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Second Baptist Church- Place of worship or Cult

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Owensboro, KY

#1 Jun 16, 2010
This church has two personalities and so doed half of it's members. They are suppose to be real big for the community thats a big load of crap. Some of my family go to church there and since they have started they walk around like religious zombies who are quick to point out your faults based on what is preached at church but they can still go around being racist, cussing like a sailor, and being judgemental. Also the church wants to help the community, well when the tornado came around a couple years ago several people took stuff up there for the people in need who lost their homes and possessions and they turned them away. If that is christian then I dont want to be one. Newsflash for all of you who are stuck up and hipocrites to be a christian means you don't judge others. You don't look down at people who have less than you and you don't whore around with other members in the church. People like you make me not want to go to church. I will do my worshiping at home. I just feel sorry for you on judgment day!!!!!

Henderson, KY

#2 Jun 16, 2010
Sounds like you've had a bad experience with a church member. Look, no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. You must realize that by posting this you are also judging, you may call all of this fact but at the end of the day you are still passing judgment. My advice to you is to seek out a personal relationship with God and work that out first. Once you take that step focus on a church that is right for you, maybe second baptist isn't right for you. Always remember the "church" is not a building its the people in the building. With that said people are different, people interpret the Bible in different ways. People also have a way of justifying things that they do and condemn others on things that they don't do. I believe this is a more human nature issue less christian. I hope you have better experiences in the future and good luck.

Morocco, IN

#3 Jun 16, 2010
"(People like you make me not want to go to church. I will do my worshiping at home. I just feel sorry for you on judgment day!!!!!)"

I feel sorry for you now to have posted such a thing about a church. By the Grace of God means that no one is perfect enough to make there own way to Heaven. I 100% guarantee that 2ND Baptist is full of every type sinner you can name. And I 100% guarantee you can not and never will find anyone there that is perfect. But, what you may not know is, we already know that at 2BC. Knowing that we can not achieve perfection allows for our faith in the one that did. Jesus Christ.
yadda yoda

Cadiz, KY

#4 Jun 16, 2010
Every church has their faults, 2nd Baptist is not the only corrupt misinterpreted or misguiding church.
I can name more than one..
Just about any denomination depending on what type they are use ONLY certain parts of the bible that THEY wish to teach and not ALL of it, and that is where we are mislead.. We were given the bible to read ENTIRELY by ourselves first! and then whatever portion of that we managed to take in to stick with it and better ourselves and each other with the blessings we were given and the gifts.
Not to run around in walmart bible-belt whipping each other and pointing fingers, and judging.
Thats why I hate to say it, but we're all wrong in a way.. cause no one can agree on some sort of common ground where we are all divided.. by denominational beliefs...
So stick with what works for YOU and to hell with everyone else and their judgment!!
yadda yoda

Cadiz, KY

#5 Jun 16, 2010
It will either P!ss you off, or make you think..
I loved it!

Dunmor, KY

#6 Jun 25, 2010
yadda yoda wrote:
It will either P!ss you off, or make you think..
I loved it!
I loved it too

Since: Jun 10

Location hidden

#7 Jun 26, 2010
You can't judge all churches by the actions of one.
common sense

Greenville, KY

#8 Jun 26, 2010
I believe that any adult going into a church community goes into said community knowing exactly what they want to expect of themselves, and so those who go into church and practice hypocrisy will always exist. The world is full of hypocrites, and when religion comes into play you have to realize that honesty no longer truly exists. You can't prove or disprove religion, so the truth in such comes with the faith you posses, and faith is nothing but mental. It's different for every single person, and everyone will use it in the way in which they perceive as being correct. The only difference between religion and cult is wording in definition, by the way.

Worship your god, practice your religion, if you think someone is in danger try to save them. But keep in mind that we have the right to choice, so if you disagree with something... simply choose otherwise.

Cadiz, KY

#9 Jun 28, 2010
Any church filled with human sinners will never be perfect. How one individual chooses to worship, believe and express themselves is their business. However, there is only one God and one true bible. ALL the answers are there. There is only one God. He never changes.
As for Second Baptist, during the ice storm and the tornado's and on many other occasions, my family would not have survived if it had not been for that body of believers. We slept on cots in a nice warm building, had three meals a day and the most wonderful comforting people to share these tragedy's with. Not all members of Second Baptist.
We were given clean clothes and lots of love. Since that time we have visited many churches, still not deciding on a church home but we go back to Second Baptist often. It is always a blessing to be there.
What I would suggest to "Mazzy" is to throw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and spend one Sunday morning with "your" savior in service at Second Baptist. Then make your opinion from within yourself. Judging anything and anyone on the results seen in others is just plain silly!
Jump up, visit and make your opinion based on a whole congregation instead of family members that your obviously not fond of any ways. Praying for you. God Bless.
PleaseDontLitter YourMind

