Jonesborough, TN

#167 Jun 2, 2013
confused wrote:
<quoted text>So, you are saying by holding back the wages and benefits of teachers you are going to get a better education for your child? Also, are you saying all teachers will give their best at teaching no matter what they are paid? Those are the principles of socialism and communism and they have been discredited, communism completely, socialism mostly. Capitalism with all its drawbacks is the one system which functions best. The State of Tennessee 40 years ago had a serious problem with turnover, close to 35% a year. It meant expensive time retraining. It meant two to three year lag time to top quality performance. It meant loss of best talent to private industry. The legislature did three things: Longevity Bonus Pay, Stable Defined Retirement System, Graduated Step Increases in Salary. In just a few years the turnover was below 10%. In a couple of years, the present governor and legislature have dismantled all that except longevity and it is on the block and in peril, and the quality of state services are a fraction of what they were just a few years ago. So your point is well taken, it should not matter what you pay a teacher they should put out their best effort, but if you don't pay them and give them that good retirement incentive and longevity incentive, they are going elsewhere either to another school system or to private industry and your children suffer.
what happened some years back was the union took over education, it all got to be about the adults, not the kids. What has spending all our tax dollars on the state and local level gotten us? Tennessee was 49th in proficiency on test scores just a few years ago!!!!Thank the good Lord we have a Governor and legislature that is courageous enough ito fight for the children and their education. Who the heck gets Longevity bonuses, a retirement system that's giving people Cadillac benefits, and automatic raises every year? Well it don't happen outside where local and state people are elected and get to force the public to pay for these things by voting for tax increases. And just for information, the democrats were in power on the state level when all thiese benefits were done. Really until the last few years actually. It's taking a republican state legislature to start turning education around to where it REALLY is about the kids. If teachers or anyone else don't like the pay,go somewhere else! There ar lots of other school systems that pay less than the county system. Better learn to be thankful for what you're getting.

Jonesborough, TN

#168 Jun 2, 2013
Teacher wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree with most of your post. I wish more people actually understood what they are talking about with some of these posts. I believe that MOST teachers do their best no matter what they are paid. However, why not go to the city or another county and do the same job for more money. Anyone in any profession would do the same! The teaching profession has changed so much over the last decade or two. Some people who have no idea how to teach and/or never set foot in a classroom are trying to force teachers to teach the way they THINK it should be performed. If a teacher and their students are showing positive results then why not leave them alone and quit trying to fix something that isn't broken and stop overloading with unnecessary paperwork. While I'm at it I might as well mention that while I believe all students can learn, they do not all learn at the same pace. Special education needs to go back to having their own classes bc that is what is best for those students as well as the other students in regular classroom. Inclusion does not work UNLESS you actually have a special education teacher in the class the whole period and actually working with those students.
i don't know of any job where you don't have to do things the way they want you to. You are working for the employer right? Your time is there time when you are on the job. I know- how dare anyone tell you how to do your job, I forgot.

Jonesborough, TN

#171 Jun 2, 2013
Confused wrote:
<quoted text>Keep telling yourself Republicans are making it better in the State Legislature because you ain't seen nothing yet at what's coming. Children Services can no longer even track Children out of the court system let along make their life better. With the loss of a defined retirement system, good education students are not going to the state of Tennessee to work as a teacher, they would be stupid to do so, they will go else where or change professions. The move from institutionalized developmental disabled people to community homes is a huge step down in quality of care and will mean the killing off of these people, no use to sugar coat, call a spade a spade. The elimination of TEA was seen as a useless attack on teachers so a huge number have retired helping some counties with their budget but guaranteeing a drop in the quality of education.
same old liberal talking points! Their going to let grandma die if we don't keep getting more tax dollars!!People like you think nothing of killing unborn helpless babies, why would you worry about children at all. Unions have priced themselves out of business.maybe a lot of teachers retired because they are going to start getting paid based on job performance!! Novel thought! That's how the rest of us get paid oh, and by the way, how much lower can the test scores go? They're pretty low now. Good educators have nothing to worry about. According to News Sentinel report, they're going to get pad more for being effective. I think that's the way it should be.

Jonesborough, TN

#172 Jun 2, 2013
ya think

Bennettsville, SC

#173 Jun 2, 2013
Existentialist Nihilist wrote:
As long as Greene County elects a former bartender and bouncer to the school board, a psychopath to the state legislature, and neanderthals who can barely spell their name to the County Commission it will be a county known for its druggies and thieves.
ya think the druggies and thieves lowered themselves to vote for those characters?
Tax payer

Jonesborough, TN

#175 Jun 2, 2013
Confused wrote:
<quoted text>I see you are being educated by the new non union teachers Haslam has left after he ran the overpaid ones off. Awesome. It is called Dumb Down to prosperity. Move out of our way Mexico, watch out North Korea, we are heading your way fast. Haslam wants people to really be stupid so he can sale them gas at a discount then keep the discount for himself. That's the kind of intelligence we need more of in this county, LMFAO.
we'll watch the test scores and where the money goes now that the union can't control it. Then we'll see who LMFAO . My bets on the changes. Accountability hurts if you're not used to it. Imagine teachers who are good enough to not need protection by thecTEA. I'm proud to stand on my own merit.
Tax payer

