Liberals Fear the Tea Party !!!!
Lipton Iced Tea

Smyrna, TN

#21 Sep 2, 2011
Fear wrote:
<quoted text>And just what have tea partiers done to create jobs?
Which branch of government do they control ?

Since: Dec 09

Knoxville, TN

#22 Sep 2, 2011
I think gays, Jews, Muslims and some other specific groups fear the Tea Baggers, but only because they want to create a (so-called) Christian Taliban to rid the world of some of us.

But liberals, I believe, in general do not fear the Tea Partiers.
Lipton Iced Tea

Knoxville, TN

#23 Sep 2, 2011
veryvermilion wrote:
I think gays, Jews, Muslims and some other specific groups fear the Tea Baggers, but only because they want to create a (so-called) Christian Taliban to rid the world of some of us.
But liberals, I believe, in general do not fear the Tea Partiers.
You are absolutely delusional and paranoid if you believe that anyone wants to create a "Christian Taliban" to rid the world of you. You've smoked too much weed.
Tea Party

Antioch, TN

#24 Sep 2, 2011
Lipton Iced Tea wrote:
<quoted text>Which branch of government do they control ?
Are partiers for anything? It seems that they are against a lot like taxes and minority groups, but are partiers for anything of benifit to anyone except themselves? If partiers have a better idea about anything, they should present it.

As the old saying goes "build a better mouse trap, and the world will beat a path to your door". If partiers really had a better idea, people would listen. Non tea partiers are not stupid.
liberal thinking

Johnson City, TN

#25 Sep 2, 2011
Are you kidding. Liberal do not fear The Tea party. They love the tea party cause it divides the repulicans and can only hurt the republician party by making it weaker.
Conservative Thinking

Smyrna, TN

#27 Sep 2, 2011
I fear the liberals because they hate everyone who disagrees with them, and they make up lies about the opposition. They are not for freedom of speech, unless it is in agreement with them. They try to shout down their opposition or exclude them from meetings or parades, like they just tried in Wisconsin. They want to take away your freedom to own guns, to smoke on your own property or in your own vehicle, to have any religion or morals taught in schools, to allow two men to have a legitimate marriage, or to have God or Christmas or the flag displayed in any public place. These are the people I fear. They are the new fascists, and they are dismantling everything that made this country great.
greene guy

United States

#28 Sep 2, 2011
liberal thinking wrote:
Are you kidding. Liberal do not fear The Tea party. They love the tea party cause it divides the repulicans and can only hurt the republician party by making it weaker.
if the liberals love the tea party ....... then they would not mention a word about them and allow the tea party to self destruct. But.... not is not reality ..... they fear the tea party so they are doing everything intheir power to slam them ..... call them names.... Rep Waters telling them to go to hell........ Liberals hate them with a passion and fear them more.
greene guy

United States

#29 Sep 2, 2011
Citing a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Obama administration is suing a trucking company for taking the keys away from an Arkansas driver and eventually firing him after he admitted he was battling alcohol abuse.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit this week arguing that Old Dominion Freight Line discriminated against Charles Grams by stripping him of his position and offering him a demotion even if he completed a substance abuse counseling program.

WOW..... this is Obama's Justice Dept for you ...... trying to keep drunks ON the road with an 18 wheel killing machine.

Bristol, VA

#31 Sep 3, 2011
I was wrong ..... Obama did lie to us all. Lets throw him out of office.

Antioch, TN

#32 Sep 3, 2011
Fear wrote:
I was wrong ..... Obama did lie to us all. Lets throw him out of office.
Since you used my handle already used in this thread, that constitutes a lie. I guess that is tea party style...
greene guy

United States

#33 Sep 3, 2011
News alert ....... for the first time since the 1940's .... there has been ZERO job growth in America ..... another first for Barry Obama ...... At a boy Barry ..... keep destroying them American jobs

Heiskell, TN

#34 Sep 4, 2011
Liberals do not fear the tea party. We're kinda amused but far from fearful. I think it's quite clear listening to Tea Party rhetoric that you guys are scared shitless of liberals. Fear is the driving factor behind your movement. The only thing about you guys I am fearful of is a domestic terror attack. If you listen to guys like Timothy McVeigh, he sounded like he would have fit in quite well with you guys.
greene guy

Carlisle, SC

#35 Sep 4, 2011
The rise of the tea party movement has Democrats running scared. As Peter Roff writes on the U.S. News blog, "Make no mistake--the Tea Parties are a threat to Obamaism and all it represents, which is why Democratic operatives and their allies are working so hard to discredit the movement since it appeared." That effort is reflected in last week's attempt by some liberals to infiltrate Tea Party protests and polling data showing that 71% of Democrats view the Tea Party movement unfavorably.
greene guy

Carlisle, SC

#36 Sep 4, 2011
The intensity and nastiness of the attacks on the tea-party movement tell us how much the left fears ordinary American citizens who take an interest in politics.

