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#2 Jan 4, 2013
The most well known, though misunderstood cannabinoid is delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinoil.. THC.

now, keeping in mind that marijuana from nature has over 60 cannabinoids that vary in pharmacological classification from stimulant, to depressant, and yes even mild hallucinogen... THC if isolated from the trichomes, into an ingestable form all of its own(not to be confused with Marinol or "thc pills" that is not pure thc though it is derived from the deriviatives of marijuana, it is not pure THC.)

THC is a STIMULANT, and a PSYCHEDELIC... it is classified as a MILD hallucinogen, not as strong as the psychedelic tryptamines that work by effecting serotonin receptor sites in the brain(LSD, Psilocybin from mushrooms, Mescaline in Peyote, DimethylTRYPTAMINE(haha)

okay... well its a stimulant which means, it gives you energy, it gives you euphoria, it stimulates your senses, it makes you more ALERT, mor AWARE.. it is also a psychedelic (meaning mind manifest... it can cause closed eye visuals, uncommonly open eye visuals, it can cause distortions changes in time perception, it can cause increased empathy, it can cause increased introspection... in other words it makes you trip... its a MILD trip, its a high... but its still KINDA trippy...

THC, has medical benefits for, depression, add(its a stimulant and it helps focus lots of marijuana users claim that mary helps them focus better in school, its popular among college stundents...) lol...

but yeah THC is a STIMULANT and a PSYCHEDELIC, it is the most PSYCHOACTIVE, or mind affecting cannabinoid in the plant... it binds to "cb1" receptors that are dispersed throughout the brain, some in the hippocampus which is why in periods of ingestion of marijuana, and for periods when marijuana is used for prolonged periods of time, can effect SHORT term memory, though it wears of when marijuana use is abrupted, and short term memory is not to be confused with focus, when your tuning out all information you are more in focus with the moment, hence it helping add.

THC is also classifised as a bronchial dialator, it opens bronchial tubes in the lungs to expell phelegm and dust... I'm a smoker of tobacco, and it causes me a lot of congestion when I have in the past(not now it is illegal i would never do that) it would make me cough and expell phlegm and help me breath better.. we must keep in mind that some bud can be harsh on the lungs because it has not been properly harvested and it contains a lot of extra chemicals(pesticides and such)....

Erwin, TN

#3 Jan 4, 2013
Now that we have established THC is only one component of marijuana that effects us when we ingest it... let us then explain that there are 60 other cannabinoids that vary in effect from stimulant to depressant to psychedelic.

Now... to Sativa Indica difference... Sativa and Indica are the same species, they can mate... but their a lil different because of the climates they adapted to grow in...

Cannabis Sativa

It is grown around the equater, closer to the sun, Southern asia and africa, South america, columbia, panama(columbian gold panama red lol) This are areas that have a lot of sunlight.

a certain light spectrum in the sun causes the trichomes to produce more thc, so these plants have a higher THC to CBD(the depressant chemicals) ratio... it is a stimulating kinda psychedelic "high".. a upper.

The branches grow long and thin, the leaves long and thin, the leaves and buds(marijuana) grow long and thin, they are brighter greenbecause of pigmentation of the sun.

When a plant is at THC production the terpines, odor and flavour producing parts in the plant are sweet.. this marijuana of Sativa is a more earthy, sweet flavor...

It is good for ashtma, depression, add.... more mental problems less physical...

Cannabis Indica is

grown in northern climates, farther from the equater, they are shorter bushier plants, their leaves are dark green(less pigmentation) fat. the buds are short and very dense. The trichomes have a higher CBD to THC ratio... its depressant cannabinoids are higher than THC...

cannabidiol, cannabinoil, and many others... have anti inflammatory, muscle relaxant, and sedating properties.. good for bipolar mania or anxiety to calm down, good for pain and good for insomnia...

There are hybrids which is when a sativa and indica are breed to produce a plant... this has mix effects... though it still has a higher cbd to thc ratio, you kinda get the "best" of both worlds.

also the thc to cbd ratio is influenced by when a marijuana plant is harvested, the trichomes go through different phases, a clear phase, an milky phase and a amber phase.. when the ambering happens thc starts to oxidise... it turns to depressant chemicals...

being that the ratio of cannabinoids is different in each variety, the growers can experiment with different harvest times to get different effects.

its awesome man.. weed is AMAZING it is GOOD.. has MANY uses...

we need to use the deriviatives of it to make medicine just like we have from other plants in nature, which funny enough are MORE dangerous than marijuana.

