caught my son and his girlfriend..

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#22 Jul 19, 2011
confused and disappointed wrote:
i dont know what the hell is going on with kids today, and i dont know if i want to now. im 42, have an 3 kids, one boy 18, and two girls 14 and 9. being a single mom ive had alot of trouble with my son growing up, mostly problems with drinking and smoking marijuana and not coming home. anyways, several months ago i let his girlfriend move in and after that things went down hill very fast in our relationship. he was never home, started acting really weird when he was home, and then i started noticing little things. everytime i would knock on their door id hear scrambling and them hiding things in the room. i thought drugs was the reason so i started snooping and trying to pry alittle more(cant really blame me), and couldnt find anything. this went on for a few weeks until this morning and i got off work early(i work 3rd shift and get off at 5 am).. i knew that they would still be sleeping, and wanted to see what would happen if i just walked in unanounced, and what they would grab for and try to hide. i opened the door(rather loudly) and was completely dumbfounded by what i saw. his girlfriend was in her pjs, and my son was in nothing but an adult diaper. i didnt know what to say as they did what i thought they would do and started grabbing things and throwing them into his nighttable.. a bottle, and baby wipes, then a pacifier.. i couldnt really do anything but giggle as he screamed and tried to cover himself. so, basically i found out my son (and possibly his girlfriend) has a diaper fetish, but is not on drugs.. i told him we had to talk about this when they get up later, i just dont know what to say about this whole thing. do i just let it go on, and act like i dont know about it like everything else they do, or should i freak out on why the hell hes doing this? any comments would be appreciated, but please no negative ones. this has been stressful enough.
Sorry mom, not to cut you down, but you put this thread up kinda asking for it. I am a mother also and I can see several places where you are and have went wrong.1.) You work 3rd shift and you leave your two younger kids alone at night with a child that has all kinds of behavior and substance problems? WOW! 2.)He went on with these problems and did you file him as an unruly child through the court system and put him on probation or seek help? HUM? 3.)You allowed the girlfriend to move in as well, all while he still lives under your roof? Do you not have enough problems? Here's your sign! 4.) Does it really surprise you that they have a diaper fetish? Maybe they are preparing and practicing for what they haven't told you yet. LOL! They are either preparing for the Springer Show or your gonna be a Mamie.LMAO!!!!!!!!!!You have lost the eldest in la-la land, you better start being proactive with the younger ones now.

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#24 Jul 19, 2011
Therapy, let the professionals deal with his issues and MOVE the G/F out of the house.

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#25 Jul 19, 2011
I can't believe that you posted this on Topix. If you wanted to embarrass your son, I can honestly say you've done it. You should have kept this to yourself and not have said anything. Shame on you MOM. If you respected your son and yourself you would have kept your big mouth shut. If he needed a psychologist before he will surely need one now. I am shocked by how you have behave and your the parent? Oops! Sorry and I am glad your not mine.

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#26 Jul 19, 2011
You have a sick sum bitch living in your home, training his sibling's with shit he learned, on line. He's a shiteater and so is his girlfriend. I wonder if they are from south greene ? I know of a 16 year old choker from there, at least til I get my hands around his neck, when I teach him how to treat a female. You have a messed up son and he will teach this behavior to you younger kids if he hasn't already. Send his ass to the army and see if he can't find something to distract him from his sickness.

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#27 Jul 19, 2011
I'll echo some of the other posters here: at least they were not using meth or other drugs!

If you prowl around on the internet you will find tons of fetishes like this; stuff I never dreamed anyone would find "sexy"!
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#28 Jul 19, 2011
Dixie40 wrote:
I'll echo some of the other posters here: at least they were not using meth or other drugs!
If you prowl around on the internet you will find tons of fetishes like this; stuff I never dreamed anyone would find "sexy"!
Well Hell then, Neither was casey anthony, so I guess that makes it all right, for a damn teenager to be doing shit like that. Gee, I wonder what he will be doing when he is 22 ? Your CHILD ? He is a fkn sick bastard, who needs help. Tell his name, that will straighten him out.
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#29 Jul 19, 2011
I think that it is time to contact Jerry Springer to arrange for an appearence on his show. He can be reached at
Gerry Airs

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#30 Jul 19, 2011
at least they weren't making whoopie!

