What happened to RObert MAyer?

Valley Stream, NY

#203 Feb 28, 2014
"Someone knows something" cried repeatedly, I'm yea her!
Big J

Manorville, NY

#204 Mar 3, 2014
There is so much more to comment on, I don't even know where to begin. But let me start by bringing up and old topic.

WHERE THE HECK IS THE GTO?? Is his car still in policy custody? And why ? A car impounded for 9 months? Ida never brings up the car, nor does any one ask her.

This is suspicious in itself!! So many things in this bizarre case. The truth shall prevail...eventually!
Lisa Watson

Miller Place, NY

#205 Mar 3, 2014
Hi Big J, seeing that you mentioned the car, when IDA or her so called secretaries on facebook wiped off people, she mentioned about wanting to know why she cannot get Rob's car back and than she mentioned she does not understand why she cannot get HER car back after that, I think that was in Sept or Oct.

I have a funny feeling not sure, but there is a reason if the police still have it, I know of another case, when a case investigation goes on apparently you do not get the belongs back until the case is resolved or finalized, because this happened to my aunt whom lost her car for almost 8 months because her son borrowed it and was caught in an illegal activity she could not get her car back until case was resolved.

so Rob maybe a case going on and thats why? Maybe the car was part of a pay off to someone and that's why it was left at the station, but was found by the wrong person, who knows, just guessing
Lisa Watson

Miller Place, NY

#206 Mar 3, 2014
i just read a couple of news 12 from June 17th, Ida's interview

The father of two had left his wallet behind in the family's garage that morning, Ida believes because he was in a rush to get to work that day?
Remember after this saying she did not realize that he may have taken it to work and brought it back when he showed up at home, she must have seen his tools on the floor and everything else at the same time???????

Ida mentioned in the comment section: she mentioned he also may have a striped flannel jacket on him?

also someone asked Ida, "Did he have a medical history? Ida answered, he suffered from bad headaches?
Lisa Watson

Miller Place, NY

#207 Mar 3, 2014
I have a question to everyone here, when you look at Rob's 2 pictures on the pix 11 article from the scrap yard, it's funny how they only have those 2 pictures, no cash pictures in hands or maybe other pictures of him doing something else or when he had the cash in his hands, just seems odd those were the only 2 pictures, remember when the scrap yard did not have his pictures because it was broken, and by the way, does anyone know they have know cameras out front? I know cameras was always a question in this whole thing, NO CAMERAS THERE OUTSIDE OR THE TRAIN STATION.
Rob is looking at his receipt in the picture, where is the one with the money?
Lisa Watson

Miller Place, NY

#208 Mar 3, 2014
okay one more thing and than i have more important things to do: questions to everyone?

It said in one of the news that Ida found his wallet,$300 cash in the drawer in the garage "AFTER A VIDEO camera catches the TOP of Robert's car in front of the house it is now believed Rob came home and left 10 mins later, again IDA never mentions as seen on the pix 11 interview the JACKET, the TOOL BOXES all in the way and can't miss, but she never mentions about tools that were found in garage and Rob or someone only came home that day, this is so confusing when you look at all the interviews with her "IDA DOES NOT MENTION TOOLS" And first she said she found his wallet in the morning but did not think of anything that he made have just forgotten and rushed to work late, but later found the cash

Newark, NJ

#209 Mar 3, 2014
@lisa watson- you are asking about lies and misinformation coming from a person who mailed out family christmas cards while her husband and her children's father is "missing".

Valley Stream, NY

#210 Mar 3, 2014
@ Dan, not only mailed them but to HIS family too! Sociopath, maybe? I said it before , the fb page is full of support who never met her! Where are HER friends and family not just a Social network of a fan club she created for herself!( who also live out of state and prob didn't see robs family on pix11) since it was NEVER mentioned on the page ... Talk about manipulating people! Then her minions attack HIS family on the Mary Murphy fb page for telling the truth! What is wrong with these people?

Valley Stream, NY

#211 Mar 3, 2014
I should say her minion in NY since like I said who knows if anyone out of state no anything about it! Somebody should post the link there.

Commack, NY

#212 Mar 3, 2014
I'm not sure what to make of all this. From the beginning I believed that he left her. This made her so crazed & she took it way too far to try and find him. After hearing his family speak out I feel I can read her a little better. Living with someone who has an addiction is not easy, BUT to live a lie & pretend to everyone that you had the perfect life has got to be a hundred times worse. So now he leaves & she creates more lies to save face. It's all about Image & Ego for Ida.