Left-wing anti-war protests or rampaging anarchists at the G-8 summits are wonderful expressions of democratic dissent, but protests against Obamacare and catastrophic public debt are un-American?

In the past few days, the attacks on the tea-party movement have taken a turn toward outright suppression of dissent. The liberal media are now engaged in a concerted campaign to smear and discredit all criticism of Obama as un-American and dangerous.

Memo to David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel: The smear campaign won't work. Tea-party patriots will not be intimidated.
greene guy

Carlisle, SC

#37 Sep 4, 2011
Why the panic? Well, the left has good reason to fear the tea party and 9-12 activists, and their usual tactics aren't working. Millions of ordinary citizens have become involved in political debate and protest for the first time in their lives. Patriots are worried about the loss of personal freedom that is embodied in the Obama agenda, and they are worried about our national security under a president who is more comfortable apologizing for America than defending it.

But our new citizen activists are also feared because they are effective! They do not sit home and write polite letters to the editor. They are not lulled into complacency when their congressman answers their questions with only form-letter replies.

The new citizen patriots do more than voice polite criticisms and then go home. They march, they take names, they demand answers, and they vote.

Millions of new tea-party patriots have discovered that Obama and the left have no answers. Obamacare is unconstitutional, you say? So what, they reply. We liberals have been doing unconstitutional politics for a hundred years, and that has not stopped us.

We can't afford it, we are going bankrupt, you say? We can raise taxes again
greene guy

Carlisle, SC

#38 Sep 4, 2011
Tea-party patriots oppose amnesty for many of the same reasons they opposed Obamacare: We can't afford it, and it will make our existing problems worse, not better. Citizens also know we can't improve our country by devaluing citizenship and rewarding unlawful entry into our country.

If anyone wonders if the amnesty lobby will use the same dirty tricks and phony accounting to sell amnesty as they used to sell Obamacare, the answer is yes. And they will play the race card again and again. If you oppose amnesty, you will be discredited as a bigot.

But unlike country-club Republicans, tea-party patriots will not be intimidated by political correctness. They know that 15 million illegal aliens impose substantial costs on taxpayers, especially in education, health care and law enforcement. They also know that the cost of the next 30 million illegal aliens will be born by their children and grandchildren.

The proponents of amnesty like to say they are "fixing a broken immigration system." If you believe that, you'll love their next cram-down: universal voter registration

Read more: Why Obama and the left fear the tea-party movement
Tired of the same old tal

Jonesborough, TN

#39 Sep 5, 2011
John Joseph wrote:
I am a old conservative Republican, and they scare the crap out of me.
Unfortunately, most Republicans now AREN"T conservative. Look no further than the last presidential election. Do you consider John McCain a conservative? I'm a republican as well, but they have disappointed us for too long. We elect them based on priciples of fiscal conservatism, and then they spend like their liberal counterparts.

This is why many conservative republicans are looking for another candidate, even if that means independent(tea party) candidates.

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#40 Sep 13, 2011
another conservative wrote:
the wealth of this country is held by liberals..... Oprah, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, George Sorros, John & Teresa Kerry .... and the list is HUGE
U r right

Since: Aug 11

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#41 Sep 13, 2011
Fear wrote:
<quoted text>I am conservative, but I do fear the tea party movement. The tea party movement is not the ground-up movement of hard working citizens that many think. This article shows that part of the success of the movement is a well financed plan (by some of the super-wealthy) to controll public policy. Were the tea movement truly a ground-up movement, it would be financed by many small contributions rather than huge contributions by a few super-wealthy people.

Many of the people you named like Bill Gates make large contributions to both parties as you probably already know.
You r wrong. Have you ever been to a TP rally? I don't think so. Judge for your self if you go to one.
I have been to many. Don't believe the Media

Since: Aug 11

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#42 Sep 13, 2011
YouTube wrote:
Go to youtube and search for: "The Obama Deception"

Democrats and Republicans are actually the same party.

We've got a republic, if we can keep it!

Wake up!
Saw it . Believe it. You r right

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