Chris McMahon's View on Reality...

Chris McMahon's View on Reality...

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Chris McMahon

Johnson City, TN

#1 Dec 17, 2012
okay... here goes... my thoughts on life, expoused to the awesome town of Greeneville.

We live on a planet inhabited by multitudes of people who cling to various different and even opposing beliefs. Be it an abstract issue of philosophy or religion; a school of thought in a specific field of science; or a simple common mundane life matter such as who is just in a quarrel or what direction is quickest to our destination. At some point, in all our lives we have chosen to dismiss all other beliefs as false, and accept ours as wrong.

Considering our perspective is filtered by and limited to our range and accuracy of sensory perception; our intelligence, or ability to comprehend information; and our personal interpretations of the information(which may be false) and experiences(which may be distorted) it is very unreasonable to assume our worldview ir "right" or true, and all others are "wrong" or false.

How then, do we decide what is truth? being that our perception is subjective? Well, the first step in the path towards knowledge in any matter, is our admittance of our lack of it, or Ignorance, which simply means, without knowledge.

What is knowledge? Knowledge is FACTS about the world obtained through the process of learning. What is learning? Learning is observing and accepting the mechanism a certain aspect of the world works. The key words here are OBSERVE and ACCEPT. Knowledge is obtained through observation not conjecture ( or theories formed about the world based on biases(pre conceived notions about how the world is based on ideas you have been exposed to through heresay, literature or the media).


If our perspective is subjective(limited to our senses, intelligence, and biases) how then do we confirm that we "know" something...

I assert that evidence of knowledge in any aspect of the world is ability to control that aspect of the world, or use it to one's own advantage.

We know how electricity works because we can use the knowledge acquired from learning about it to harness it to our own use i.e. electricity.

You know you understand psychology(knowledge of the mind) when you can use your knowledge of the mind to effectively communicate with or persuade others to your way of doing things... This is kinda ehh,, simply fucked up, manipulative, what sociopaths do but hey it's true... We are kinda like robots you know? at our base, we are run on electricity... all the Sunlight, air, water, and food that goes into our body basically transforms into energy (Electricity) that fuels the processes of our body.

Not only in the sense we are biological robots, but from birth we are brainwashed... we are taught what to believe and how to behave.

We are brainwashed by our parents instilling their values in us, by our cultural norms conditioning us to participate in certain ways of thinking and behavior by rewarding us with "acceptance". We are brainwashed by the media.

You see, "normal" is a delusion. There is no such thing as "normal". Normal is basically another word for common. When someone says thats not normal, they're saying that's not what I'm used to seeing.

Normal is subjective. Normal in Greeneville may be waking up in the morning, going to work, coming home, watching sit coms, going to bed, going to Church on Sunday and believing in a literal interpretation of the Bible.

Normal in SOME (not all) parts of the middle east may be walking into a group of people with a bomb on your stomach and blowing yourself up so you can inherit 7 sum virgins in Heaven...

why is that normal to them? and this normal to us? because we have been CONDITIONED to belief this way... It's common sense, everything we think and do is learned. Hence, learned behavior.
Chris McMahon

Johnson City, TN

#2 Dec 17, 2012
Sorry for rambling BUT back to my main point, The evidence of knowledge in any aspect of nature is the ability to use that aspect of nature to ones advantage... The old saying Knowledge is power, more specifically, knowledge BREEDS power.

Science is a greek word for knowledge. ology is a suffix in greek for knowledge of, or science of...

an example...psych(mind) ology(knowledge of) psychology is the knowledge of the mind.

Scientists, essentially are seekers of knowledge, or Truth. one may ask what is truth.. well my answer to this is...

The Universe is not limited to our understanding of it, and we do not understand the Universe completely. Even being at the pinnacle of knowledge in comparison to the past generations of the human species, we are touching on but a small "drop of water" in a vast ocean of knowledge that the Universe has the offer.

Our perception is limited to our senses, our intelligence, and our biases about the world. Perception is subjective, or it varies from person to person.

One man is blind, another has 20 20 vision. ONe woman is deaf, another has supersonic hearing. One man is autistic and cannot pick up on the slightest of social ques, another is labeled psychic, empathic, or "sensitive" because his receptivity to others emotions is far above that of the receptivity of the average human being.

Again.. perception is subjective.

Let us not jump into the assumption of the Solipsist and say that they world is created by our mind... The world is NOT created by our mind...

The world operates on mechanisms of its own without existence of human beings. The world was here I was born and will continue after I die. I am simply a receiver, though I do transmit(language, body language) I am a receiever...

My eyes receieve light, my ears sound, my skin heat and pressure, my nose odors, and my tounge tastes...

These senses are not illusions made by my brain, simply my brains way of interpreting the information that has been presented to it from the outside world... The way I see the world, is not how it "really is"...

