POT is BETTER then alcohol.

POT is BETTER then alcohol.

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Gallatin, TN

#1 Dec 13, 2012
REPUBLICANS think not is why waste money on laws.

“Many have died”

Since: Dec 12

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#2 Dec 13, 2012
Again Chris, how high are you right now... You are even less coherent than usual...

“Many have died”

Since: Dec 12

On the road to peace

#3 Dec 13, 2012
Although I am curious in seeing if there is any truth to your original statement... I think I will do some extensive research and see if I can prove your theory...

Cambridge, MA

#4 Dec 13, 2012
yeah save the liver and kill the lungs

“Many have died”

Since: Dec 12

On the road to peace

#5 Dec 13, 2012
raylan wrote:
yeah save the liver and kill the lungs
There are other ways to take marijuana than smoking it...
Chris McMahon

Erwin, TN

#6 Dec 13, 2012
that wasn't me lol... I'd put a MUCH LONGER FUCKING OPINION THAN THAT... but yeah i agree... let me give it a go here...

Marijuana is a spanish word that refers to the harvested flowers of the female cannabis plant from the varieties Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, or Cannabis Ruderalis, more commonly the former 2 or a hybrid breed of them.... Marijuana is a plant that the male and female productive organs are on different plants.... too lazy ta google it cuz im jammin to the doors right now but anyway... the female flowers(what marijuana is, or BUD) produce a resinous substance called TRICHOMES( more commonly refered to in slang terms as crystals)... all marijuana has "crystals" on it but you cannot always see them with the naked eye.

These trichomes produce substances called cannabinoids that resemble a substance that occurs NATURALLY in our body called anandamide. just as we have endorphins(endegenous(meaning from within the body) morphine. Anandamide though is structurally similar to the cannabinoids in the plant, and receptor sites for this endocannabinoid is all over the brain and body... when you ingest cannabis these (over 60 some cannabinoids out of the 400 sum chemicals in mj smoke( are transported throughout the body and bind to these receptor sites effecting the function of whatever part of the body they are attached to...

CB1 receptors are dispersed throughout the BRAIN, this is where THC(the most psychoactive(or mind affecting) substance in the smoke) Delta 9 TetrahydroCANNABINOIL.... if it was isolated and put in say pill form... it would be classified in and of itself as a STIMULANT AND A PSYCHEDELIC...

though marijuana has over 60 sum other cannabinoids which vary in classification as stimulants, and depressants, the ratio of these are influenced by the genetic of the plant, and the time a certain plant is harvested...

Cannabis Sativa is a variety of marijuana that grows around the equater, where there is LOTS OF SUNLIGHT.. these plants grow tall thin branches, and long thin leaves, very bright green, to goldish leaves and buds(flowers, marijuana) because of pigmentation from the sun... The buds are longer thinner and brighter greenn... being that a certain spectrum of light in the suns rays stimulates production of THC the sativa variety buds are more stimulating and PSYCHEDELIC... not as strong as say lsd(acid), or psilocybin(the active substance in SHROOMS)...

this means it causes increased alertness( i e increased awareness of ones self and surroundings by making the receptivity to sensory input such as light (eyes, sight) heat, pressure(skin touch), odors(nose, smell) and tastes(well duh tastes,... taste.) so it ENHANCES YOUR PERCEPTION, basically... more alert. It also causes increased motivation and energy...(stimulant). Not only does THC do this but it causes increased introspection and reflection on lifes matters (more philosophical thoughts) and an icnreased empathy towards others emotions, and icnreased awareness of ones self...
Chris McMahon

Erwin, TN

#7 Dec 13, 2012
let me continue... all these effects I mentioned happens under the influence of PSYCHEDELIC DRUGS... which is why thc is classified as a psychedelic, and stimulant...

