What does anyone REALLY know about Ni...

Knoxville, TN

#62 Aug 9, 2010
Leave wrote:
I think you all are stupid uneducated people.Anyone who can set here and type shit about a man they know NOTHING about is a dumb ass. You all truly are. Instead of setting on your fat asses and complaining about how lame Greeneville is,then get up and go do something about it,Go complain to someone that actually matters instead of hiding behind a computer talking shit. This whole site should be removed. It's nothing but a bashing site. I don't know Scott,but all of you talking trash no nothing. And if the town is so fucking bare and dry then leave!
I agree with you. However, don't call people uneducated if you cannot even spell "sit" not "set" and "sitting" not "setting" and "know" instead of "no" correctly.
Tee Hee

Antioch, TN

#63 Aug 9, 2010
I agree with you. However, don't call people uneducated if you cannot even spell "sit" not "set" and "sitting" not "setting" and "know" instead of "no" correctly.

Well said!

Hendersonville, TN

#64 Aug 9, 2010
Its our job wrote:
toobad4you. You say you do things for other people and you are a happy person, but this is a quote from you, "people DO NOT do things in this area to benefit others.... they do it to benefit themselves". Is this true of you also?
You just don't get it!!! Lay off me dude, okay?

As I sit here and type this, I do not have a couch in my living room because I gave it away to someone less fortunate than me.

I DO NOTHING to benefit myself!! I give, give, give and have gave, gave, gave in both the past and present!!!

Oh crap....go take a long walk off a short pier!!! I don't need to explain anything to you!!!


Johnson City, TN

#65 Aug 9, 2010
Learn, Earn and return!

Franklin, TN

#66 Aug 10, 2010
Just me wrote:
I would rather Scott buy up greeneville than China.
Whats left?? All major factories are gone to either other states or mexico,as well as overseas.. Where have you been ,, guess with your nose up someone prominents ass.
just the facts

Jonesborough, TN

#67 Aug 10, 2010
toobad4you: just don't get how you can say other people have the wrong motives when they do something good for someone, and you don't. See how it made you feel when I quoted what you said. Not very good did it.

Franklin, TN

#68 Aug 10, 2010
Educated wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree with you. However, don't call people uneducated if you cannot even spell "sit" not "set" and "sitting" not "setting" and "know" instead of "no" correctly.
Then why are you on here? Even commented on statements! If you're so distressed over someones grammer then post your own topic. There are a few worthwhile staements that happen upon here from time time the idea of it all is to abviously shed some light on problems that perhaps the community can get involved in.

Kingsport, TN

#69 Aug 10, 2010
EnoughTalking wrote:
<quoted text> the idea of it all is to abviously shed some light on problems that perhaps the community can get involved in.
Actually the idea of it all appears to be to talk trash about other people and call other folks names and insult their intelligence if their views don't match the poster's views. At least that's what I've observed on this site :-)


#70 Aug 11, 2010
Someone should tell Mr.N, that winking at married women, who have very jealous husbands, is NOT a good idea. Good way to get your ass kicked,Scotty.
mma in greeneville

Bluffton, SC

#71 Aug 11, 2010
Any psychologist will tell you that altruism doesn't exist. By helping out others, there is always something wanted in return. Whether it is a little recognition in a local paper or monetary gain, people want... Whether you believe he has helped out the city or not, he has absolutely attempted to. Wanting some attention for accomplishments is a basic human drive. Verbally bashing him or repeating rumors based on the availability hueristics around, doesn't prove how good or bad he is. It's always harder to dislike someone after you meet them. Generally you find out you have more in common with them then you thought, or their hobbies are pretty cool, or something of that sort
mma in greeneville

Bluffton, SC

#72 Aug 11, 2010
The way I see it, he became a wealthy man, does try to help out his community, and does like a little attention for his contributions. He doesn't seem like that horrible of a person to me.
Ed Tom

Murfreesboro, TN

#73 Aug 11, 2010
I've known him for over 30 years. Not close friends, just run across him occasionally. He seems to be the same person as back then when he didn't have a whole lot.
hey hey

Fort Campbell, TN

#74 Aug 12, 2010
He has a very good childrens hospital.
not sure I agree

Jonesborough, TN

#75 Aug 12, 2010
Psychologist's don't know everything. The Bible tells us that as a believer we have the Holy Spirit living in us to help us love,and have compassion for our fellow man,(without expecting something in return.In other words,see people through Christ's eyes not ours.I also think of a mothers love for her child,I know as a mother I do things for my children without ever expecting anything back in return. Psychologist can be very helpful...but I'll take God's Word and help to love and do things for people just because I care.
Yes, our human nature without God's help is to be selfish, and we as a rule do have ulterior motives for what we do sometimes. But we can do things for people just because we care with God's help.
mma in greeneville

Bluffton, SC

#76 Aug 12, 2010
You don't expect anything from your children except the love from them, and them to do what you expect of them. That is still not altruistic of you. If you say otherwise, come on, you'd be bs'ing... The bible absolutely tells good stories, nothing more. It's open for interpretation, so you take out of it what you want. It wouldn't be very smart to try to explain human behavior with a storybook that does not come close to delving into the human psyche.
not sure I agree

Jonesborough, TN

#77 Aug 12, 2010
You're so lost!!!!!The Bible is the owner's manual for mankind. God doesn't tell us not to do certain things to keep us from having fun, He does it to keep us from getting hurt. Your argument is not with me....It's with God. You tell Him his book is just a storybook. He is listening... He is the only thing that is for sure....He gave his precious Son for you and me and the world. Does sound too good to be true...Thank God it is true,because He said so. God laughs, he made us,(psyche and all) so He knows us the best! He knows every thought we have.
mma in greeneville

Johnson City, TN

#78 Aug 14, 2010
I'm not trying to have a religious debate with you because nobody is willing to let information absorb when they don't want to hear it. The bible tells stories that christians use. Not true with other religions. Millions of people, thousands of religions. Who knows who is right. You are obviously defensive about what you were taught. I guarantee that if you were raised in an islamic family, you would believe in Allah and Moses instead of God and Jesus. This is why wars and crusades are started. Keep religion out of the debate! I promise yours is no better than all the other religions. How dare you judge me CHRISTIAN, thats absolutely not very christian of you.

Fort Campbell, TN

#79 Aug 14, 2010
interesting. NOT!
Just guessing

Murfreesboro, TN

#80 Aug 15, 2010
I'm hoping that Arrowmont will take Mr. Niswonger's proposal and relocate in Greeneville. They may not, but Scott Niswonger has made a generous offer as incentive. I appreciate his contributions to Greeneville, Tusculum, and the Children's Hopsital.
I don't mind in the least if he has his name attached. Our county in named Greene after a man who never stepped foot in in it. Niswonger lives here and invests in the town. I am grateful, and I don't even know the man.
The only problem I have is the appearance of his buildings downtown. They are filthy and gutted, the sidewalks are dirty, and it makes Greeneville look uninviting to tourists. Hopefully, Arrowmont will come, and downtown will be revitalized. If Jonesborough can grow, why can't Greeneville?
Pink Panther

Waterloo, Canada

#81 Aug 15, 2010
Don't think for a minute that tax incentives and name recognition are overlooked! Whatever the motive, IF there is one, plenty of good things have come from his money.

I too hope that Arrowmont relocates here. We really need to get things here & KEEP THEM! Otherwise, most people will be really hurting in the future. Sadly, it seems that all that is illegal is the big industry now! Not good!

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