Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans People in Greene...
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#369 Jun 20, 2011
Todd wrote:
You queers need to find somewhere else to live. You're not wanted here.
noone with an education wants 2 n Greeneville TN.
who cares

Santa Clara, CA

#370 Jun 23, 2011
who cares, it's their life. and they want to live normally without people bothering them just like the rest of us. everybody just needs to chill and not be so hateful.

Hendersonville, TN

#371 Jun 23, 2011
This is called slander. And even if she is a lesbian, that is none of your business, you backwards inbred twit.
ha ha wrote:
Nicole jones she owns the tannery west she is a carpet muncher u better watch out girls she will try to rub on u and tell u how sexy u are in front of a bunch of men then try to make out with u even if ur barely of age trust me I know cause she did it to me

Gallatin, TN

#372 Jun 23, 2011
Dingle Nutz wrote:
Burn [email protected] burn!
Please leave my little brother alone. He no longer lives in Greeneville. He should be of no concern to you.
hoot hoot

Murfreesboro, TN

#373 Jun 23, 2011
kinsey_six wrote:
Hi, I'm new to the area. Are there any gay/lesbian/bi/trans groups in Greeneville or surrounding areas? I would like to find a church or social group--something laid back.
if u into allthat god don"t ecept gays or lesiabians have u not read ur bible gurl....they are gay bars grenneville to johnson city .

Spencer, NC

#374 Jun 23, 2011
veryvermilion wrote:
<quoted text>
But why such flowery language? Christ probably spoke Aramaic, Greek, and Hebrew.
As if you could understand those. Is this all you have to whine about?
hoot hoot

Murfreesboro, TN

#375 Jun 23, 2011
Happy wrote:
<quoted text>
As if you could understand those. Is this all you have to whine about?
yes i do god don"t except that shit so i"m just saying live ur life want be in heaven with me...

Johnson City, TN

#376 Jun 23, 2011
Go to Hyperion!!!!!!!

Johnson City, TN

#378 Jun 25, 2011
i started reading this thread that started a while back. i was borned and raised in greeneville and feel so ashamed for the way most comments on here toward kinsley was awful. he came on here asking for a place to find gays being very nice about it. i cannot believe how he was treated. i know plenty of gay people in greeneville they are human. i am gay and didn't figure that out until two bad marriages and three kids. i've been in my gay relationship for over twenty years and have adopted three kids so that is six total(for you ignorant people who can't count) my point is we have been deprived of a "normal live" because of the attitude of most of you people on this thread that think that gays are doomed for hell. you people are the reason we get called dumb hillbillies! when i was young i did not plan to be gay and as a teenager and had feelings for woman i fought that feeling and felt ashamed of even feeling them and that is because i was raised to believe that if you were gay you were doomed for hell. so in my midtwenties i met someone and had feelings that i had never felt before. she was my first gay experience and i was her first. even then in the beginning of the relationship i felt ashamed. it took me a while. but i woke up one morning and said to hell with what people think! but it has been a very hard road to travel and that is only because the way some ignorant people have judged us. but you know the damnest thing everyone of our kids grew up straight! so it isn't contatous. i so much agree with kinsey! you don't chose who your heart falls in love with and all God wants is us to love each other. and i don't think that i am doomed for hell. oh and one more thing you straight people who hate on gays-it isn't a sex thing we are just like man and wife raising kids and trying to be happy in this cruel world.

Fort Campbell, TN

#380 Jun 26, 2011
no he dont speak for everyone,

Since: May 11

Fremont, CA

#381 Jun 26, 2011
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Since: Jun 11

Fremont, CA

#382 Aug 8, 2011
wendybusy wrote:
I strongly recommend it to you ==bigbisexual com== a Hot place for seeking bisexual and bicurious love.which gives you a chance to make your life better and open opportunities for you to meet the attractive singles and treat you like a king or Queen.Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends
Bi-curious ready to fulfill my fantasies and touch, taste and pleasure another woman.

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#383 Aug 30, 2011
I hope that your able to find good friends there. I have a friend who just moved there aswell and I'm sure she would be happy to hear she's not the only one in GREENEVILLE that's wondering the same thing.

United States

#384 Nov 24, 2011
I have more respect for the openly gay than than the ones that pretend to be happily married and are living a lie. What else do they lie about. Very untrustworthy. I know a few. One is at town hall and her brother is openly gay. Why can't she be? The mayor would be so disappointed wouldn't he. Lol

United States

#385 Sep 11, 2012
wow i am suprised at the ignorance in greeneville period 1. the is no real passage in the lords book that states being a "queer" is a mortal sin when indeed this is a fact. don't get me started on the catholic church there aremore queer's in there then your lead on. 2.Think about the Homosexuals fighting for our country as well like i have. Back to the god part we all love to speak about in ignorance god loves all you wanna bash the queers go on karma is a bitch when it come to that does honor thy neighbor ring a bell if your neighbor is a queer honor him.Trust me i can go on with this for a long time. this faggot comes from a long line of bible thumpers and leadership where does it say " god doesn't want to be gay? hmmm no where ppl need to wake up and smell the coffee this is exactly why this world is goin to hell weither you " think" your saved by god, jesus, budda, or what ever religous icon you worship. When it comes down to armagedden i am not gonna lift a signle finger to help anyone thats this ignorant.
Red State

Nashville, TN

#386 Sep 11, 2012
They should have filmed this in Greeneville. They would not need actors to portray the ignorant hating horde of psychotic so-called "christians" that like to kill gays... they could have just used the real thing here!

United States

#387 Sep 11, 2012
agreed red state agreed

Johnson City, TN

#389 Nov 9, 2012
I am married to a man /and/ I identify as a lesbian. I am also an atheist. Talk about a minority.
But, hey, we're probably friends.
R-villageidiotvo te

Johnson City, TN

#390 Nov 9, 2012
I know stall tappers like jail to find dates

Greeneville, TN

#392 May 19, 2013
Doesn't everyone love how Greeneville is so welcoming. Gosh some people just worry me. There are gay people in Greeneville! For God sake I go to school and are friends with a lot of them! I am one! Hell! Can't people just be like 'Well they're really nice and don't bother anyone so they're alright.' No of course not, it's Greene- flipping- county where homophobia is the number one illness and everyone is your cousin.

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