It also causes creative thinking and enhanced appreciation of nature... so yeah... ugghh in laymans terms.. it gets you HIGH ( i e a HEIGHTENED SENSE OF AWARENESS)...

but back to my point(yeah im a fucking rambler) okay... free SPEECH WEEE.... anyway..

buds from a cannabis sativa plants are more likely to be brighter green, longer and thin, and have a very sweet, fruity or even earthy taste, because the terpines( odor producing substances) that occur at the time when THC is produced produce that... well scent? taste?

okay now to the indica... Cannabis Indica plants are theorized to have developed when Cannabis was migrated to colder climates... the plants are shorter, bushier, the leaves are short and fat, and the buds are short and fat, more compact or dense... and dark green because of less pigmentation from the sun and more chloryphyll in the leaves and flowers...

these contain a higher ratio of CBD to THC... Cannabadiol and cannabinoil amongst other depressant cannabinoids(member now theres sixty summ...)

although you still get the HIGH effects of the THC, you get the DEPRESSANT EFFECTS OF THE CBD... this goes into...

people cross breed sativa and indica plants to produce HYBRIDS... a mixture... which is a mix high...

so many different genetics in marijuana, so many different appareances so many differnt tastes so many different effects.... taking into account the variability of ratio of cannabinoids in a particular sample of marijuana and an individuals brain chemistry...

so yeah... and
Chris McMahon

Erwin, TN

#8 Dec 13, 2012
now on to medical benefits of MARIJUANA.. PROUD OF THE HERB LEGALIZE IT.

THC is a bronchialdialator ( it opens bronchial tubes in the lungs to expell dust, phlegm, tar, exc.. in the lungs, and help breating.. dats why duh good shit makes a ninja COUGH COUGH COUGH.. its opening your lungs up!!!

thc is also a STIMULANT... lol... so in SOME individuals again, this is subjective as everyones brain chemistry is different, it aids in add, and adhd... i e concentrating in school, this is why a lot of stoners tell you that they do better in school high... also its a STIMULANTs so it helps with DEPRESSion

Cbd and Cbl are depressant cannabinoids, that cause anti inflammatory effects, muscle relaxing effects, depressant (insomnia, anxiety, manic episodes in bi polar disorder...)

marijuana helps with nausea, migraines, appetite stimulation in aids patients.... exc. exc. exc.. the list probably goes on forever LAWl..

you cannot overdose on marijuana... the only physical harm that comes from it is the fact your inhaling smoke, but to me thats like saying eating an apple is okay(eating marijuana is okay) but smoking an apple(smoking marijuana) will hurt your lungs... if i smoke a fucking banana, does that make it bad? NO.

that's MY OPINION.

ohhhhh and.... hemp>>>> don't even get me fucking started. PRAISE JAH ALMIGHTY FOR BLESSING OUR SPECIES WITH THIS PLANT....
your future x wife

Gallatin, TN

#9 Dec 13, 2012
Who would have thought? Smart is so very sexy!(-8

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#10 Dec 13, 2012
Interesting post Chris. I never knew so much was involved.

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#11 Dec 14, 2012
I don't smoke and never have BUT I do agree. Pot should be legal and regulated. I strongly think it would replace pill usage in people's lives and Furthermore when taxed would make a substantial dent in the debt load on us. It might even attribute to a decrease in domestic violence.

Charlotte, NC

#12 Dec 14, 2012
You say that marijuana increases motivation? Hahaha. The only motivation I get is to go to Taco Bell, if I'm not too paranoid to drive!
Chris McMahon

Erwin, TN

#13 Dec 14, 2012
lol dude yah when i smoke indica dom weed or even sativa that has been harvested when the trichs are amber(as the trichs or crystals go from a clear to white to amber...) the thc levels change... they lower through oxidation(sp?) anyway... tip 2... lol. store weed in a dark, cold sealed area. oxygen, light and heat degrade THC... which FUCKING SUCKS...

but anyway back to my point, sometimes you smoek it and get tired, cause its indica dom, or its sativa or hybrid that has been harvested when the trichs were ambering...

some weed, sativa dom, will speed people up, cause THC (generally, tends to be for most, though some brain chemistrys are different...) a stimulant. lol but yeah APPETITE STIMULATION.lol. sorry im not trying to come off as a pompous ass with all this weed information, just a passion of mine, I support it so much.

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