Does Anyone Know Wes Hickman Biggest ...

Does Anyone Know Wes Hickman Biggest Deadbeat Alive

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Shelby, NC

#1 Jul 1, 2013

Kingsport, TN

#2 Dec 17, 2015
He is thieving piece of shit .....don't give him a ride.. let him in your house....don't give him the time of day......He is a needle ice junkie or anything he can steal to shoot up...a snitch...a coward...and did I mention thief......,yes his on mom.......has disowned him....He hangs out near that loop off bypass near whitehouse rd with the rest of the trash........The other piece of trash that's just like him is Wesley Cook which I heard was in jail......That's exactly where Wes Hickman needs to be too, He needs to be taken off the streets. All needle junkie Meth head pushers need to go. Greeneville used to be fairly ok, till trash like this started walking the streets robbing people and running an hiding and pushing Meth as a form of living.....Now do you ant to ask if anyone knows him..Thats like hitting the nail on the head
Greenville chic

Indianapolis, IN

#3 Jan 3, 2016
I think he is sexy AF and he has never done me wrong and to be honest on the ice part I was over in beech creek couple nights back and he seem too have gained weight and someone pulled up looking for that stuff you call ice and Wes said he didn't fu*k with that sh*t or teks anymore I think he is doing really good why people like too hate on people GROW THE F*CK UP!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure if he finds out who these FAKE A*S people is that's putting FAKE NAMES and threads about him on here IT WONT BE GOOD... IF YOU WAS ABOUT ANYTHING AT ALL I GOT A IDEA...... LETS START PUTTING OUR REAL NAMES ON HERE... PUS*Y'S!!!!!!!

Indianapolis, IN

#4 Jan 5, 2016
Yes homestape you are right he lived with me 2 years he is a mooch and a pos hits woman and always in jail I hate him law is looking for him now and his wife she'd a bitch he will learn never to put his hands on woman a baby raper

Indianapolis, IN

#5 Jan 5, 2016
And gril I tell you he is on drugs he shots ice everyday and steals meds he robed me of my meds

Indianapolis, IN

#6 Jan 5, 2016
Lo Shelton look all u do is start a bunch of drama and mess with people all this bull crap on here is not true and you know it your the one had a Meth charge and goes around sleeping with Dave neihoff and anybody else you can get a Lil bit of money or dope anyone on here with question on this woman can ask Anna scogsdale she can inform you on what she is about please leave me alone me or my wife ain't wanted by nobody stop texting and calling my phn

Indianapolis, IN

#7 Jan 5, 2016
If you wanna know about Lois look at her name on here it says it all

Indianapolis, IN

#8 Jan 6, 2016
Your so damn funny you are a pos you mooched off me 2yrs while yr wife was in jail I had to cheat leave my home and everything to get u to leave u robed me all the time didn't ever work and yes sex off ended don't lie you sob you are trash I'm so glad I found somebody better than you at least he works and pulls his weight I never loved you by the way you just helped pull me thru from losing my son if I knew then what I know now when you brought your bag I would have run your worthless oh yeah an I do feel sorry for your wife cause you are worthless and I guess she can't see her kids either right cause you m kids everyday now that your Lyon theivin no good for nothing ass od gone and Greene county is looking for you both I'm moving in with Jimmy cause law harasses m e cause your dumb no good ass I'm done with this sgit stop calling me restricted no don't they can trace and track cause that demestic remember woman beater

Indianapolis, IN

#9 Jan 6, 2016
Look I'm over all this you can't put me on blast cause all you got to do is look up my name and you will see there is nothing there.But if you was smart enough to look up your own name on this site you might stop bothering me.You even went as far as telling me you was pregnant sending a pic of a ultrasound to my wife and starting drama with half of Greenville. And as far as you cheating that's the first I've heard about it other than from the guy at west Greene insurance what's his name Dave neihoff but you said he could not have sex I didn't fall off a pumpkin wagon. But look do me a favor if you can spell your name type it in on this site and read your own stuff and leave me alone cause if your guts was on fire and you we're dying from it I would not piss in your mouth to save your life leave me alone wh:re .

