The Reality of Things

Erwin, TN

#1 Jan 3, 2013
We live on a planet inhabited by a species that have labeled themselves humans who cling to a variety of various different and even OPPOSING beliefs. Be it an abstract matter of philosophy and religion; a school of thought in a certain school of science; or a simple common everyday life matter such as a quarrel we ahve all at some point in our lives chosen to accept our beliefs as right and all others as wrong.
Considering that our perception and perspectives are limted to the range and accuracy of our sensory organs and brain; our intelligence or ability to comprehend information; and our personal (possibly biased and false) interpretation of the information(which may be biased of false) and the experiences(which may be distorted) we have have exposed to, it is very unreasonable to assume that all our beliefs about the world are true and all others are false.
We are all born ignorant, without knowledge. What is knowledge? factsa bout the world gained through the process of learning. What is learning? Observation of and acceptance of how the world works.
Key words here are observation and acceptance, we learn nothing through contemplation and conjecture(ideas based off preconceived notions about how the world works.)
Being that our perspectives and perceptions are limted to the aforementioned influences how then do we know that we know?
Evidence of knowledge is power... The ability to control a certain aspect of nature... a practical example of this is our technology, we understand the mechanisms of elements in nature and electricity and make technology.
Ology is a suffix at the end of the word that means "knowledge of"... bio (life) logy(knowledge of) or psych(mind) ology(knowledge of)
Evidence of knowledge in an aspect of nature is ability to control that aspect of nature to your wants and needs... technology, clothing, and even more strange mass mind control , BUT im not gonna get into that one...
Okay... We are all born ignorant, without knowledge. It is an inevitable unescapable inherited intellectual state. We are born, live, and shall die Ignorant. Was the doctor not ignorant of medicine before entering medical school? the lawyer of law before entering law school? the preacher of biblical knowledge before entering seminary? There we have it three practical examples of individuals who are otherwise intelligent and comprehensive who are ignorant.

Erwin, TN

#2 Jan 3, 2013
Admittance of Ignorance is not a slandering of the self but the first step in intellectual maturity. When attemping to understand any aspect of nature we must first admit we don't know, our ignorance.

Not to be confused with stupidity, which is choosing to continue in a certain way of thinking or behavior when an obviously more reasonable option is presented, is stupidity. It is chosen.

stupidity is a chose, and Ignorance is inherited.

Considering all this I agree with Thomas Huxley... The proponent of agnosticism.. at least in the realm of the abstract, the untangible... as we are in fact limited in our perceptions of the world, we know some things, but we do not know all. Although we are at the pinnacle of knowledge in the history of human history, we are still in comparison to the vast Universe, very Ignorant...

A(without) gnostic(gnosis) without knowledge...

Any thing that is not tangible, proveable, or hasn't been proved, is faith. Now knowledge, simply belief.

I do not know if God exists... a god...

God is simply an anglo saxon word that has no meaning or significance other than what a person attaches to it in their mind...

I believe in the source of all that exists... the sustainer of it, the if willed destroyer, but I don't know... i really don't know...

I have put stuff on here for Christ, I support him, he is awesome, a revolutionary, but I do not know if he is the son(how bout sun, lol zeitgeist) yo...

anyway... you really don't know what you think you know, perception is subjective though reality is objective.. and we don't understand reality completely...

Erwin, TN

#3 Jan 3, 2013
Daemons... a greek word that means "intelligent force"... okay... well...

Socrates said a Deamon guided him, an intelligent force... not to be confused with the modern anglo saxon "demon" which commonly is associated with a malevolent spirit.

Whether people wanna call these beings Daemons, angels, aliens, I believe these are just beings that are more intelligent(have higher understanding of and power over the forces of nature) I call em Daemons... intelligent forces...

I believe in the Universe the VAST Universe one of which we are a small planet in billions of a solar system of billions in a galaxy of billions in a Universe... that is unknowingly vast and probably has more than one form of life....

WE are basically primates, we are highly intelligent mammals, I don't know why people think we are children of God... yo...? wtf. GOD is an english word lmao... did Hebrews say "god" hell no they didn't know that word...

did muslims know "god" NO they just call it ALLAH... hindus, which my opinion I believe makes the most sense in concept to a creator being, BRAHMAN...

“Many have died”

Since: Dec 12

On the road to peace

#4 Jan 3, 2013
I hate it when stoners think they are philosophers...

Nashville, TN

#5 Jan 3, 2013
whothehellcares- wrote:
I hate it when stoners think they are philosophers...
THANK YOU !!!!!!

Johnson City, TN

#6 Jan 3, 2013
whothehellcares- wrote:
I hate it when stoners think they are philosophers...
Not to mention longwinded.

“I've Always Been This Stupid”

Since: May 12

Greeneville TN

#7 Jan 3, 2013
whothehellcares- wrote:
I hate it when stoners think they are philosophers...
Dude, do you think if you got to go to the space station they would let you bring your own pillow?

“Many have died”

Since: Dec 12

On the road to peace

#8 Jan 3, 2013
Pretend 2 B Normal wrote:
<quoted text>
Dude, do you think if you got to go to the space station they would let you bring your own pillow?
That. just. blew. My. Mind...

Every time I open my car door a light comes on that says "the door is ajar"... I don't get it, how can a door be a jar, and why would they put a jar on a car anyway...

“I've Always Been This Stupid”

Since: May 12

Greeneville TN

#9 Jan 3, 2013
I wired my kids See and Say into my car door so now when I open it I hear "The door is a pig, Moooo." Great fun for everyone.

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