Do you really believe God cares? Im d...

Do you really believe God cares? Im dead serious I want to know!

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chris mac

Hendersonville, TN

#1 May 27, 2011
Seriously, I want to know, I REALLY WISH I could believe it, but let me ask you and explain my point of view, and I will hear yours.

Define God. What does this word mean to you? what is your personal definition of God. Then, how did you deduce or find out this God exists. what is your logic on it? or your feelings? depending on how you view the world.

I mean God as a single being who is the source of all existence and sustainer of it, as well as being actively involved in all of it simultaneously.

Do you realy believe this thing exists? and cares about you? personally?

It's seriously hard to fathom... I'll explain.

You are a being on a planet in a solar system(which has numerous stars and planets) in a galaxy, of billions of solar systems, in a universe of billions of galaxies with billions of solar systems, each containing unlimited stars, planets, asteroids, and whatever mysteries we have not seen yet, and you REALLY believe that there is a being that looks out for you on a day to day basis? Do you really think that the creator of the universe cares about YOU, a little speck compared to the vastness in the Universe, and that we are on the ONLY planet with intelligent beings? and if we are so intelligent why do we need to be looked over by a God for safety?

Blessings, another concept that bugs me. Look around your world, and think. wow there is poverty, pestilences, diseases,a new DEATH HAPPENING EVERY MOMENT. and you think that, you are some special creation of "God", and he looks over you? Doesn't it seem more logical you are just another part of nature who is going to serve it's part (if any) and then you (meaning the molecules you are arranged of) are going to be sucked into the earth.

I honestly think it is just a comforting idea, and don't believe in it in the least bit, I just wish I could I try to everyday believe in it, I just can't it does not seem sensible, not the Idea that something created this, but that he cares so much about humans. I mean, look around you there is road kill every where, everyday, deaths everywhere, everyday, Jesus said in the bible not to worry you will have food and clothes, but is that true? no. it's not true. I think it's naive.

So what do you think HONESTLY, without any bias from family or societal traditions, when you are left alone to your OWN THOUGHTS, what do you think on this subject?


United States

#2 May 27, 2011
Years ago I wasn`t a believer until I asked `this so called god` to send me a sign & indeed God sent me a vision that frightened me that was a surreal clip of our future. The events are unfolding in today`s world. Our Bible is a book of the past & future. If you read along throughout it, it becomes erie on how something written 400 years ago could predict the world today. Everything happens for a reason & we all must learn throughout life. I do believe He is the One & only God for He has put strong faith in me. Give Him a chance & try to talk to Him for He will answer you. I don`t know if this was any help for someone will probably come along with better information but this was my quick say in it. God bless.
chris mac

Hendersonville, TN

#3 May 27, 2011
I pray all the time, I just don't see anything honestly, feels like sometimes I'm talking to a wall literally, an imaginary concept that only exists inside of my head. I don't ask God for things though, if he's real he's not a bank account, and I really don't expect h im to give me anything honestly with all the messed up stuff in the world. but I just wish he would give me a REAL SIGN, like something solid and logical, not a dream, or some voice I hear. it's always some far out thing I don't know if i'm going crazy or it's God.

I read the bible for the wisdom and values, but I really can't say or not whether I believe God is an ACTUAL BEING. and if he was what makes me so special to God.
GOd BLess You

Roy, WA

#5 May 28, 2011
YEs GOd is real. His Love is real. I pray your find your way. Hugs

United States

#6 May 28, 2011
Hey Chris, I wish I had answers for you. I know where you are coming from. The whole "God" concept is just a little much to imagine, especially when you really do think about the vastness of the universe and you realize that we are but a mere speck amongst it all. I cannot, however, believe that this little bleep that we get to experience here on this planet will be all there is to our life experience. It's hard to believe there is a God who cares what happens to us, but at the same time, I think that there is something to be said about prayer and positive thinking and all of that. When we believe in God, we are comforted, but when we start thinking there is no God, then that is a depressing and scarey way to feel. We don't know for sure there is life in the other systems yet, but I suspect that there is. It will be interesting to find out other planet's beleifs. As far as our Bible goes, I do believe that someone knew something about us when the Bible was wrote. There are too many things recorded in it that were not really known for sure until recent years. The book of Genesis describes how life unfolded and the order that it unfolded, but we didn't really prove the order of life until the past 100 years, so it's like someone before us knew something. The Bible also speaks of Earth as being elleptical in shape and that also wasn't proven until the past 100 years. It seems, according to the Bible, that if we just believe in God, we will be ok. So the actual "believing" seems to be the trick. If you can convince your mind to believe something, then it becomes your reality and your life will be much better. I'm curious as to hear other's thoughts so I'm glad you started this conversation. Would like to hear more.

Jonesborough, TN

#7 May 28, 2011
Sometimes I too feel we are all alone. Id rather believe that than believe there IS a god and he doesnt care.

Jonesborough, TN

#8 May 28, 2011
Mostly I guess I am angry at others' definition of god, what he is supposed to be or do or say. Once I figured out god cannot be defined to me by another, my anger went away.

United States

#9 May 28, 2011
Flesh does not hear God.Nurture your spiritual self.Faith comes by hearing and reading Gods word.Pray that your eyes and ears be opened.Ask these things in the name of Jesus.

