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#61322 Jan 2, 2013
Hey wrote:
<quoted text>
We supported the AlQaeda in Libya and Syria and they do pop up and they seem to be our friends and enemies however it seems to suit us at the time.So we have to train the Africans to fight AlQaeda.Will we also teach them how to recognize the good AlQaeda from the bad AlQaeda cause the good ones,the ones we give arms to and support,well we wouldn't want them to bother those AlQaeda.
The Reports that I've read said that we didn't know that the Opposition to the Reigning Power were Al Qaeda and that we still aren't sure...that they have only been reported to be Members of Al Qaeda, by unreliable Sources. Granted that I've not been keeping up with it lately and things could have changed, but that was the last I knew. I don't even know if we stopped giving them Arms and Aid when we started hearing those reports, but I know we had already given them a bunch, before we heard those Reports.
Frankly, I've been too worried about what was happening here, to worry very much about it, over there...except where we have Troops on the Ground.
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#61324 Jan 2, 2013
NTMD8OR wrote:
<quoted text>?????
"Your hero" President Obama, campaigned on the premise that Al Qaeda is dead and Ford is alive. His words, not mine. I guess that is one "Government Leader" who has not said that. Oh, wait...Obama.... He's the big guy. Right?
OSAMA BIN LADEN was dead and General Motors(?) is alive!
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#61325 Jan 2, 2013
"Cantor's Revolt Exposes Republican Rift In Fight For Party's Future."

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#61328 Jan 2, 2013
"Hillary Clinton Discharged."

1/2/13 6:37 PM EST

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has now been discharged from the hospital after three days of treatment for a blood clot near her brain.

"Her medical team advised her that she is making good progress on all fronts, and they are confident she will make a full recovery," spokesman Philippe Reines said in a statement. "She's eager to get back to the office, and we will keep you updated on her schedule as it becomes clearer in the coming days."

"Both she and her family would like to express their appreciation for the excellent care she received from the doctors, nurses and staff at New York Presbyterian Hospital Columbia University Medical Center."

The release comes just hours after cameras captured her leaving briefly for tests.

She has been in the hospital since Sunday undergoing treatment of the clot that developed between her brain and skull following a concussion she suffered in a fall last month.

UPDATE: Her daughter, Chelsea, also took to Twitter to thank the doctors.

Read more about: Hillary Clinton
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#61331 Jan 2, 2013
"Why 85 House Republicans Said "Yes" To Taxes."

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#61332 Jan 2, 2013
Pete wrote:
<quoted text>
Ok,I will answer your questions, and again, with all due respect, please try to keep from homing in on politics, your spite for the wealthy or anything else emotional.
The wealthiest income earners pay a higher rate than I do. We are part of a progressive tax system. The more you make the more you get taxes. Wealthy people who do not have to work for an income have investment income. Investment income is taxed at the same rate for everyone. Comparing investment income to earned income is like comparing apples to oranges. The IRS set up lower tax rates for investment income to incent investment. The wealthy had to have earned income to invest or they inherited income to invest. The earned income was taxed at a higher rate than lower income earners and inherited income was taxed at estate tax rates. The money they have net of their taxes was put at risk in investments. Some investments earn big rewards, some cause big losses. Putting money at risk wisely can sometimes pay off. What you don't hear about is the money lost in investments. There are also tax incentives for losses but nobody ever talks about these. But to simply answer your question, the wealthy pay higher tax rates than me in earned income and pay the exact same as me in investment income. Sorry, but those are the facts.
Regarding your second question, I don't think you fully understand the politics that went on during this deal. Republicans didn't want any taxes raised whether it be wealthy people or poor people. However, they were willing to raise rates on the wealthy, get the tax break in place for payroll taxes as long as this increase in tax revenue was not used for additional spending and used to reduce the deficit. The senate would not agree to this. Their stance was no deal on any spending cuts. Congress's stance was no deal unless there are spending cuts. Alas, they were at an impasse. This is why I do not blame strictly the Republicans because we are not going to get back on our feet until the debt load and deficit are reduced. Sooner or later, at this rate, we are going to get to a point where we can tax our population 100% and not be able to pay the interest on our debt. Our tax money won't be going back to the citizens, it will be going to whoever is loaning us all this money. You also forget that almost half of our population don't pay any taxes at all. To me, this is a good enough break.
I can sincerely and respectfully say that I am not a big fan of politics for either side. I am retired and saved for my retirement. I can pay my bills and live somewhat comfortably, but I can't afford luxuries that are not necessary to keep me alive. I am willing to pay more in taxes to see our country reduce its debt. I am not for paying more taxes to see our government spend more money. I am not saying our country is full of freeloaders, but I do know our country's work ethic is not what it used to be. Just look at how many people who can't afford it play the lottery.
In my opinion, our country needs to be lead by people who want to better our country rather than their political careers. Only then will we get our feet back under us. Our political system is the demon, not the wealthy, not Fox News, not Republicans and not Democrats. If you are placed in a situation where the only possible outcome is failure, does that make you a failure? Our congressmen and senators are put in this type of scenario.
Actually, I paid a higher rate than Mitt Romney last year.
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#61334 Jan 2, 2013
"How McConnell And Biden Pulled Congress Away From The Fiscal Cliff."

