YMCA does not drug test workers
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Big Money

Greeneville, TN

#103 Apr 16, 2014
I heard there's steroids at the YMCA. Does anybody know if this is true.

Greeneville, TN

#104 Apr 17, 2014
It's ok for them to sell alcohol at the Gen Morgan Inn and it's what 50ft from the front of a church? I've heard of people catching hell trying to get a license to sell alcohol but were to close to school or church. I guess it's who you are or who you blow.

Ardsley, NY

#105 Jun 4, 2014
You are the biggest hypocrite i have ever heard. 70% of americans believe pot should be legalized. You cant stop people from doing drugs. You are just a complete dick if u think people should die by using drugs. KILL UR SELF! But i do believe that any drug more dangerous than pot (witch is not dangerous at all) should stop and get help.

Knoxville, TN

#108 Jul 25, 2015
The big test wrote:
God is watching. Man will always be sinful. It just seems like sin and recreation go together real easy. Recreation should be for enjoyment but it is'nt. I saw a parent jumping on a kid last night because he didn't play ball the way the parent thought that he should. The same man was so happy telling about how much he had made last weekend betting on the game and the little kids at eastview games. Sick Sick Sick Why do we pay taxes for this trash and why do we put up with it
man and women have free will choice to do what is right or wrong to be righteous or sinful and no one is born with sinful nature it is a choice ! and man and women can be set free from all sin, and disobedience in repentance , and to turn away from sin to the light and walk in holiness and righteousness by holy ghost lead by the baptism of god jehovah and the real jesus christ - obedeince ,sound doctrine gospel the truth will set you free , lies with lead you to slavery and bondage and to destruction. for those whom are making excuses (for the not drug testing employees or members of the ymca)is because they are trash themselves , mostly do not care , dope heads themselves,steroid users,peds users and pay of to look the other way , and their job at work is only a urine test which any dope heads can pass and they get away with it , or no drug testing at all, mostly .... or their middle class or rich and do not care about others ,own their own business/s and do drug themselves, drink, smoke and live like the devil , etc.... america and foreign wealthy countries =people are ungodly , self-righteous ,money hunger, dogs , prideful ,wicked to the core and that goes for the harlot fake '' christians /false churches buildings, cults ,denominations ,and even non denominations that are 501 c government state owned and payed for preaching and living a lie under the strong delusion and flesh worldly . ymca in their program saids ' drug free facility that means 'anyone' volunteer or membership ,alcohol free and steroid free/peds free . and no i am not a religeous person . truth is spoken , people in todays society are just plain ignorant what is happening and do not care nor want to take responsible for their actions/they want a escape goat or get out of jail/prison free card or the easy probation what a joke the law is today . their is no law/s nor justice , and corrupted , greed and money all the government , judges, lawyers , police and military, are of today .... no good nor to be trust all wicked last message.
notfromaroundher e1997

Greeneville, TN

#109 Aug 4, 2015
Concerned Mother wrote:
I am a concerned mother letting the other parents of Greeneville know: The YMCA does NOT drug test the people who are employed there. If you send your child to the afterschool program or activities beware. After many complaints of some workers being involved with illegal drugs, they still will not drug test them. No, not everyone there... there are many great people who work there. But most of the afterschool care workers need to be tested to protect our children who go there or want to go there. Imagine if one of these people wrecked while driving your child from school to the YMCA? In a job being around children and driving them..... THEY ALL SHOULD BE TESTED TO KEEP OUR CHILDREN SAFE
If you are telling the truth and actually live in Brentwood, Tennessee, why are you worried for your kids? If you cannot tell the truth about where you live, what else is a lie in your post?
notfromaroundher e1997

Greeneville, TN

#110 Aug 4, 2015
Big Money wrote:
I heard there's steroids at the YMCA. Does anybody know if this is true.
Go to the doctor if you need medicine!
Rayne Blackfire

Montclair, NJ

#111 Aug 12, 2015
Ok number one, do u know how many teachers smoke pot? I used to work at a drug clinic that treated heroin addicts and a lot of them had jobs as bus drivers and assistants on school buses, classroom aids, baby sitters and home health aids. Anything harder than pot, yeah we need to be careful. But the people that freak out over drug tests are pot smokers. Heroin cocaine, and Crack metabolize within 48-72 hours. Those are the easiest drugs to be using when you're being drug tested. But most pot smokers wouldn't come to work high or be a threat to the kids. Drug tests attack people that use recreational drugs in the same manner as alcohol. Off hours and behind closed doors. Drug tests are only effective at weeding out people doing soft core stuff. Soooo good luck getting quality people if your drug testing. These days damn near everybody at least smokes pot. Legalize it already...
just my opinion

United States

#113 Aug 15, 2015
They also recognize same sex marriage on a family plan and have lesbians running the place. Great family oriented and Christian facility. Everyone is accepted.....
Rescue 922

Greeneville, TN

#114 Aug 24, 2015
Are they hiring? LOLOLOL

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