This is evident in our perception of time. I believe time is simply a man made method of measurement for the sake of convenience. When you smoke marijuana "5 minutes" can seem like "10 hours">.. When a yogi is deep in medititation, "30 minutes" clock time, can seem like an infinity in his state of trance...

Time is an Illusion, this is all Eternal... I do not know, but I assume (some physicists came up with this idea it's not my own though I hold to it) the past, present, and future can happen all at the same time...

What is the past? other than a memory? what is the future? other than imagination? the only thing we ever have is NOW...

and on the topic of God?

God is nothing more than an anglo saxon word that has no more meaning or significance that associated with it in the mind of an individual...

When I say God to a certain Hindu he may picture Shiva, or maybe Hanuman...

When I say God to a Christian she may picture an Image of Christ... when to a Jew he may picture infinite light...

My personal definition of God is the force from which all that exists has it' source, sustains it's existence and if willed this force could destroy... we are at the mercy of this force... "God"...

Without "God" there is nothing, God is "All"... this is hard to explain in mundane terms... God is... eternall.... this force is not limted to human logic, just like a human is not limited to an ants logic... because our brains are different... our brains are more advanced... Same with God his brain (or mind) is more advanced than ours... this is obvious in Gods power to create Universes... can a human being create a Universe? No.
your future x wife

United States

#3 Dec 17, 2012
My! Observe the similarities. Quite uncanny.
Chris McMahon

Johnson City, TN

#4 Dec 17, 2012
I believe that the self(consciousness, awareness) is seperate from the faculties of the body. I do not believe when the brain dies, consciousness dies. I believe we are energy(souls, spirits, which are simply extensions of this God being) trapped in the contraints of a human brain. The brain is not the producer of consciousness, it is matter... run on energy and this energy, is the soul...

The body is a system for energy to flow through, when that energy flow is cut off, PHYSICAL death happens, this energy has to go else where... DEATH... TRANSFORMATION, death is not to be viewed as destruction, or end, simply transformation, change... Matter and energy cannot be created nor destroyed, they simply change forms...

what is matter? condensed energy, this is basic physics. This energy, where does it have it's source, GOD. The world is nothing more than an extension of this being who for the sake of convenience we will label GOD.

God is life, light, and love... And God formed man and breathed into his nostril the breath of life.

I am the beginning and the end, the alpha and Omega... Moses asked God what are you "I AM THAT I AM"

We cannot comprehened it while limited to the perception of our brains, but at death, we will be freed from this body, we will be in the energy realm, the spirit realm, and we will see all that is... or at least all that this God being wills for us to see.
Chris McMahon

Johnson City, TN

#5 Dec 17, 2012
Although I try my best to believe in a literalist intepretation of the bible, I cannot help but see the logic in the theory of evolution...

essentially, what is evolution? change. What does matter and energy naturally do?... change. I do not assert to know where "life" (my definition of life being aware, conscious(not to be confused with conscience)) where does awareness come from? you close your eyes and you cannot see, yet you are still aware, you plug your eyes not you cant hear, but you are still aware, you submerse yourself in water, now in addition to blindness and deafness you cannot feel... you plug your nose and numb your tounge, all your 5 basic senses are stopped... but you are still aware.... you awareness is not limited to your 5 basic senses...

a paralyzed, blind, deaf, numb, nonsmelling, non tasting, retarded man, all his faculties are gone... yet... he is still on some level, aware.

Why is this? why is it that, even though the quality of awareness is effected by our brain and sensory organs, but the awareness, is still there?

is it that awareness does not have it's source in the physical body, but is simply filtered, or limited by the physical brain and body? I believe this is so.
Chris McMahon

Johnson City, TN

#6 Dec 17, 2012
whoever has been labeling my posts as incendiary, mean, and spam... God bless your soul. This is my world view, and I am entitled to it, just as you are yours... why is yours any better or worse than mine? were both at the wims of our senses, intelligence, and conditioning... why do you think that you are any more enlightened than me? is this false pride? a delusion that you have somehow figured out the secret of the Universe.. you know, the most intelligent people on our planet only know about places a little outside our solar system...

Solar system- a sun that is surrounded by planets...

galaxy- a collection of solar systems..

how many solar systems are in our galaxy? BILLIONS! how many galaxys are in our Universe... BILLIONS...
so really... not being condescending in the least, what do you know?... what do WE know? as a human race?

not... much... REALLY.

Since: Sep 12

Antioch, TN

#7 Dec 17, 2012
Ah, the old conventional evolutionary argument; Our perceptions constitute a series-specific user interface that guides our behavior.

“Many have died”

Since: Dec 12

On the road to peace

#8 Dec 17, 2012
The ramblings of a stoned loser...