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#61335 Jan 2, 2013
"The Cliff Deal Is Better Than It Looks."

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#61336 Jan 2, 2013
House to vote on Sandy funding Friday, placating outraged lawmakers

By NBC's Frank Thorp and Domenico Montanaro

Updated 11:15 p.m. ET: House Speaker John Boehner is giving some ground on Sandy funding and timing a vote.

The House will now hold a vote Friday on $9 billion in Sandy recovery funds, followed by another vote on $51 billion on Jan. 15th.

Congress did not hold a vote last night, enraging Tri-state-area members of Congress from both parties.

After a blitzing round of cable interviews, in which Republican Rep. Peter King (NY) blasted Boehner for not voting on the funding last night, he and other New York- and New Jersey-area members say their concerns have been addressed.

"Turning your back on people who are starving and freezing is not a Republican value," King had said this morning on CNN.

This afternoon, after a meeting with Boehner, King's tone changed.

"Whatever's done is done, and that's it," King said at an afternoon press conference on Capitol Hill, adding later, "The bottom line is we need the $60 billion." King later said he was satisfied with the response from House GOP leaders.

Boehner and Reps. Michael Grimm (NJ) and Chris Smith (NJ) also now say they will all support Boehner when he comes up for reelection for speaker tomorrow.

The move also came after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie slammed Boehner and House Republicans earlier in the day.

"Shame on you. Shame on Congress," Christie said in a televised news conference from Trenton, N.J. He called Congress' delay "disgraceful."

"It is why the American people hate Congress," Christie said, adding, "Unlike people in Congress, we have actual responsibilities."

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#61337 Jan 2, 2013
Folks, the above Post #61336 is a good example of the "Bully Pulpit", which I'm sure you've heard of but might not know exactly what it means.

What a "Bully Pulpit" means is, taking it to the American People! Letting them know in every available Venue what it is that you think is wrong and who is responsible for that perceived "Wrong" that you want corrected!

One Congressman, on the House floor last night, actually asked the American People to jam and shut down the House Switchboard, with the amount of their Calls (which has happened before on other Issues) to the House of Representatives...and then, proceeded to give the Phone Number, verrry slowly!
The American People have more power than they realized over their Elected Representatives, but it has to be in Massive Numbers.
The only thing that your Congressional Members fear more than they love Money and Wealthy Special Interests Groups is, losing your Vote in Massive Numbers!
Apparently, last night and today's Media Blitz on the "Sandy Super Storm Aid" Issue, by some Members of the House, put enough pressure on Boehner to cause him to change his Mind about allowing the Vote! Good for Them and Good For the American People! YOU spoke and HE listened...and that's the way Washington is supposed to work!
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#61338 Jan 3, 2013
"General's Battle With PTSD Leads Him To The Brink."

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#61339 Jan 3, 2013
"Why Your Paycheck Will Still Be Smaller Despite The Fiscal Cliff Deal."

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#61340 Jan 3, 2013
Hey you Heavy Investors, don't blow your new increased Net worth, I may need to borrow some money after the next crisis on raising the Debt Ceiling!:)
"Stocks Surge After Last-Minute 'Fiscal Cliff' Deal."

Click here:

Dunlap, TN

#61341 Jan 3, 2013
NTMD8OR wrote:
<quoted text>?????
"Your hero" President Obama, campaigned on the premise that Al Qaeda is dead and Ford is alive. His words, not mine. I guess that is one "Government Leader" who has not said that. Oh, wait...Obama.... He's the big guy. Right?
Are you trying to say our President Obama said that "Al Qaeda is dead"?

Dandridge, TN

#61342 Jan 3, 2013
Dunlapian wrote:
<quoted text>Are you trying to say our President Obama said that "Al Qaeda is dead"?
Since he can't accurately quote the auto maker, that anyone with half a brain and awake in this country knows was GM that was bailed out, I wouldn't give much credence to the rest of his quote.

South Pittsburg, TN

#61343 Jan 3, 2013
Dunlapian wrote:
<quoted text>Yeah, most of that pork was for Alaska.........a very Red State!
Today Chris Christe(R) Gov. New Jersey, is finding out that Republicans eat their own, and it's Boehner who is the chef. "Bon Appetit"!
That is fine! I truly wish the federal gov't would quit spending money we do not have. It doesn't matter where the pork goes - it shouldn't be involved with Sandy relief.