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#31 Jul 20, 2011
Seriously Greeneville people... man, the bible belt is realllllly constricting. Who gives a rats ass!? Open your minds people. Sex isn't just missionary, man on top, woman on bottom anymore. Experiment, open your mind. Atleast he has 1 partner that is keeping his interest. He could be out sleeping around trying to find what he needs.. passing around disease & junk! I think its great that they are keeping it amongst themselves. Give them back their privacy and if you can't, ask them to leave. You've probably scarred him for life.

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#32 Jul 20, 2011
hell i was to buddy haha

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#33 Jul 20, 2011
After reading this post, I can agree with many others that say it could always be worse. He could be abusing drugs, spreading STDS, or even sitting in jail. I also agree with "gladimoved" where they stated that sex isn't just missionary anymore. People are becoming sexually involved in things that some may find insane, while others find pleasurable.(Ever heard of Golden Showers, S&M, or Urolangnia?!?!) However, I also agree that I would not allow them to live under the same roof together, especially if the son had been giving me problems. That is just encouraging bad behavoir! It's called "classical conditioning." You keep allowing him to do as he pleases with no consequences, he eventually will expect it and when you set limits, he simply laughs them off. His fetish with diapers (Diaperism) is not the issue here. The issue is that you have allowed your son to become out of control and gain whatever he wants by manipulating you and instead of dealing with it, you would rather give him what he wants to keep him happy. I would not make a big deal of this sex act you caught them in. I would not say anything at all about it, actually. I'm sure the poor boy is mortified enough. I would, however, see a psychologist yourself to see how you can improve your relationship with your son. Just saying....

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#34 Jul 20, 2011
Let ye all diaper wearingah sinnersah be castah outage intoah the landah of the unrighteous! Ah

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#35 Jul 20, 2011
Heehee! Thats too funny! Leave em alone to do what they want in the bedroom. It's fun to try different things!!! But- keep em away from your other kids!!!

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#36 Jul 21, 2011
all kids are the same

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#37 Jul 21, 2011
maybe she is wiping his butt?
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#38 Jul 22, 2011
also i agree with congratulations great advice.
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#39 Jul 23, 2011
confused and disappointed wrote:
i feel the same way. i dont know what i did worng as a mother to make him want to do this, or how i should feel about him continuing to do this. it would be awesome if a psychologist chimed in on this.
Not a doctor but as oddly as it is, it is "normal". As long as it's between to adults and it's behind closed doors I wouldn't worry to much. Everyone has heard of ebay well they have site that introduces adult stuff such as this on ebanned . com, a friend showed me this site as a joke but to alot of people this is serious stuff. If you visit the site above, be aware their is some very odd stuff/services etc (you have to be 18+)think you have to create an account.
My point being, he's not the first young man to dress in a diaper! But I do agree he needs to focus on his life and get in the real world then play his games behind closed doors in his own home.
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#40 Jul 23, 2011
when I said "normal", that wasn't the correct word I should have used. What is normal now days?
confused and disappointed

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#41 Jul 23, 2011
well, we sppoke more about this a few times. seems hes been doing this for years, and i never wouldve thought. while talking about it he said the same things alot of you did on here, that he could be on drugs or have unprotected sex with several ppl, and instead he just has a kink that they explore in the bedroom. somebody asked about how old his girlfriend is, shes 19. and i cant kick her out, reguardless of what they do in the bedroom. she has no other place to go, and i could never do that to kid. ive come to terms with this now, and honestly im not disappointed at either of them now. im more disappointed with not noticing he needed more attention while he was growing up. anyways, he told me more about the fetish, and i dont mind it really. he says for him its mostly about being taken care of and nurtured, and i see no wrong in that at all. hell we all want to be nurtured and care free sometimes.

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#42 Jul 23, 2011
Did you ever stop to think that all the scrambling you heard was them actually having sex? Why would you be suspicious of drugs exactly when you are allowing opposite sex 18 year olds sleep in the same bed?

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