Can a man go to jail for not paying h...

Mobile, AL

#112 Aug 21, 2013
I think that some men shouldn't have to pay child support for example my boyfriend. He had a child with a girl who completely kept him away from him for four years. He really didn't even know it was his because of the fact that she told him that this child was not his and some other guys. He tried even making her do a dna test, he paid for it and all and she never showed up to do it like she said she would.So now that it's 2013 she filed for him to pay child support and he had to do a dna test that showed it was his. Plus on the paper where it said "possible fathers?" she only put his name on it. he responded to the court order like he was suppose to and she has done nothing about it. So his lawyer now is making her come to mediation and basically we feel like in order for him to see him, he has to pay her child support and some back child support which is bullshit because she told him he wasn't the father and kept the child away from him. Plus she doesn't work and never paid a dime for the child because she never had a job in her life.YES she physically took care of the child, but not financially So why should he pay child support when she kept him away and told him it wasn't his in the first place. I have kids with him too and he is a great father.
Jeez Louise

Saint Petersburg, FL

#113 Sep 12, 2013
The hardest set-up is when your ex won't pay child support...;but he is narcissistic enough to attempt to educate YOU on how to raise the kids. Anyone been through that one? It's wild.

Gaithersburg, MD

#114 Sep 12, 2013
angry eyes

Maggie Valley, NC

#115 Sep 12, 2013
The Child Support Office is a joke. For the 1st time since I've been dealing with them, I lost my job. I went in the office to ask for a review & one would think I walked in & offered to sale my child! They were rude, unwilling to listen to me, and had the nerve to tell me that they showed my ex was "ahead" on payments even though I haven't rec'd a payment in months. When I showed them my records (which were signed by his attorney, BTW) they got all defensive & tried to tell me I didn't know what I was talking about. It was a signed court order! Signed by a judge in Greene Co court system! The CS office refuses to let me make an appt to speak to someone in a sit down meeting so I am left to communicate through that glass shield they call a customer service window.
I have always done the right thing, even paid my ex-deadbeat's portion so my kids would have what they needed. He quits a job about a month after C.S. is automatically taken out. We have to go through the whole process again. I would love to know what it takes to put his a$$ in jail. He ain't working or paying. Why shouldn't he spend a night or two being someone's bit*h? It's so frustrating! And no, before anyone asks, I am not on welfare of any type. Sorry for the rant.

Greeneville, TN

#116 Sep 12, 2013
angry eyes

Maggie Valley, NC

#117 Sep 12, 2013
You & I must have walked into a very different office. I love the lawyers there to death, especially Tina. But the gatekeeper & the next up the ladder - M.F. is her initials - are of no help to me (their choice). I have a feeling I am going to have to show my a$$, or better yet, have my lawyer show his, in order to get anything done.
Abracadabra wrote:
The people at the child support office here are awesome, I lived on TX for years, have a TX order for child support, he never paid a dime, was either ignored or treated very rudely when I called child support office there. Moved here, put my application in, and within 4 months, I was getting payments, and his taxes! And they were so polite and friendly when I called or went into their office. I bless them every time I get a payment.
maggie mae

Boston, MA

#118 Sep 23, 2013
Most of you sound like you went about as far as second grade in school!!! Grammar and spelling is atrocious! None of you should have kids!

Dandridge, TN

#119 Oct 2, 2013
Darren Nicely had a child and hasn't paid his either. It is going on 3 years now and every time they start to garnish his wages he quits his job and I may get one payment every now and then. At least he is still filing taxes but I am sure that won't be long for him to quit doing that too. He has seen his child 1 time and never calls to check and has never sent Christmas or birthday card. What are the single mothers suppose to do? I am not on welfare i work, take care of my child and go to college full time. I live on my own and make my own house payment. My car is mine and I have worked for everything that I have. How is this fair????
Suanne Alias Yell

Columbia, TN

#120 Oct 13, 2013
Here's something really bad.. No that it matters, but I'm female, and I supported my ex-husband when he and I were married, though he worked, I had to take care of our children, clean the house, cook, go to work, AND pay for my own things and our children's things, cause his earnings were HIS. Then, he left me in the dust, after hurting me in a way I won't even get into, he took away my babies without so much as a warning or time to prepare, and now he wants money from me, but won't allow me to see my precious babies.
You all think you know what ALL goes on, but the story sometime goes deeper than we think..........

Douglasville, GA

#121 Nov 11, 2013
will a man go to jail for not paying child support in missouri. its not he hasnt been paying cause he dont want to. he cant work due to medical. has doctors orders. hasnt worked in over 5 years no unemployment or social security

Rockford, IL

#122 Jan 13, 2014
no child support ever my girl is almost 12 years. not a red cent. I am in Illinois father is in texas he keeps quitting his jobs. his aunt and wife support him.

Providence, RI

#123 Jan 28, 2014
I am a single mother of two children, their father left for the babysitter. he paid for a total of 2 years he is now 3 years and $36,000 behind. i have been working with the local child support office trying to track him down. he currently lives with the babysitter with her kids playing daddy of the year to them, while not talking to his own children in over 3 years. I support my children fully. Yes I think that he should be thrown in jail maybe just maybe it will smarten him up and start paying for his children.they need him and he refuses to work and take care of them. KARMA is a bitch and it will come back and bite him in the bum

New London, NH

#124 Feb 11, 2014
If he is disabled and waiting on disability. They can't say he is willingly not paying his support and have to wait for the outcome of the disability case probably continue to another date
Babymamatrashsuc k

Little Falls, NY

#125 Feb 19, 2014
goodlord wrote:
No they won't go to jail. My kids dead beat dad never would pay his child support. He is a looser and so are the child support enforcers. He now gets food stamps and works for cash and lives with a dumbass. But needless to say the piece of shit he is, he don't ever pay his child support and the system don't care. So all this will come back to him. I just can't wait till the day that happens. In reality though, I don't need his money. Doing just fine raising his kids without him or his help. Thanks child support for doing nothing to him for the last 10 years....
So us don't need the money, just greed, maybe the karma will bite you for being a pig.


#127 Jul 8, 2014
the father of my child doesnt want to do anything for his child because of the goverment child support grant what should i do about that

Myrtle Beach, SC

#128 Jul 8, 2014
Look what happens when this father paid his support.

&in dex=10&list=PLfAXA3I_HpmnV 3-rPAnt0JYU4Gfh6dTdS
hope she goes

Kingsport, TN

#129 Jul 8, 2014
Hopefully Chasity Brooks goes to jail next week for not paying her child support.
volman 46

United States

#130 Jul 30, 2014
if the non custodial parent refuses to pay child support the government should sell their organs
volman 46

United States

#131 Jul 30, 2014
you women who have kids and the father Won't pay child support should pay more attention to the man's character instead of his looks before you go to bed with him.( use your head)
art california

Pasadena, CA

#132 Oct 22, 2014
Really wrote:
This is a stupid ??? of course a man/woman if willfully not paying CS will go to jail. Now, how that helps the children? Mom/Dad's in jail, no income & now has a record to make it harder for them to get a job. Kind of STUPID logic. Oh well, ladies go for it. You work while we sit in jail playing cards, having our meals brought to us & sleeping all we want. Oh, by the way, your tax dollars pay to keep us fed while in jail. SMART.
that's fine, as long as you're in jail for abondoning your family and neglecting your obligation, i'm happier you being in jail. that's correct, we pay taxes to put people where they belonng.:-)

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