Commack, NY

#213 Mar 3, 2014
In the interview with his family, Ida said "Rob & his family were not close"
If Ida has gotten any word from Rob (which she may have) I don't believe she would let anyone know, including his mother. Maybe that is the truth his family wants her to tell.
As for the Ida Fans from the fb page... What the Hell is wrong with them?? Do they think Rob's Mother & Sister are not worried about him.. Oh wait, in the 2 minute interview they didn't say they miss him!! Wow, maybe it's because they just want their son/brother to be found and don't care about playing pretend!!

Carmel, NY

#214 Mar 4, 2014
Lisa wrote:
@ Dan, not only mailed them but to HIS family too! Sociopath, maybe? I said it before , the fb page is full of support who never met her! Where are HER friends and family not just a Social network of a fan club she created for herself!( who also live out of state and prob didn't see robs family on pix11) since it was NEVER mentioned on the page ... Talk about manipulating people! Then her minions attack HIS family on the Mary Murphy fb page for telling the truth! What is wrong with these people?
They crawled out here. They saw it.

Lisa Watson

Miller Place, NY

#215 Mar 4, 2014
Okay, we know whom Ida is and all about her:

Mom and Sister definately are upset there brother is missing, but when you do an interview and mad at there sons wife for lying they are more angry and upset they are not going to sob all over the tv

Does anyone have a clue where Rob may have gone? If he got on the train where would he go?

Rob with anew ID, what would his name be? That is the hard part if he started all over again, what his identity is now?

Brooklyn, NY

#216 Mar 4, 2014
I think Rob is either in rehab or just left her. And she created the whole story that we are not being told.

The GTO I think has been impounded for unpaid tickets. I am going to ask the gents here to weigh in---If you had a back injury would you have trouble driving a small car like a GTO (and being a man over 6 feet tall)??? I thinking logically, would not drive a GTO daily to and from Brooklyn--I'd find it uncomfortable and if I loved the car as much as Ida says he loved the car, I would not subject it to the Belt parkway.

Lets all remember too that Ida is a lawyer (disbarred but still a lawyer). She knows how to phrase things. It explains too why she has no priest, minister, other lawyer or PR rep speaking for her.

Pleasantville, NY

#217 Mar 4, 2014
I wonder how his sister knew they had a big fight the night before? Ida denied it, so how did they know? Did he or someone contact them?

The mom and sis haven't seen Ida since a week after he went missing.
I'm sure they distanced themselves from her after all the lies became evident.

Remember the camera at Arrow was not working? Yeah right. That right there was a blatant lie. I wonder what really happened.

Brooklyn, NY

#218 Mar 4, 2014
Good question Linda----Rob probably told his sister about it. And perhaps that he was done.

I wonder if Arrow held on to the tape b/c they (not accusing just wondering) may have had less than honest dealings with him in the past--he doesnt look upset so much as he looks sweaty and....tweaked. Also Arrow may have not wanted to get involved--who nows what goes thru their doors???????

With warmer weather coming does Ida have any more searches planned??? She did say way back that she felt he was in the preserve or the woods by the train station.

Carmel, NY

#219 Mar 4, 2014
@ Carolyn, so how has the video suddenly become available? Was it because MM,(A real investigative reporter) actually did the work? I wonder how she got interested in the case. I'm glad she did.

Let's remember LE has said from day 1 there is no evidence of foul play.

We don't know if $300 was left there, all we have is her word on everything and she lies.

So, where's Rob? Did he leave or something else?

Valley Stream, NY

#220 Mar 4, 2014
For the longest time I thought this man took off. But now sadly, I'm thinking maybe he did commit suicide.( which I hope is very wrong)
If he was addicted to drugs, he couldn't just stop so wherever he was/ is he would need to get more.
I'm wondering if he did leave a note and take the gun - and that why she called bil so soon after he was gone. Maybe he blamed her in the note , if that's the case she wouldn't show anyone to keep up appearances! Maybe that is why she is so lax about the searching and so stuck on wooded areas. The only thing I don't get if that's the case is why would he go to scrap yard? Maybe $ had some sort of significance ?

Newark, NJ

#221 Mar 4, 2014
Interesting that the families were estranged, yet, she called the brother in law. Why not call the local LE immediately?

Bronx, NY

#222 Mar 6, 2014

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