Jonesborough, TN

#176 Jun 2, 2013
I think these teachers will too.
Tax payer

Jonesborough, TN

#178 Jun 2, 2013
Confused wrote:
<quoted text>You will not stand on your merit foolish one, you will become a political puppet. The merit you talk about will be if you are a Republican or a Democrat depending who is in charge. Family will help you some. You can be the dumbest teacher in the world and you will be protected. And you can be the smartest teacher in the world and the Pols will send your ass packing. I do not have to wait for the results, I already know.
the publics been the puppets controlled by the union long enough. Democrats had been in charge of this state for over a hundred years until a few years ago. Wha did it get us? Tenn Care- everyone wants to move to Tennessee for that. Union run state government- Cadillac benefits if you're a government employee. Trouble with liberals- they don't know when to stop while they're ahead, and being almost last in education. well, the conservatives have only one way to go- up....politics can be used against you in any profession- that's not unique to education. That's the unfair part of life. And as far as your comment about being the dumbest and be protected, that happens now with the union doesn't it? They protect their own no matter what. That's what I was told when I went to complain about one of my childrens teachers who was late all the time and missed alot of school so my kid had a s ub a lot of that year. They said nothing could be done about it because the union people would give them a hard t ime. I think they did give a warning a time or two.
Tax payer

Jonesborough, TN

#179 Jun 2, 2013
Good teachers don't need union protection. Teachers want their children to have excellent teachers too. There's nothing wrong with standing on our own merit. I want teachers to be respected again. It's an honorable profession. But constant complaining has hurt the profession. Anyone that has a job right now, should be thankful. Good teachers would teach no matter the pay. Most people who are doing what they love would do the same.

Elizabethton, TN

#180 Jun 3, 2013
You people can't be satisfied with anything. Shut up.
Tax payer

Jonesborough, TN

#182 Jun 3, 2013
This would be laughable- but it's really sad. Progressives are trying to ruin this country. You shouldn't offer benefits you can't afford to any group of people. For example- explain to me how spending a million dollars each on 16 new homes to house 4 GVDC residents is good use of tax dollars in this county? Then you have to staff those around the clock, buy vehicles for each one, buy all the special equipment for each home, landscape an stock each home, I could go on and on with the madness here. The mentally handicapped haven't been doing as well. Many are on the streets because a few years ago someone decided to have inclusion in the community and schools. They got better care when they were in institutions where all the services they needed were centralized. The employees were more specialized. The mentally handicapped progressed more in those specialized schools and our public schools were better able to educate the non-handicapped. It's time consuming to have to teach to all these levels. It would allow so much more teaching time at both levels.

Johnson City, TN

#183 Jun 3, 2013
Believe Yourself wrote:
<quoted text>Tennesse when it was controlled by Democrats was the second most progressive state in the South trailing only Florida. It was middle of the pack in the 20s nationwide in quality of services and no one surpassed her in care for the mentally retarded. Now, after switching from a Blue to a Red State, she is last in almost everything, a third world country right here in the middle of the United States. That is why so much industry is coming here, they don't have to relocate to Mexico or Sri Lanka or Burma, they have Tennessee with the same attributes right here at home. Oh, there are still a few things we lead the nation in, teen pregnancies, infant mortality, illiteracy, smoking, drinking, cancer.
YES....were number one at something.
Tax payer

Jonesborough, TN

#185 Jun 3, 2013
The houses are regressive and a huge waste of our tax dollars. Closing Lske Shore and other development centers across the state and going to inclusion for this special group of basically helpless citizens happened under the last Governor and legislature. They did get better care when services were consolidated. How do these people come up with these ideas!? It's not their money so they don't think!
Tax payer

Jonesborough, TN

#187 Jun 3, 2013
Believe Yourself wrote:
<quoted text>You are not very well informed. These are ICF houses and not State of Tennessee Houses. It does get complicated.
i know they are paid for with tax dollars. I don't pretend to know the exact name of the houses, or their exact origin. I just know that a former legislator told me that those houses were an embarrassment to him when he realized how much they each cost.. He said he guessed the legislators kind of let the cost of those houses get away from them. He said they had turned into monstrosities to house only 4 people.

Henderson, NC

#188 Jun 4, 2013
Tax payer wrote:
<quoted text>i know they are paid for with tax dollars. I don't pretend to know the exact name of the houses, or their exact origin. I just know that a former legislator told me that those houses were an embarrassment to him when he realized how much they each cost.. He said he guessed the legislators kind of let the cost of those houses get away from them. He said they had turned into monstrosities to house only 4 people.
the contractors who build the houses support (give money to) the "embarrassed" legislators who pass the laws to build the houses
Angry Parent

Bulls Gap, TN

#190 Jun 16, 2013
Well it's my opinion the school board is nothing but a good ole boy system . With the exception of Johnson and Austin. And the only reason Kirk got another year is because Jones doing it before he leaves. Kirk is a person who lets power go to her head . She makes promises she does not ever keep. She always wants control of everything. Going to the school board will do no good until you get rid if those good ole boys. Replace them with really concerned members like Johnson and Austin.
has a question

Greeneville, TN

#191 Jun 18, 2013
What kind of education and/or background does one need to run for a commisoner position? Anywone know?

Johnson City, TN

#192 Jun 18, 2013
contact the voters office on main street next ot walters state. they can provide you with that information.
they disgust me

Greeneville, TN

#193 Jun 18, 2013
has a question wrote:
What kind of education and/or background does one need to run for a commisoner position? Anywone know?
Some would suggest that you need to be in education or have family members who are. Sad but true. Wouldn't it be nice if we all could be a member of a board or be a commissioner and vote to increase our pay and benefits.
i agree

Greeneville, TN

#194 Jun 18, 2013
My prediction is Vicki Kirk will be remembered as the director from he!!

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