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Kingston Springs, TN

#21 Apr 8, 2010
Rodney wrote:
arent a lot of well to do "new money" people of today the beneficieries of this perticular plane? or is that a different bust?
No, Rodney, Scott didn't have anything to do with this. Before his time....

Madison, TN

#22 Apr 8, 2010
For tag it too: You are right about the Greeneville Sun protecting people who are "higher-ups." When the Weems,Weems Fortner,West,Crumley and Crum drug case was in court,people in Greeneville had to buy a Kingsport Times-News. The Sun would not print the names, and the Kingsport Times was sold at the red light in front of the Transit Grill[Guy Ellenburg's place] by newsboys with armloads of papers selling them to passing cars.John M. would not print the names for several days after the Times did.Check it out.The TruthTeller has spoken.

Madison, TN

#23 Apr 8, 2010
Niswonger did not come to Greeneville until the early 60's.He first lived in a trailer in Walker's Trailer Park,which is still located behind Tusculum College.The same trailer is still there. Then he moved into the corner room at King Arthur's Court,the room that was closest to the office,on your right as you exit the office.He came here as a pilot for George Leinenweber,then president of Magnavox.Scott is 62 years old and grew up in VanWert,Ohio.My brain is tiring from constantly spewing out these facts, like Charlie Babbitt in "Rain Man." Good night.The TruthTeller has spoken.
tell it like it is

Hendersonville, TN

#24 Apr 8, 2010
truth teller...tell us some more truth...i love hugh wells...i can see him telling them to kiss his arse! he and rosetta good peeps! indeed!
so tell us truth any dirt on our 2 state representatives that represent greene county? awwww...i know some should i start? why don't you start first? truth teller...the question has been you tell?
You said it

Murfreesboro, TN

#25 Apr 8, 2010
Tsk, tsk, gossipy hypocrites. What a waste of time.
You said it

Murfreesboro, TN

#26 Apr 8, 2010
Gossipy hypocrites. Tsk, tsk. What a waste of time.
tag it too

United States

#27 Apr 8, 2010
For those of us who have always known Scott---He is a selfmade man. Always has worked hard. Don't go down the wrong road in false beliefs about him.

Madison, TN

#28 Apr 8, 2010
Right on,tag it too. Scott has made his own way and has never "gotten above his raisin", as they say in Greene County. Course the jealous s.o.b.'s will still claim that he has made his fortune hauling drugs,etc.,etc. Mark it down: TruthTeller says Scott M.Niswonger made it on his own..[of course with his partner Ed Sayler in the beginning}Knowing I only deal in facts,you can take it to the bank. The TruthTeller has spoken..
You said it

Murfreesboro, TN

#29 Apr 8, 2010
sorry for the repeat....thought the first post fell off...repeated my thought that there is too much gossip and insinuation on here.

United States

#30 Apr 8, 2010
my dad remembers the pot plane and he says he is fairly sure that the plane belonged to a local tabacco outfit. also that the pilot told tbi he couldn't find his log book, but it was later found by tbi in a locker at a local manufactoring plant??

i would like to know what happened to all that pot..... dad says if it was anything like when he was a kid, the local law officals would raid a moonshiner of his moonshine and then sell it to raise funds for the police department. hmmmmm.

but dad is getting on in years and doesn't always remember things exactly as they happened, so truth teller you know anything about this?

Madison, TN

#31 Apr 8, 2010
Correction From TruthTeller. Scott Niswonger came here in the 70's,not the 60's as I said in my last post.He was in his early twenties and had just graduated from Purdue with a degree in aviation.When you are pushing 70 like TruthTeller, sometimes you might state something incorrectly. So in keeping with my policy of factual info,I correct myself.As for the "gossip and insinuation" that You Said It speaks of earlier,I am sure he is not referring to me.I tell no gossip and insinuate nothing. I deal in only stating facts that cannot be disputed.My friend,you are welcome to ignore my postings. Am sorry if they offend you.As my loyal followers know, I spread no gossip.I only deal in truth telling.The TruthTeller has spoken and corrected himself..

Johnson City, TN

#32 Apr 8, 2010
I know Judy and Larry Weems spent time in prison for the pot plane bust. All the "money/pot" was set on fire at the airport.

Bobby was not (greeneville mafia) he was an ordinary pot smoker, a loveable guy. Truth teller speaks some un truth. Tom has spoken!

