that you are the walking dead since you won't let yourself have any fun!

United States

#35 Oct 21, 2012
You Jesus freaks have tried to dictate and tell the rest of us how we should act and live, well it's time for the rest of us to stand up and let you know what we think. It's plain and simple, if you don't like it stay the hell home. That's what a lot of people do on Sunday instead of complaning about all the cult church's.

Nebo, KY

#36 Oct 22, 2012
so when are we having halloween? it better be on halloween and just because its on a wed it does not matter!! we need to celebrate our holidays when its on the actual day. if its true that we have to celebrate halloween this weekend I am going to be pissed along with other parents. its not fair! who wants to go trick or treating when its not even halloween it takes the fun out of it!!

pretty sure we don't have to change any other holidays!!

Denver, CO

#37 Oct 23, 2012
The people who are saying "lighten up! it's just fun!" would sing a different tune if you were dressed up like Nazis or Klansmen. Or if you wanted to parade like angels on public property, they would howl "separation of church and state!" Imposing the religion of zombieism on everyone is okay, though.

Greenville, KY

#38 Oct 23, 2012
Justin wrote:
The people who are saying "lighten up! it's just fun!" would sing a different tune if you were dressed up like Nazis or Klansmen. Or if you wanted to parade like angels on public property, they would howl "separation of church and state!" Imposing the religion of zombieism on everyone is okay, though.
First off the Zombie Walk is not imposing any type of religion on anyone. I think you are confusing the Haitian Religion of vodoo made zombies with the Zombie Walk. The Zombie Walk is an "EVENT" not a practice of religion. If you want to be technical about it, 6 or 7 years ago there was a group of people who meet at the courthouse every Monday night and walked around praying over all the buildings there and no one ever said anything. They met at the courthouse and had a prayer vigil for a doctor of the community, which got media attention by the way. They held National Day of Prayer at the courthouse. Who could forget when the KKK marched right in front of the courthouse a few years back. The Zombie Walk was more about artistic expression, creativity and make-up. Sorry you could not come up with anything to join in. The main point is to try to make a comparison of people singing a different tune if it was Nazis, KKK, or anything of the sort is just plain asinine. The Nazis, KKK, or religious affiliated organizations all have an agenda and the Zombie Walk was to raise money for the kids of the county. You can not come up with a valid argument as to why the Zombie Walk is bad so you throw out dubious comparisons. Don't worry about it bud, zombies only like brains, so you and a few others on here should be okay....

White Plains, KY

#39 Oct 23, 2012
Justin wrote:
The people who are saying "lighten up! it's just fun!" would sing a different tune if you were dressed up like Nazis or Klansmen. Or if you wanted to parade like angels on public property, they would howl "separation of church and state!" Imposing the religion of zombieism on everyone is okay, though.
Zombieism is a religion? Do you honestly think the people who organized and participated in this charity event are members of the occult? Geez.......get a grip people.

Denver, CO

#40 Oct 23, 2012
The devil has Greenville!
The devil has Greenville!
The devil has Greenville!
The devil has Greenville!
The devil has Greenville!
The devil has Greenville!
The devil has Greenville!

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