Desire Belmore is a victim of maltrea...

Desire Belmore is a victim of maltreatment and never recieved treatment

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Belmore loves Skanks

United States

#2 Dec 28, 2012
Belmore surrounds himself with abusers because he feels a sence of revictimized.
Gaining sympathy is a common trait in victims of maltreatment.

Drug abuse, controlling behaviors, compulsive lying,

The psychological torture they place upon themselves of inadequacies, low self esteem, lack of self worth
Belmore loves Skanks

United States

#3 Dec 28, 2012
Adults that were maltreated, emotionally abused, are emotional victims life-long if treatment is not attainable.
Parents do not generally seek help for these types of maltreatments because they do not believe its damaging.

Adults that are victims of maltreatment as children , without treatment, feel most comfortable with the abuser. Psychological , emotionally they remain victim.

Jackson, MS

#4 Dec 28, 2012
wtf? I think this person that post this crap is dangerous.
Belmore loves Skanks

United States

#5 Dec 28, 2012
Domestic violence, drug abuse, abandonement, emotional abuse.

Amazing! Belmore surrounds his life with the very abuse he claims to suffer.
According to Belmore, his childhood was of abandonement, emotional abuse but here he is condoning, encouraging the abuse to continue!

Belmore, the know it all, fake therapist but apparently he missed therapy on himself!
Belmore loves Skanks

United States

#6 Dec 28, 2012
There is absolutely no doubt about it. Belmore can only relate to unfit abusive mothers! He could never relate
to a mother that did not abuse/ neglect or maltreat their children.

Maltreatment, emotional abuse IS the only life he knows, its the only people he knows thus Jennifer Cullinan (s)
Because Cullinan is not the first child abusers. Everyone Belmores ever associated with is a child abuser
Belmore loves Skanks

United States

#7 Dec 28, 2012
Any mother that puts her child first and foremost before anyone or anything is a freak to Belmore because his mother did not him. He loathes any mother that does

Oh Belmore knows these blogs are true!
Belmore loves Skanks

United States

#8 Dec 28, 2012
[email protected]

These postings come from years of studies.
These postings of child abuse/ maltreatment are facts and thats upsetting to two groups
1. The abuser
2. The victim

AOL lunatics are abusers and hate reality
Belmore loves Skanks

United States

#10 Dec 28, 2012
Belmores life is a scientific/ psychological study of maltreatment to children and the long term effects. At 50, and he hasnt figured out yet why he is drawn to child abusers, why he condones, encourages child abuse. Why he lies, covers Cullinans continued child abuse to her children.

There is no coincedence , why Belmore is drawn to child abusers online and offline
Belmore loves Skanks

United States

#11 Dec 28, 2012
Belmore, does know doing drugs in front of Nathan and Heather, is not acceptable in society, thats why hes able to lie and deny it. Its Cullinan that thinks doing drugs in front if children is alright and acceptable.

The psychological reasons why Belmore does not care about doing drugs in front of Nathan and Heather is because, nobody was there to save him from the abuse, neglect or the emotional abuse , hes not saving another child. Its all apart of Belmores victimization and needing to be revictimized
Belmore loves Skanks

United States

#12 Dec 28, 2012
I will NEVER stop posting about
Belnores utter need to surround himself
online and offline with CHILD ABUSERS
and the psychological reasons why

Besides TRUTH always rattles the child abusers sitting in AOL chatroons

TRUTH always makes them silent while the read every post and diversions wont stop it :)
apechit clown conviction

United States

#13 Dec 28, 2012
Yazoo wrote:
wtf? I think this person that post this crap is dangerous.
you seem very defensive. Maybe you should go speak to a pycholohist because this isnt my information this comes from studies of children who suffered maltreatment, neglect, abuse and studies done on those children decades later. Yea Belmore surrounds hinself with abusers, he has his entire life. Thats why you, abusive lunatics in an AOL chatroom was easy for him to relate to.
There are no, coincedences in life. Because if he didnt relate to abuse three years ago, he wouldnt today be associating because water always seeks its own level as much as you deny it. Its why Donovan couldnt stand you. Its why Donovan, Belmore and you abusive pigs have nothing in common and never will.
Belmore seeks you out just as he does abusers offline.
apechit clown conviction

United States

#14 Dec 28, 2012
No, Donovan has never, will never have anything in common with compulsive liars, drug addicts, child abusers, or victims of.