Erwin, TN

#4 Jan 4, 2013
Marijuana has a recorded history of use of over 8000 years... it is found in Asia... they used it for spiritual uses..

There is a hindu sect of Shiva worshippers that believe marijuana was PLANTED BY SHIVA... he is the god of yoga, meditation... they use the marijuana to heighten their awareness of self nature and receptivity to Shiva

Rastafarians also use the herb for religous purposes...

it as well as a medicine, is a sacrament...

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#5 Jan 4, 2013
Nothing you have stated has not been stated a thousand times before. To compare other cultures to ours and say that we should allow marijuana use because they do it is foolish. Some places practice genital mutilation, should we? Some still sacrifice animals, should we? Some place women lower than crops and grain, should we? I am for legalizing marijuana but not without some forethought. It is mind altering substance and no matter how much you want to point out the safety of it there will be people that abuse it. How will that be dealt with?

Erwin, TN

#6 Jan 4, 2013
well that wasn't the point i was trying to get at though i see what your saying is logical...

im saying people from all over the world think different, right and wrong is subjective(it varies from individual to individual) beliefs about the world (especially abstract nontangible you know she we can't see with the 5 senses or in our ordinary state of consciousness) is different..

and when it comes to morals, that is a realm of a lot of variables... its really complex... i have morals i know but you know when it goes into the realm of personal liberty, thats where its founded up...

a person is free to use drugs right? they mite abuse them too.. they mite even have a reaction and die... and that in turn is going to hurt their loved ones... but what im saying is... thats wrong... i believe thats wrong, shit in fact i would say i know thats wrong.. but

where can we dictate...

i am for personal liberty dude, and that comes at a price people have choices and consequences.... i don't agree with opressing women and shit... thats a breech of their personal freedom big time.


but thats what im sayin? its not the people who choose to smoke weed. and just hell even roam and be a bum..(although i morally object to that) its tha people who want to put their own morals on someone else in issues of private life(sex drug use personal affairs.)

Erwin, TN

#7 Jan 4, 2013
You said libertarian and borderline anarchist, im kinda that way dude we are probably the same politcally. i think people should be free.... but when people are free some people can't handle it ... their fucking idiots dude.. violent... harrasment.... stealing..... doing wrong to others... i believe that is where law is concerned... "serve and protect" not come in my house and tell me i can't smoke a fucking plant in the privacy of my own home...

im not fully judeao (sp?) christian.... but i do agree with the basic shit... dont stealll dont kill... you dont fuck someones wife... you dont ya know do wrong to ya brutha...

jesus just broke it down dude... to " treat others as you would want to be treated and love others as you love yourself"...

I LOVE Jesus dude, he is a revolutionary tha pharisees one in power couldn't handle him cause he was taking their authority and relevance to spirituality away, and ultimately control...

Antioch, TN

#8 Jan 5, 2013
Amen Chris I get what your saying!!! It's called Free Will to do what we choose in our own homes without the higher ups (government/law) infringing on our privacy!!!!!

Tucker, GA

#9 Jan 5, 2013
Do you smoke weed with your mom and dad? Do you walk the streets?
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Durham, NC

#10 Jan 5, 2013
ROn Ramsey is working with some good ole boyZ that want to privatize the entire prison system or reactions corporation of America. You idiots just gave them $30 million...jack Daniels is a major force and contributor in Tennessee. They kill your kids and family members. Well, between JD and these prison corps, legalizing Marajuana would slow down business. That's all, plain and simple, no more discussion.

You pay $50K per year to lock up a pot smoker. If you want to do that, more power to you. But remember that pot smoker is taking up the space of the violent criminal that was released early from overcrowding.

When your wife gets home tonight and enters thru the front door. Se will hear a loud PING. That's where the bad guy got your 9 year old sons aluminum bat and bashed her skull in so he could get her wedding ring. Hey, bats don't kill, people do....

I say lock the pot smokers stay in jail and let the ball batters out for a while..Tennessee could use a few waker uppers, you know?

Erwin, TN

#11 Jan 7, 2013
i personally think you can walk down the street and smoke it if you want lolo... people do it with cigarettees... as longa s you aren't blowing it in chrildren and peoles faces who don't want to inhale it, you can smoke it all you want anywhere is what i think.

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