The Band Perry dudes, brothers.
No They Did Not

Nashville, TN

#64 Feb 14, 2012
They are really cute and they can sing and play well enough to get some airtime and sell CDs. But honestly watch their stage presence without the hometown hero bias. They just don't have what it takes to make it against other artists. Unlike the other artists nominated for Best New Artist, they have scheduled very few venue performances of their own. They are a great opening act. Please don't go psycho because I don't think they deserved a Grammy. Technically, neither Band Perry nor Bon Iver should have been given the nod for this category. Again, they are cute and they have talent.

Gallatin, TN

#65 Feb 23, 2012
overrated wrote:
<quoted text>yeah were jealous our daddys didnt pay for all our studio time...road time...prouducers etc..the band perry didnt mow yards to pay for that moron..daddy footed the big bill..bottom line is THEY DIDNT EARN SHIT
It's called a loan...they're currently paying it back to their parents. They have worked for over a have no idea how hard the music business really is until you get there...jealous much?

Johnson City, TN

#66 Feb 24, 2012
I love the Band Perry! The people bashing them are obviously just jealous of the tremendous success they have had. Get over yourselves and be proud that 3 phenomenal individuals from your town have made it to the top of the Country Music Charts! Some people in this town dont know how to support others, they're too selfish and ignorant to see that The Band Perry worked their butts off to get where they are today. If you think its so easy, why dont you try it?? Dang.

Monroe, NC

#67 Feb 24, 2012
tom wrote:
Are they gay? They look so gay! They also speak gay. Surprises me how much people ignore it, y'all dont seem very accepting of gays in your town.
all i know is that every damn time they get interviewed on tv the girl is running the show. The gay bros are definitely riding her coattails. Regardless, during every damn interview the girl always says something like our daddy made us listen to the rolling stones and momma rocked us to sleep with Patay Cline. She works that in every damn interview tv or newspaper. you would think they would come up with some new shit. The reason they don't have the gay brothers talkin alot is because they sing country, and we don't need gay dudes in country music so if they talk too much then they lose fans. By the way the one dude especially needs a haircut. This is country not some gay 80s rock band crap. If you are going to look stupid them you go ahead and get a high and tight, put a pair of sun glasses or a cowboy hat on your head and act like you are a badass. The gay look ain't working.

Since: Jan 11

Greeneville TN

#68 Feb 25, 2012
Of course Kimberly is the headliner...look at her, she's gorgeous. But those guys are HOT, and they have enough poise and confidence to stand back looking HOT and creating some mystique about themselves. Mark Twain: Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought stupid than to open it and remove all meinke.

Johnson City, TN

#69 Feb 25, 2012
"Look at his haircut, he must be gay. Look how sensitive and vulnerable he is, he must be gay. That means women feel safe around me. They trust me. Then bang! Pregnant! Bang! Pregnant! Bang! Pregnant! Another generation. We continue."----Russell Brand

United States

#70 Jun 7, 2012
The dudes are gay and she is ugly... Get out of country music

Guin, AL

#71 Jun 7, 2012
oh yes wrote:
<quoted text>You must be gay or blind if you think she dont look good she is awsome as sh#t.I would in a heartbeat.
It is not a compliment when you say you there are as awsome as sh#t. Expand your vocabulary.
Prairie Boy

Toronto, Canada

#72 Jul 18, 2012
Wow... This is great stuff. I've been laughing my @ss off reading this thread. Thanks country music fans. You continue to afirm everyone's views on the south of the good ol' u s of a.

In response to the original post, I'd say they're gay, not that it matters AT ALL.. In fact I was impressed that a "possibly gay" man was successfull in country music. For a second I thought there was hope for middle America. Then I read this. Nope, apparently there is isn't. Guess my boyfriend and I will have to postpone our trip to the South until another lifetime.

I know, you don't want us gays in Greenvile anyway, wherever the F that is. Oh well, Canada doesnt want "y'all" her either. Take that you hosers.

Lexington, NC

#73 Jan 22, 2013
Alright maybe the brothers are gay, doesn't change the fact they are good. Besides if they wanna be gay that's their problem. Unless you believe god. And if you do I'm sorry.

Sharon, SC

#74 Jan 22, 2013
Exceptional talent. All three of them are endowed with talent. Their father is my children's doctor. We speak about them and their career every time he sees my children.

Murfreesboro, TN

#75 Jan 22, 2013
I seem those two kiss. Heard the give each other double Dutch rutters after show. Give me twenty mins and ill photoshop that together for proof...lulz
How Unoriginal

Greeneville, TN

#76 Jan 30, 2013
Madonna already had a marching band show.

“Read all about it!”

Since: Jan 11

Location hidden

#77 Jan 30, 2013
Nearly 3 years later, after I first heard the BP, I think they are terrific and their music is really fleshing out and maturing. I forgot which award show they first sang their latest hit, but it was great. I don't understand the complaints about their lacking stage presence. Have you ever seen Adele sing? If you really have talent, you don't have to put on a dog and pony show while you sing.. your voices carry you. Guess some of ya'll are too stupid to understand that. lol

Since: Jan 11

Greeneville TN

#78 Jan 30, 2013
I saw their performance of Better Dig Two at that awards show and they definately have stage presence. It was awesome.

I like Bob Seger but in concert he just stands there and sings. Not much of a stage show, but talent enough to make him RICH.
Wet Willie

Greeneville, TN

#79 Jan 30, 2013
MystDefy wrote:
I saw their performance of Better Dig Two at that awards show and they definately have stage presence. It was awesome.
I like Bob Seger but in concert he just stands there and sings. Not much of a stage show, but talent enough to make him RICH.
Admit it. You just went to see if Seger would loosen up his silver bullets.

Since: Jan 11

Greeneville TN

#80 Jan 30, 2013
Wet Willie wrote:
<quoted text>Admit it. You just went to see if Seger would loosen up his silver bullets.
And sadly, he never did!

Greeneville, TN

#81 Jan 30, 2013
I saw their pic in the paper last night and it looks like they would take some of that money and buy a comb and comb there damn hair.

Greeneville, TN

#83 Jan 30, 2013
Did I hurt your lil feelins?? Thanks for the offer but I just bought some soap over the weekend,the liquid and bar kind both.I even have a toothbrush to brush ALL my teeth with.If your gonna get in a wod over that your in for a hard life around here.You must be one of them or of some relation to them to have gotten mad about that.So which is it???

Johnson City, TN

#84 Jan 30, 2013
You might want to consider buying the name brand soaps. It's obvious the generic brand you used didn't clean that nasty mouth. No, I'm not related in any way. I'm just proud of a group that lives in Greeneville and has made a very lucrative life for themselves. I think they represent this town in a honorable fashion. Dogging them just shows how childish you are. As far as a hard life. I'm having the time of my life. I'm sure I'm old enough to be your dad, so you can skip the lecture about a hard life around here. If you don't like the band, that's not really a big deal. Why make negative comments? Can't you just keep your filthy mouth shut? Comments like that are what will make your life hard. Kindness goes a lot farther than cruelty. I really hope you have an easy life.

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