You crazy lunatics do because its your lives.

Nothing posted changes those facts. Its reality.
Its why, there are make believe mortal enemies.
Donovan never shuts her mouth on facts

Water always seeks its own level. Thats not my fact. Thats a fact of life ;)

& I will post truth and facts as many times as I chose. Diversions dont change reality
apechit clown conviction

United States

#15 Dec 28, 2012
There is nothing Belmore did not say or post that doesnt point squarely at HIS life.
His need for bipolar, child abuse points to him and his life. His life is withdrawn which is also common. He needs havoc. Bipolar, child neglect/ maltreatment. Its what he knows. He feels if he surrounds himself with unfit mothers who neglected, abused, maltreated their children , and can control them , in a psychological way, hes controlling the abuse he endured but that never helps . His resentment builds because its not the proper treatment he needed
apechit clown conviction

United States

#16 Dec 28, 2012
His mother would never have gotten him the help he needed as a pre- teen because she would have to admit she maltreated him and that rarely happens. At 50, hes living no differently. He surrounds himself with unfit mothers and thats no coincedence.
apechit clown conviction

United States

#17 Dec 28, 2012
Belmore would never get out of his dark hole to find out Donovans real motherly nature because it goes against his mindset, his knowledge of life.
He invents his childhood unto others. Its what hes done his entire life because it makes him feel comfortable that everyone lived as he did.

Not my informaton. Just imformative to psychological studies that while Belmore spent his life playing shrink for others, he missed his own
apechit clown conviction

United States

#18 Dec 28, 2012
He doesnt believe continous abandonement, maltreatment is havoc because its the only life he knows. He doesnt find it out of the ordinary that mothers dont abandone their children under any circumstance because it was done to him.
But his conscience mind, at some point knows, thats how hes able to deny, lie, cover and make excuses for the people he associates with.

I knew how crazy it was, when Beverely said, shes moved on from her children.creepy. Who moves on from their children? Beverley did. In her mind, she moved on from the abuse she did to her son.
To her it never existed.
Leaving a child alone is abuse. Allowing anothet parent to degrade, emotionally abuse is abuse.
apechit clown conviction

United States

#19 Dec 28, 2012
How could a mother sit by while the father emotionally abuses her child? According to Belmore its what his mother did.
That goes to, nobody nor anything comes before your child.

Thats why Belmore finds it acceptable now..he not only finds it acceptable, he demands to come first!
Ive witnesssed it. That is fact
apechit clown conviction

United States

#20 Dec 28, 2012
Loathe truth. :) the only one that dares to say it.
Belmore loves Skanks

United States

#21 Dec 28, 2012
Is it suppose to be a secret? To the crazies it is just not normal soceity. Thats why the best place to hide is online.

Its no coincedence, Belmore became immediately drawn to AOL crazies and has remain drawn for 3 years. Its no coincendence Belmore is drawn to infit mothers offline. Its all complete transparent.
And there is absolutely no coincedence why Donovan is despised by both.
Its very clear. Donovan doesnt find it acceptable infit mothers., its not acceptable mothers who chose drugs, men over their own children. Its not acceptable to maltreat children , by using a tv set or computer as a baby sitter..

Belmore doesnt dare to do research on Donovans motherly nature because its never fitting his lifes profile ;)


#22 Dec 28, 2012
Oh my, and where was Moe - diddling with his plants? Taking care of his upstanding children? Taking care of psycho Donovan? Lost in a bottle?

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