Well, I think that Greeneville has some of the God awfullest dumbest backwoods people in the world living in it. I'm sorry. As a whole Greene County has for to be one of the dumbest places on Earth. But there are still enough good men that are quiet reserved gentlemen that will allow the court system to do what they should do.

I think it's a kangaroo court and they shipped in this DA all as part of a rouse. I'm surprised he even took it to court because anything can happen with a jury. But it's extremely easy to throw a case and that's exactly what he's going to do. And I'm not sure that there is a jury .

But if David Hawk doesn't go to jail for beating up a woman, drunk on a Sunday morning while she is holding his infant child? I feel certain that there are a few men, real men, in greeneville that will see that justice is done.