“You gotta stand for something”

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#9 Dec 17, 2012
whothehellcares- wrote:
The ramblings of a stoned loser...
I agree!:) Long winded to say the least. He must have been on one of those deep thought highs, or maybe he just got lonely in the back of his van.(Eww, sounds like the begining of a Lifetime Movie. Ya know like what happens right before a small child goes missing.)
Chris McMahon

Erwin, TN

#10 Dec 17, 2012
lol yall... Jimi Hendrix is six was nine yeah i see you.. white collar conservative pointin laughin at me, haha but you can't be me... shiiii

I don't know if evolution was the mechanism that the supreme being (that some refer to as god) that he used to bring our species to where we are today but hey anything is possible...

I'm not defending atheism by any means, I believe in the divinity of nature, I believe there is MUCH more to this world than meets the human eye, and if you actually considered my opinion you would see that is what I am hinting at... something MUCH greater than human beings is at work here...

but hey... Hinduism? what about that... we weren't taught that growing up so it's hard to grasp the concepts of dharma and karma and reincarnation, we can't get how this God BRAHMAN can manifest itself in various forms from Vishnu to Shiva to KRISHNA... has not the God of the bible manifested itself (not limiting this being to gender) in different forms? because if man were to see GOd he could not handle it... Moses the burning bush, Christ, the God in the Flesh,... The holy spirit... he manifests himself in Revelation to John, and to Ezekiel and Isaiah... in different forms... but hey, this kid, has a slightly differnt view than what we've been bought up with, and now were gonna slander his name and opinion?

I read my bible daily, I pray daily, simply because I want to bond and understand the mind of God... I read Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Buddist Wisdom, Greek exc exc wexc.... all cultures have been exposed to the light in some way, I just want to see what their perspective is man.!!!

lol and yeah i humor it up a bit with the hippy vibe...

nothin wrong with hittin a bong and listenin to jimi sing his sonnnggg all night longgg loll... jokin.. i don't smoke cause its illegal, but i do support its legalization, ALL ACROSS THE NATION...

how am I a "loser"? is this not a vauge term? a "loser" what have is *lost....? what is it? your approval? of my freedom of thought... i gues that's about it, but they i wasn't searching for that anyway lol...

PEace, love, and Blessings....

“Many have died”

Since: Dec 12

On the road to peace

#11 Dec 17, 2012
(in my best Chris farley impression) Kids, don't listen to this loser unless you want to end up living in a van down by the river...
Chris McMahon

Erwin, TN

#12 Dec 17, 2012
I mean I look at a cat... and i see a lion and a tiger, I see they can't mate, they're not the same species, but do you see the obvious similarities in apperance? their all feline... a dog, a hyenia, a wolf... a human, a chimp, a gorilla, no were not the same species but there are obvious similarities... The theory of evolution does NOt say we come from apes, it says we share a similar ANCESTOR... idk im still conflicted as to how life started here on earth... but I am Christian and try my best to believe in Gensis... though I am human and I still doubt and this is where the realm of speculation occurs...

do you think God told us EVERYTHING in the bible? no... were still discovering... still to this day!

you don't think God leaves room for speculation? a little mystery... you don't think he likes to be a little bit mysterious man.???

idk.. im not "god" and I probably never will be... but hey why the hate? just because I offer an alternative view of things than what you've been taught...

and thats all it is... an idea... my thoughts... just like everything you believe, unless it can be demonstrated in the physical world... is nothing more than that a thought... I am an Agnostic Theist, I hold that I do not know that there is A God, I may never know, and the concept God may well be a human coping mechanism for the fact that we are not eternal and we will one day die.. but heell who knows? a (without) gnosis(knowledge)...

I love Christ, I got saved at a young age, but I STILL have a mind of my own...
Chris McMahon

Erwin, TN

#13 Dec 17, 2012
lol man... loser? one man lives in a barn and in content, another lives ina manchine and is in turmoil... what is this? success is subjective man... happiness varies from person to person"....

Jimi Hendrix; "different strokes for different folks"... ya dig?

nah prolly not.. lol

what is success? REALLY, what is it? who are you (who the hell cares) any more succesful than me? when in the grand schjeme of things all your material accomplishments(i like things too b tw) are gonna end up decomposing and going back into the universe... huh? lol...

really man for real thats what i think...
Chris McMahon

Erwin, TN

#14 Dec 17, 2012
and also...

Chris McMahon

Erwin, TN

#15 Dec 17, 2012
oh oh and..*enjoys topix while putting in applications at the same time... im feeding into your materialistic view of success... while defending my views on reality... NOW HOW FUGGING SPECTACULAR IS THIS MANNN...

oh and... i can remember a phone number and make a new recipe ALL AT THA SAME DAMN TIME>>>> SWEETT.
legalize it

Murfreesboro, TN

#18 Dec 21, 2012
if you think about it it really makes sense

Abingdon, VA

#19 Dec 21, 2012
I can assure you of one thing. You are your own biggest fan!


#20 Dec 21, 2012
gsp trpr is his biggest fan lmao

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