Indianapolis, IN

#10 Jan 6, 2016
Hey look here Wesley I bet that hit you where it hurts Lol your a mooch and a woman beater and yes you was locked up and that's when me and Lois started our thing it was a setup all those times you came back you was being felt sorry for because you have got everybody you know even robbed lois after you living off her 2yrs and another thing yes you was calling this number restricted I don't know what's so hard she don't want you and another thing big boy she went to health dept today and no she's not pregnant thank God so get over her man she never loved you you was just a helper with her losing her son I went too beach with her ask Doris Lol it's been going on for a while now and another thing before I get off this stupid site nothing but drama you are a sex offender and that's why her kids never came around so man up and about Lois being a snitch she did what she had to do because of her kids and swifty knows just do us a favor man LEAVE US ALONE and you can try and go to hartmans chapel that's wrong address now it's 208 horscreek park road boy if you want some come hit a man not a woman I'll see you though if the gcdc don't catch you first oh and like lois just said about Dave she done whatever she had too run you off but of course you have already mooched off everybody said your own momma don't want you around Lol I can see why get a damn job and they will be less time too drag peoples name down on here again Lois hates you NEVER LOVED YOU Lol she told you she moved on to bigger and better now LEAVE US ALONE WE ARE HAPPY AND YOU WILL NEVER HAVE HER AGAIN PROMISE

Indianapolis, IN

#11 Jan 6, 2016
First of all I ain't bothering nobody I was the one being begged six times and I don't want her back I'm happy where I'm at anytime you feel you want some jump punked you out once if she went too health department she sure sent my wife a ultrasound and the sex offender shit just look me up bet you don't see my name not worried about you her or gcdc I stop posting shit to you all do so have a good life with the biggest who** in Greene county

Indianapolis, IN

#12 Jan 8, 2016
Why are yu calling me again Wes ibkniw it's yu if went to policeb next time itsb harass ment LEAVE ME ALONE STALKERV & PEDIFIKE I hope your wife sees this and sets your straight lol

Knoxville, TN

#13 Jan 8, 2016
I'm not bothering you so the best thing you can do is stop posting sh*t about me that ain't true or the next thing I will do is start posting everything I know about you and I won't leave nothing out I'm tired of the childish games and I'm done with it if I see one more post you will not like what I put out here for everyone to see I promise you so keep playing and we will see who gets last laugh as far as me call in you that's a lie I haven't called you at all all your trying to do is start drama so if your lonely and have nothing to do but do this stuff where's your man if you can't find him sure Dave is around

Indianapolis, IN

#14 Jan 9, 2016
Haha so funny yu basterd so glad your trashy ass is gone I pray to God your wife wakes up you never will carry your weight yu mooched off me two years she was in jail as long as there smokes drugs ur sorry ass will be there oh and I'm not preg THANK THE GOOD LORD MAN UPSTAIRS I never loved yu u was my comfort which I wish I new long time ago how yu was just a worthless pos noe I'm done with this site it's drama no need in right in back cause I will not reply back oh and yes I cheated on yu I was doing all I could to get yu out my trailer I told yu but your trashy no good for nothing ass wouldn't leave cause yu had nobody not even your momma that's sad well have a nice life mooch trash thief snitch sob bastered and so many more

Knoxville, TN

#15 Jan 10, 2016
OK Lois since u want to keep on and on let's make it interesting your no better than anyone. You have sit there doing your drugs and sleeping with most the county for years. Remember u met me at a bar and took me home with u I like to never got away from u then but I finally did.this time u started your ice moved Danny and Nancy in and all he'll broke loose.all u cared about was your ice and picking your face hell look at really should of stopped this childish stuff cause now you got problems hope I'm there to watch God that would make my day. Thats 2 that I know of that's gonna thump your tater u can't wait but I'm tired of even seeing your name I want to forget u cause your nothing but a nasty lying who*e leave me alone and stop with t by e phone warrior stuff I'm done Lois get over it u and Jimmy stop harassing me I don't want nothing to do with us.

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