Morristown, TN

#10 May 28, 2011
Chris McMahon

Hendersonville, TN

#11 May 28, 2011
Well I thought about it today, I was looking at a car (symbol for life) it has it's parts, and the capability to run, but does not do anything until a human (symbol for force) is put behind it. Maybe God is simply the force behind the motion of life.

It's very very complex.

with that said, God is simply just a word created by humans that at one time had an original meaning but through time was manipulated by man to mean many different things according to the individual, culture, and time it is used in. Nothing really more to it than that I think, a word, just like fork or dog. Sure to humans it has a meaning to it, but in the grand scheme of things, are words anything more than just our species way to communicate ideas to each other? like a dogs bark and a cat's meow.

I know if God is real, he is not some being to come to humans every call, if we want something in this life we get it, by the formula or laws life has provided for us to get it. God is not responsible for personal happiness, we are.

United States

#12 May 29, 2011
God wants all of his children to be happy.Have you ever bought something and found that it wasn't all you thought it would be.
Things can make you happy but they want give you joy like Gods gifts.His ways are not our ways.God says,"His will for you is Good and perfect".

United States

#13 May 29, 2011
chris mac wrote:
I pray all the time, I just don't see anything honestly, feels like sometimes I'm talking to a wall literally, an imaginary concept that only exists inside of my head. I don't ask God for things though, if he's real he's not a bank account, and I really don't expect h im to give me anything honestly with all the messed up stuff in the world. but I just wish he would give me a REAL SIGN, like something solid and logical, not a dream, or some voice I hear. it's always some far out thing I don't know if i'm going crazy or it's God.
I read the bible for the wisdom and values, but I really can't say or not whether I believe God is an ACTUAL BEING. and if he was what makes me so special to God.
I am a firm believer. And sometimes God doesn't give us a so called sign. Mainly to get us to trust him through faith. Not just through something he does for us. Pray not expecting a sign. But an answer

Murfreesboro, TN

#14 May 29, 2011
Chris, I know where you're coming from when you say that you pray all the time to what seems like no avail. Does it kinda seem like God just isn't listening? I've been there. Please don't interpret this as a "holier-than-thou" response: there may be some sin in the way. I've discovered that prominent sin that has all but consumed one's life can form a barrier between one and God. I'm currently battling a masturbation problem myself, and I feel with every bit of my being that that is what is holding me back from experiencing God as I should. I don't know if something like that could be inhibiting you as well, but I hope this offers a little insight.

Johnson City, TN

#15 May 29, 2011
There is no god.Deal with it!

Since: Aug 10

Location hidden

#17 May 30, 2011

Nashville, TN

#18 May 30, 2011
The reasons people believe are very varied. I have been on the fence with this issue for many years. As far as a higher power "caring" about us individually-how could it? How fair and just would that be? If there is a God, we cannot believe that he/she would intervene in our lives. Too many babies and innocent children become victims of rape for me to believe that.*IF* this being does exist, it only makes logical sense (to me) that we are here-what we do with our lives is totally up to us. As far as I'm concerned, we are all born with a conscience, and that's our road map for life. Too often we get wrapped up in arguing the fine print and everyone misses the big picture. Example: Creation. Why does it matter *how* we got here-we're here now. What are we going to do with it?

Jonesborough, TN

#19 May 30, 2011
Great topic Chris. I was raised Christian, but couldn't fake it any longer. Science and religion just didn't mesh for me. I did not see a loving God, I just saw a bunch of brainwashed people too afraid to ask questions or think outside the box. This coupled with my exposure to corruption in the church left me confused. I am still pondering. However, I read Shirley MaClaine's book "Dancing in the Light" (atleast I is the first of her series anyhow) on how she found answers to her similar questions. It made me think in a different way and I finally understand my feelings of dejavu and my intuition. At first it seemed amalgamation of religion, spiritualism, reincarnation, even aliens...but it does wrap everything into a nice package and explains some things that seemed inexplicable. It is not purely reference, kind of autobiographical, but it might click with you.

United States

#20 May 30, 2011
reality wrote:
There is no god.Deal with it!

Nashville, TN

#21 May 30, 2011
Everyone always comes back with the ominous "What if you're wrong?!" "You'll see one day!!!" dun dun DUN!!! Well, honestly people, if there is a god, and THAT statement was why I suddenly claimed to be christian, do you not think the all-knowing and omniscient being would realize that I was only claiming belief due to fear and not because I believed in the first place???

What's this sound like: "If you stop believing in santa clause, he'll stop bringing you toys..."

I'm not trying to claim that there isn't a god or being or being(s), I simply find that argument BS
Just saying...

Fort Campbell, TN

#22 May 30, 2011
I have went through and read all these comments and it made me think a little. I have been a christian for as long as i can remember and more than anything i hear "how do you know?" Once you develop a relationship with god and talk to him personally you will see and FEEL god in your heart. I understand all the concerns and questions but truth is is that we will never know how some things happened or occured until we get there. There as in heaven. There is a God, my and your savior. The one who died for our sins. Please take this into consideration because once you get to know God i promise he will give you answers on his time.-a child of God

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