I'm sure Phil is a quality guy, I know he is well lied ad respected in the community, however, I think this guy needs the shit smacked out of him. I have seen him "in action" during and after his sons youth football games. Pj is small, one of the smllest boys on the ND team, amazing football player, and probably 11(ish) years old.I understand wanting your child to do his/her best at everything they do, however Phil is a jerk in this sense. I have parked near Phil, not on purpose, several times so after the game, we are all leaving at the same time. Instead of telling your child great job, whether they won or lost, or complimenting them on the positive, Phil will scream, cuss, and talk down to his son like he is nothing. Several times I have seen Pj break down to the point of tears and try to apologize to his dad for whatever mistakes on the field, only to hear Phil say and I quote "Stop the fucking crying. Get in the fucking truck and don't talk to me." This is unacceptable, in my eyes and maybe I should mind my own business, but there are times I just want to run over and give that little boy a hug and tll him how prund some of the other team parents are of him. I don't know how any person could feel like they were being a god parent if they are bringing their child to tears after they just did their best.