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Johnson City, TN

#44 Oct 2, 2013
Get rid of the party system, then you have true democracy. Constituents should drive our congressmen's actions. Truly not one politician gives one iota what happens , they just love having that power and recognition.

Johnson City, TN

#45 Oct 2, 2013
Actually_Actually wrote:
<quoted text>
The person you replied to said nothing about a promise. He was talking about an actual vote that, then Senator Obama, cast. He went on a rant on the Senate floor about how raising the debt ceiling showed a lack of leadership and hurt the US because of dependence on other countries to loan us money to pay our bills. It is one of the very few times that I have ever agreed with him. You should look the full speech up yourself.
Maybe the Republican Congress should not have agreed on expenses that in the end could not pay for.
Actually_Actuall y

Greeneville, TN

#46 Oct 2, 2013
Actually wrote:
"The continuing resolution is a boilerplate bill that authorizes the federal government to spend money at last yearís levels, which are essentially 2009 levels, since Republicans have forced the government to live on 2009 spending levels since 2010. Without the CR, the government canít spend any money, and they have to shut down. Itís not because there is no money in the Treasury. There is plenty of money. Itís because Congress, led by Republicans, wonít give them authorization.
Government shutdowns are more common in our history than you think Ė since 1976, this is the18th. But most government shutdowns were the result of broken-down budget negotiations, or delays in passing a budget on time. Even the 1995 shutdowns (there were actually two) had something to do with budget negotiations, although most of the problem had to do with Newt Gingrichís ego. This seems to be the first time the government has been shut down in order to kill a law a political party doesnít like. There is no spending issue here. There is no debt issue here. The reason Republicans are holding the government hostage is because they donít want the working poor to have access to affordable health care, especially since itís largely being paid for through a tax hike on the rich. They are also eager to kill it because they know it will work. Itís already working. Health care prices have stabilized already, and the law is just now ready to kick in. Itís not about being ďfiscally responsible,Ē itís about being petulant children, holding their breath until they get their pony. Or unicorn."
Actually this is a budget issue. Obamacare is a program that requires spending. Which means funding. All of the subsidies that are going to be given to anyone without insurance (through work), who is under 400% of the poverty level does actually cost money. Claiming Republicans hate the poor is ridiculous. If you look at the 2012 budget and only include federal spending on healthcare, pensions, welfare, and interest on the debt it comes out to 2.2696 trillion dollars (I grouped these together because they are either entitlements and/or things that we have promised we will pay.) We collected 2.45 trillion dollars in taxes. That leaves about 7.4%(or a little under 200 billion) of our revenue for education, defense, protection, transportation, general government, and other spending if we actually want to balance the budget. That 200 billion would be less then we spend on interest alone. The Republicans are saying the last thing we need is another entitlement program we are broke and we cannot afford it. It has nothing to do with hate. So as you can see this is definitely a budget and debt issue. Also before you say Obamacare is deficit neutral, the newest HHS report claims that it will add 621 billion in debt over the next 10 years. Also just as a rule of thumb if the government tells you something will cost a certain amount it is going to cost much more. Just in case you are wondering all statistics used in this came from .gov websites.
Not screwed

Johnson City, TN

#47 Oct 2, 2013
Were all screwed wrote:
Check out the premiums of other states the cheapiest in some are 280.00 a month. employeers of some bussiness will have to cut work hours down to 20-29hrs week just to cover onsite insurance policies.
How much were you paying before? 280.00 a month is super cheap for a family. My workplace insurance costs over 600.00 a month for a family. 280.00 sounds pretty sweet to me! I think the problem is that a lot of people ( especially around here) are used to going without insurance then go to the ER if they get sick then don't pay the bill or get it written off. I don't think that's fair considering how much I pay to cover my family so the taxpayers won't have to. Who covers your butt?
Jar Head

Knoxville, TN

#48 Oct 2, 2013
Actually wrote:
<quoted text> This isn't true. Obama had no choice but to add the debt of not one but two wars to the books which Bush didn't do. This jacked up the debt by trillions and the cost of the wars Obama didn't start are still coming in. Otherwise, per the Republicans themselves who are the ones running Congress and are IN control of the how much the Government spends, have stated that the spending is declining.
Ohhhhh, so President Bush just didn't add the debt to the books? LMAO. Are you really that stupid?
Actually_Actuall y

Greeneville, TN

#49 Oct 2, 2013
Actually wrote:
"Democrats did NOT shut down the government. The Senate stayed in session all night, and were fully prepared to pass a continuing resolution without any baggage, and House Republicans refused to deliver one. But more than that, the ACA is more than three-and-a-half years old, and youíve had more than enough time to discuss its alleged failures. In three years, your House has yet to discuss amending the law, or debate it on its merits. No altenative plan has been presented. Last night was not the time to have a ďdiscussion.Ē And you certainly donít shut down the government because you keep making up your own rules and Democrats refuse to play by them.
The most truthful statement about the shutdown was given by none other than Michele Bachmann. She may be crazy, but she actually stated exactly what all of this was about:
ďWeíre very excited. Itís exactly what we wanted, and we got it.Ē
The House has actually debated this law many of times. They have voted to repeal it 40 times according to the Huffington Post. They don't offer amendments to it because they completely disagree with the bill. From the new taxes (a lot of them health care related which seems silly if you are actually trying to reduce the cost of health care), to the individual mandate they disagree with it all. I'm actually not sure if they have passed an alternative bill or not but I know Rand Paul and others have discussed allowing insurance companies to sell insurance across state lines, which is currently not allowed. That's why you have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee or Virginia or whatever state. This would help decrease overhead cost for large insurers like Blue Cross Blue Shield that have to have 37 different companies to do the job that one company could do. It would help the smaller insurance companies by broadening their customer base. The larger insurance companies (with lower operating costs) would then have to compete with the smaller insurance companies for customers. It's strange in this country we have free trade with other countries such as China and Russia, but we don't even have free trade between states when it comes to insurance. As far as what Bachmann stated I haven't researched it and I am not going to tonight. I've wasted enough time with this. With that said I agree with her that I personally would rather have this so called "shutdown", which really is a stretch to even call it that, then to fund Obamacare. We can't afford another entitlement program.
Actually_Actuall y

Greeneville, TN

#50 Oct 2, 2013
Actually wrote:
<quoted text> Maybe the Republican Congress should not have agreed on expenses that in the end could not pay for.
I actually agree with this statement. I know I have sounded like a republican shill on this board, but BOTH parties are out of control when it comes to spending. I am on the republican side this time because I oppose expenses that we can not pay for. I am not in love with either party. BOTH parties have been spending money that they don't have. BOTH parties believe that expanding government is the only way to fix a problem. The only problem is BOTH parties suck at fixing problems. More government control is not the answer they will screw health care up just like they screw everything up.
Fill Me In

Greeneville, TN

#51 Oct 3, 2013
Jar Head wrote:
<quoted text> Ohhhhh, so President Bush just didn't add the debt to the books? LMAO. Are you really that stupid?
Please tell me which year that either Bush balanced the budget and paid down the deficit any. The answer is that neither of the Bushes nor Reagan balanced the budget. Instead the deficit increased under all three as we bought prosperity under Reagan on credit and fought two expensive wars on credit under the Bushes. The debt incurred under the three is still having to be paid.

Johnson City, TN

#53 Oct 3, 2013
M_Church wrote:
I wish George Bush was still president so we'd have Bushcare. Obamacare sounds weird in America. Ain't his middle name Hussein like one of them Arab people? I guess I don't have to worry about it. I'm lame and the government takes care of me.
Good description of yourself: LAME!

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