South Pittsburg, TN

#61344 Jan 3, 2013
Really Sassy wrote:
Sorry cornbread, but NO, it's not really anything to think about.
First of all, what "3 Senators" is it talking about on the Campaign Trail...the only one I know was Paul Ryan.
Second of all, how on earth would 50 Senators represent 369 Million People? Granted, they don't do a very good job of it now, but one Senator for a State the size of California???
As far as the Congressmen in the House, I've never fully understood how they arrive at that number for each State or how they determine the districts they are to represent, since they seem to be able to change that , at will, with redistricting. It's supposed to be determined by the Population in a specific area, but like I said, that doesn't go along with the "redistricting" to win a Political advantage, so it's become "Greek" to me.
Plus, there are so many other "Perks" that members of Congress (both Houses) enjoy , that costs more in total than anything that was mentioned,'s the Members of congress that would have to vote to cut some or all of them out...and they will NOT do that!
So, somebody with very little knowledge of Gov't. spent alot of time thinking up these things, that either CANNOT be done for practical reasons and we would be worse off, if they were, or...WILL NOT be done because the Only Ones that can do them, are the ONLY Ones that will be affected affected by them...and therefore, that just will NOT EVER happen!
I've said it before and I'll say it again because the Tea Party Members in particular, simply can NOT understand it or comprehend it...the Federal Gov't. IS NOT run like a Corporation! A Corporation is not responsible for the Lives of 369 million People, if they no longer work for it...the Federal Gov't. defined by our Constitution!
Comparing the way a Corporation is run and the way our Federal is run, is like comparing a Toy Car to an Abrams Tank...there is no legitimate comparison, PERIOD!
No kidding. A corporation, a state, a city, a county, or even an individual for that matter CANNOT print more money when the money on hand has been spent and more is desired in a pork-for-votes plan.

United States

#61345 Jan 3, 2013
Danger_Close wrote:
why am I racist? I said NOTHING about the color of anyone's skin. do you even know what color I am? NO!
color and race don't mean crap you dumb ass, this effects us all!
Truth Detector

Jamestown, TN

#61346 Jan 3, 2013
Pretty much explains why we're in the mess we're in:

The Senate Budget Committee reports that in fiscal year 2011, between food stamps, housing support, child care, Medicaid and other benefits, the average US household below the poverty line received $168 a day in government support.

The median household income in America is just over $50,000, which averages out to $137.13 a day.

So, being on welfare now pays the equivalent of $30 an hour for a 40-hour week, while the average job pays $24 an hour.

And the person who works also has to pay taxes, which drops his pay to $21 an hour.

Welfare is now the biggest part of the budget, more than Social Security or defense.

And why would anyone want to get off welfare when working pays $9 an hour less?

Thorn Hill, TN

#61347 Jan 3, 2013
Pete wrote:
<quoted text>
With all due respect, you are misinformed once again. Whatever you want to call it, a tax break expiring resulting in having to pay more taxes is basically a tax hike. And this one hit every American getting a paycheck. The dividend tax was also raised. Believe it or not, a lot of retirees have invested their retirement IRA's, Roth and various other retirement plans in stocks that don't produce a lot of capital appreciation but do have a good dividend yield. This dividend yield provides a steady income stream to the retirees like myself that compliments social security. I am not rich by any means and rely heavily on dividend income just to pay the mortgage. This tax hike hit the wealthy AND the middle class.
You can post all the links you want, but the result is still the same. Our economy is hurting, unemployment is high, we have a tremendous debt load and running a huge deficit and our government's answer to this was to raise taxes and add to the deficit. This action can only produce one result and it isn't good. You may feel better that the wealthy now have to pay more, but this action is not going to improve your life one bit. This only worsened a bad situation. This is what politics does. You like to blame those who oppose your way of thinking on Fox News, but I have never watched Fox News in my life and Fox News has no affect on the economy whatsoever. This is the same thing as saying "Dancing With The Stars" has an affect on our economy.
True, people are hurting. But the problem lies within our political process - democrat and republican. As long as both sides neglect to compromise, we will suffer until we eventually end up like Greece where we are forced to do something after it is too late. I don't think Fox News is keeping our politicians from acting on our behalf instead of theirs.
When we control the world's reserve currency, have the world's largest economy, are the largest producer of food in the world, have the largest and most powerful military in the world, and are the only superpower, there is no danger that we will become Greece. This is how mis-information rules.
Income Taxes AFTER the raise that was voted on, are the lowest they have been in my LIFETIME, and if we wish to keep the number 1 position in the world, they will need to rise to much higher levels than they are.
The dividend rate increase will be small potatoes compared to what cuts in Social Security and Medicare will do to your bottom line, not to mention what it will do to those who have no dividend income to BE taxed.
You say that Fox has no effect on the economy, BUT the mis-information comes from SOMEWHERE. I read a poll here on Topix this morning....and it illustrates the degree to which average Americans are brainwashed by outlets such as Fox. That poll asks for votes on the most liberal president. Guess who is winning ? Barack Obama at 53%......FDR, the designer of the New Deal and the OBVIOUS choice for anyone that has even a basic understanding of history gets 16% and LBJ the creator of the Great Society and the OBVIOUS second choice gets 6%....Compared to those two liberals, Obama governs like Goldwater.
And you think "Sassy" is uninformed ?

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