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Jonesborough, TN

#56 Aug 6, 2011
It isnt about skin color, or what happened 200 years ago. Its about a dangerous culture that threatens our lives at the present.

I agree that the first europeans were a particularly cruel people to the natives and africans. But that was then, and it doesnt do us any good to under-react to a present threat just because we feel guilty about past mistakes.
Lady Atlas

Reno, NV

#57 Aug 6, 2011
And the religious bullsh!t goes on and on and on ad nauseam.
Christians want to get rid of Muslims and Muslims want to get rid of Christians.
All you people stupidly fighting over religion don't realize that when you get rid of each other, NO ONE will be left?
0-0=0! Come on! It's so simple!
Now watch as people continue to go round and round...circling the drain of human self-destruction...
Average Jo

United States

#58 Aug 6, 2011
What influenced hate among Muslims was The Crusades and that was way more than 200 years ago. It does matter.
The U.S. Isn't blind to the fact that there is a threat but they aren't going to infringe on rights or show fear because that is what Islam wants. Are current airline rules and The Patriot Act under reacting? Islam doesnt want you to have freedoms so keeping our freedoms is the first act to show them we aren't scared.
And I'm sorry, but we kicked England's ass. The issue is if there are more Muslims that they could potentially become violent. What you seem to be underestimating is many American's love for their country, no matter what race, gender, political party, religion,etc and what they will do to defend it.
Lady Atlas

Reno, NV

#59 Aug 6, 2011
Thomas wrote:
The stupid liberal left will not be happy until the country is taken over. They seem to cherish the thoughts of having a half mixed negro baby for their daughter. A crack head negro radical for a son in law. I will die first. Where in the hell is your pride, respect and culture. Decent educated Europeean Americans will never submit to this socialist low class way of life!!! Stand uo, be a real man!!!! God Bless!
And here comes another stupid human contributing to the stupid bullsh!t color wars.
Would it make you feel better if "they cherished the thoughts of having" a meth head hillbilly for a son-in-law/cousin, or a moonshine-sucker for a daughter/sister?
Yes, you should be proud of the fact that you're helping to end the world over some bullsh!t.
Average Jo

United States

#60 Aug 6, 2011
Maybe you should have ignored the comment instead of empowering it. But its human nature for conflict right?
Saying what most think

Fort Campbell, TN

#61 Aug 6, 2011
I would personally love to see the USA stop muslim immigration but i don't think we should stop there I think we should ban the mexicans too.

Nashville, TN

#62 Aug 6, 2011
Hey Lady Atlas, are you from the Reno NV. area?

Coventry, UK

#63 Nov 6, 2011
Muslims...Christian...Hindus.. .Sikhs...all of the religious groups do bad by either using religion to tell everyone else how to live their life, and if religious nutcases aren't preaching then they're using religion for profit.
The Muslims are doing what the Christians done in the era of the Crusades...terrorism. Out of all the holy books, Islam is the most violent religion seeing as it promotes killing the unbelievers with the sword.
At least Jesus wasn't a chauvinist or a bigamist, or a child molesterer like Mohammed. Yet people worship that, and we all know Islam treats women as second-rate anyway.
If I was in the time of the Crusades, I'd be having a rant on this forum about them. But this is modern studies...and Islam is the most talked about religion.
Fuck religion as far as I'm concerned, and if people die or bloe themselves up for Allah, then they really can't value life which does defeat the object of Allah's or God's creation anyway.
Religious people are hypocrites - and no amount of supposed 'mistranslation' or 'ignorance' from religious people will change that.

Clovis, CA

#64 Jan 27, 2012
Wake up America.

Mitchelton, Australia

#65 Apr 4, 2013
I hate Muslims ! They do not permit us or any of our beliefs in there country ! Why should we be tolerant with them !! I hate them

Brevard, NC

#66 Apr 4, 2013
Bella you are an idiot as is the person who.created this post. Your hatred -which is a sin- will destroy you. Not a Muslim.

Tacoma, WA

#67 Apr 7, 2013
One really needs to learn what Islam is.It is disturbing to learn how many teens in the us are murdered by their muslim parents because they had become too 'westerized'. Many book have been written by former muslims who warn that islam is a religion of hate and intolerance. To be a good muslim and go to heaven one must wage jihad against all unbeleivers. The misery level in muslim countries is epic.

United States

#68 Apr 8, 2013
hanna wrote:
One really needs to learn what Islam is.It is disturbing to learn how many teens in the us are murdered by their muslim parents because they had become too 'westerized'. Many book have been written by former muslims who warn that islam is a religion of hate and intolerance. To be a good muslim and go to heaven one must wage jihad against all unbeleivers. The misery level in muslim countries is epic.

United States

#69 Apr 9, 2013
Hitler was a Christian - yep! A CHRISTIAN!! So the Christians have killed waaaayy more than all the Muslims put together! Stop Christianity!!! People killing kids in the bible, killing women...wiping out entire villages.... Nice god you have there.

Annapolis, MD

#71 Jan 29, 2016
Average Jo wrote:
What concerns me more than the Nazi propoganda is that you are trying to infringe other people's 1st amendment right to freedom of religion and their persuit of life, liberty, and happiness.
Not all Muslims are bad. & def look at Christians. Are they not seeking Shara'I of their own through witnessing and putting no other gods/idols before me?
Not all Muslims are bad. Its the extremests that use fear and terrorism to intimidate others who are bad. And the U.S. Wants to demonize Muslims so that people will be ok with troops being over there for no reason. We killed Sadam, we killed Osama. We showed them you don't eff with us. Now we should show respect and let the sovereign state reform how they want according to their customs and practices instead of forcing them to be like us. Terrorism will always exist for the simple fact that there will always be conflict because of the lack of understanding between us. Don't be like them.
Hey Dummie,

I think you meant "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" fool

You need the wake the hell up about Islam, which means 'submission' not 'peace' as most muslims will tell you. Their book that they adhere to has over 100 references of using violence and any means necessary to attain their ultimate goal of a 100% muslim planet. They will lie through their teeth telling you that is not that case but look at all of the CURRENT terrorist attacks in the world. They are all done by MULIMS in the name of their F-ed up ideology.

You are right, not ALL muslims are bad, just 25 % of them. There are about 1.8 billion f-ing muslims in the world today. 25% would equate to about 450 million BAD mulims. And a bad muslim won't just leave you alone to do what you want, they will KILL you and your family. WAKE the F UP!!!!!

And please don't bring up anything in the past, I am talking about there here and now, the true EVIL that civilized people are facing in TODAY's world.

The two POS in San Bernadino just had a baby, six months old. That didn't stop them from going MUSLIM did it? It is very scary to think about how many other scum like them are already here in the US. I keep my guns always ready. Do you?

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