Chester, IL

#10 Jun 29, 2010
Religion/Cult.... what's the difference?
Second Baptist -wonderful

White House, TN

#11 Jul 14, 2010
I happen to visit Second Baptist Church on July 4th Sunday. It was the most wonderful worship service I have ever been to. The patriotism and spiritualism were fantastic. Not only were there celebration songs of country but celebration songs of love for the Lord.
Hypocrisy has always existed and always will. From the beginning of time there has always been sin. We were born into it and we will die with it. Only through the birth and death of Christ, and acceptance of the price He paid, do we get redeemed. Sin is in our DNA.
This pastor teaches the truth. He does not scream, yell, or belittle to get the truth across. He simply tells the story of Jesus. It is quite refreshing to have someone as learned as Dr. Ray England in the pulpit. Wish there were dozens more in this community like him.

Since: Jan 10

Houston, TX

#12 Jul 16, 2010
yadda yoda wrote:
It will either P!ss you off, or make you think..
I loved it!
Thanks, but I'll pass. Bill Mahr is an idiot. He hates conservatives, like me, and I'm proud to say that it was my now-State Senator Dan Patrick who got his first show cancelled, because of that crack he made about the terrorists, who flew the planes into the buldings on 9/11/01, having courage to do a thing like that. Of course, now he's on HBO, so he can say anything he wants to. If you want to make this asshole richer by buying or renting his garbage, then go ahead. That's one good thing about being an American. You have the right to do just that. We all have the same First Amendment right. Some of us choose to use it to express pride and admiration for this country, and try to make it a better place. Others, possibly like yourself, want to use the First Amendment to bring it down, and destroy it.

Since: Jan 10

Houston, TX

#13 Jul 16, 2010
I suspect that there is a whole lot, in mazzy69123's rant, that is not being said. I'm still a member of Second Baptist, though I don't live in Greenville, nor been inside that church since my cousin got married there in 1982.
My Grandmother was one of the charter members of Second Baptist, back in the mid-40's, I think it was. I remember when the church sat across the street from where it is now, and consisted only of a basement. Slowly, it grew out of that basement and into a regular-looking church. Sometime in the 50's, an addition was added to the back of it, there were more Sunday School rooms, and offices for the pastor, and his secretary.
My point, to mazzy69123, is that churches do not start, as Second Baptist did, in that fashion, and continue to grow, over the years, and become what it has become, by being a "cult," or evil, or whatever else you want to call it.
There may have been some misunderstanding, concerning your case, but it sound to me like there's a whole lot more, under the surface, that's not being told.....

Dunmor, KY

#14 Jul 19, 2010
I do not think it is a cult. There are some wonderful,Godly people there.

I do think there should be a bible study on gossip. There is one in particular who has ruined lives by gossiping. Gossiping to pal at GUMC, who gossips to pals at Gumc and on and on. Gossip ruins lives. GUMC could use a bible study on gossip as well. The picture with two ladies gossiping at church is very interesting.

Thank you for lisening.

That was on my bucket list
On the outside looking in

Dunmor, KY

#15 Jul 24, 2010
Second Baptist has many good community outreach programs. Most of the people in the church work very hard and The pastor is a wonderful man.

Like all churches the people have their faults. They do not support and include each other as they should. A Lot of oneupmanship going on there. Maybe there is good reason.

Madisonville, KY

#16 Jul 25, 2010
To Big Stevie, If you haven't been to 2nd Baptist since 1982, and I understand since you do not live in Greenville, don't you think it is time you found a church where you live and move your membership? Have you not read our Church Covenant? The last paragraph reads like this, " We moreover engage that when we remove from this place we will, as soon as possible, unite with some other church, where we can carry out the spirit of this covenant and the principles of God's Word." I do hope you are in Church. NO I am not a member at 2nd Baptist.May God blss you .

Since: Jan 10

Houston, TX

#17 Jul 25, 2010
Thank you, Lady, for your concern. I never moved my membership because, in a way, it is some kind of tie, back to my hometown. Also, it's kind of a way to stay close to my Grandmother, who I loved very much. That church meant so much to her, and is still pretty special to me. I think that it's more to honor her than anything. Call me silly, if you want, but that's how I feel. God bless you, too.....
prayer is powerful

White House, TN

#18 Jul 25, 2010
Maybe we all need to pray for Bill Mahr. It is a shame when someone so intelligent is yet so stupid. Ignorance can be taught, but stupidity lives on forever.

United States

#19 Jul 26, 2010
big stevie you say you are still a member of the 2ond baptist have you sent your 10% lately we sure could use it .


#20 Jul 26, 2010
If you all were christians this would not be happen.

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