Erwin, TN

#1 Jan 4, 2013
Sup dude. I get your point man.. about responsibilities dude.. taking on more than your self, you know i get it... i get getting a job to support your self so you don't leech off people. i agree with that man, it's wrong to leech off people in a society...

what i am confused about it, how much i should value you that, i don't have a wife well i always wanted one, should i go out here and actively search like some people do(and thats logical) or should i just do my thing( successful in my own eyes, you know my pursuits my skills to society, psychology, religion, music, eh kinda technology i gotta brush up on that) and then lit it fall in my hands as it comes and not obsess?

im not tryna be a smart ass dude, i aint like that i am for real asking your opinion yo.

but yeah... i don't get it man.

how much should i value the dollar? the matter?

its weird to me IT REALY FUCKS WITH ME... we take these minerals and fibers and trade em and if we don't have that we can't survive wtf... tribes survive without soceity.. they have order don't still don't kill exc exc... basis of society but..

they don't need corporations.. all this... people interfering with their affairs... thats what I think is wrong... in a society even in small tribes jungle tribles in a sense they got a job, like a task they do

one man is a shaman. some a hunter.. lol. sounds dumb dude really, okay some women go get the watter others are growers... its small scale society .

i get GET A JOB, man.. i just do't know what kind of job to get and how much of my happiness i should base in material shit.

i think about how i will die and i am baffled dude, what REALLY matters, me making money and getting rich (i would enjoy that dude oh yeah get high as fuck fuck hot model bitches be famous who would not) but idk how much worth to put in that... i don't know dude... should i be a monk? a damn preacher? a psychologsit? an activist musician.. I WANT TO CONTRIBUTE, i just don't know in what way?

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#2 Jan 4, 2013
I have been after you because I enjoy f**king with people, here and in real life... my advice is do whatever makes you happy... I don't value the dollar, all I want is enough to get by... I had to get a real job because I found myself in a position that I had to have more money to get by... I never cared if I got married, I didn't actively seek a wife, I just happened upon her, and my lifestyle had to change because of that... My philosophy on life is don't worry about shit until shit happens and do whatever makes you happy, if there is something you were ment to do it will just happen. all the worrying and trying won't make it happen , it will happen on its own...

Erwin, TN

#3 Jan 4, 2013
yes dude i AGREE with that fully.... i just feel at times people is putting me down cause i don't have what they have... that I haven't ben blessed with what they got...

i look for a job dude, i want one, i want money to get cool shit with , to entertain myself wit.. you know

i admire you for doing what you had to do to take care of the situation you have at hand thats bad ass admirable...

i just felt like people were trying to compare me to others, and say im not as good or inferior because i don't have what they have, or the same goal or values? lol it gets too deep we keep talking we gonna get deep as fuck yo

i got tha same philosophy dude...

“Many have died”

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#4 Jan 4, 2013
As long as you are happy you are the most blessed person alive... If someone doesn't like you then f**k them, it isn't worth your time to worry about what someone else thinks about you... In all honesty, the less you have the less you have to worry about...

Erwin, TN

#5 Jan 4, 2013
yeah man. i agree with that brother... the less you got the less shit you gotta keep up...

some days ill just sit in the damn ground and be ilke fuck dude.... bliss.. no attachments.. i feel what buddha was sayin you know?

i mean. i want to have a life so to speak... i hate vauge general terms like that but. i have huma wants desires and such i believe its natural you know good to enjoy life... but i just don't wanna be a slave to nothin..

hell dude i cut back on smokin(i dont do it now cause its illegal) when i was doin it before i started to respect the law for my own liberty so i dont go to jail but when i was smoking i realized through tripping one time that i can control my being without drugs, i can meditate.. in sober ness take on new concepts...

i seriously had the belief for YEARS dude, i still do to an extent, that weed shows me tha true reailty... it makes me more alter and receptive.. it does that... but my interpretations of what im seeing can be off... and thats even when were sober.
chris mcmahon

Erwin, TN

#8 Jan 10, 2013
yeah man... i digi t.

Johnson City, TN

#9 Jan 10, 2013
cops..shakin my head

“Many have died”

Since: Dec 12

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#10 Jan 10, 2013
SMH wrote:
cops..shakin my head


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