United States

#33 Apr 8, 2010
hhmmmmm. my dad is also pushing 70 truth teller. maybe he can help me figure out who you are?? although who you are is not nearly as important to me as hearing more truths be told.

Madison, TN

#34 Apr 8, 2010
Wondering,the tobacco outfit would of course had to have been The Austin Company.But it was not their plane.Austin Company also operated Diamond G.Aviation,and Lou Kunkle was one of their main pilots.However,I feel sure that the Austin Company was not involved in the pot plane.Bob Austin was probably one of the most intelligent individuals that Greeneville ever produced.He was WAAAAAY to smart to ever get involved with dope.Hell,he and his brother Tom were making enough from tobacco back then that they didn't need to run dope..Mind you,before the government started its vendetta against tobacco and helped to send Greene County's economy into the toilet by driving all the tobacco farmers out of business.The pot from the plane was taken out and burned in a bonfire after being soaked with motor oil.Good night. TruthTeller has spoken..

United States

#35 Apr 8, 2010
TruthTeller wrote:
Also,Lloyd[PeeWee] West had nothing to do with the pot plane, as he and his cronies{Fortner,et al.} were busted years later in a different case.
Hey TruthTeller, Let me get this straight. The pot plane had nothing to do with Weems,West, Fortner and etc? I was a kid at this time too and I remember these things happening but was messed up on the details because I also thought the pot plane was this group of people.

Also, can you tell us where is Judy Weems now? I'm pretty sure I know but I'm positive that you will know with certainty. Please inform us.

BTW, I think you are great for reminding us all about this lil tid-bit of Greeneville History! Don't pay any attention to the haters! People should be informed and remember what has went down here!
Ha ha

Fort Campbell, TN

#36 Apr 8, 2010
Is Judy Weems now Judy Robinson and practicing law in Greeneville? That's what I think.

Madison, TN

#37 Apr 8, 2010
Dear Tom, The Bobby Bird of the Greeneville Mafia was R.C.Bird,Jr.,the father of the pot smoker "Little Bobby" as his sisters Annie,Lura,Catherine,and Linda called him. R.C.Bird,Jr., started Greeneville Federal Savings and Loan along with Tom Hull,Eddie Harris,Fred Smelcer, and others.His son ,Little Bobby is the one you refer to who was the loveable pot smoker who was found shot in the head in his car on West Main.If you had grown up with these people for 70 years like I have,and know them all on a first name basis,you would know that I am correct.R.C.Bird,Jr,along with Tom Hull,Tommy Love,and others to be named later were definitely members of the Greeneville Mafia. Take it to the bank.When the TruthTeller says it,it is etched in stone...The TruthTeller has spoken..

Madison, TN

#38 Apr 8, 2010
For FunnyBoneZ: Of course I know where Judy Weems is.She is a lawyer named Judy S.[for Slagle] Robinson.Her office is at 518 Tusculum Blvd. in Greeneville.Right near the Olde Towne Gate.After she and Larry had their trouble, she divorced him and married a Robinson fellow[not from Greeneville]. Until her second husband,Mr.Robinson passed away a few years ago,they lived on Poplar Court. After he died,she moved to a condo in Regency Parke.Judy's maiden name was Slagle,hence the listing as Judy S.Robinson.Yes,the pot plane thing was several years before her drug bust.If you recall[as I always do],Judy was sent to a halfway house and Larry did hard time..Anything else?? TruthTeller has spoken..

Murfreesboro, TN

#39 Apr 8, 2010
Truth Teller to be in your 70's and remember stuff like this is wonderful! I'm sure my father that's in his 50's would prob remember hearing about this! Keep up the great work!!
tag it too

United States

#40 Apr 8, 2010
As the Truth Teller says. The pot plane came first. No one in Greeneville was tagged. Story is the pot got away before plane burned with only a little left. Next comes the Weems and associates. They were running internation drugs from Columbia. They had multi investors in Greeneville that were protected when all crashed. They bought an ocean vessel. West and the Florida connection were in internationsal waters off the coast of Florida waiting for the drop out of South America. Rollins was on this plane, which they had bought, when it went down in Cloumbia. In the mean time, West and his skipper were chased by the international feds and escaped. Weems went to Columbia to try to salvage the plane and cargo. Too many people involved and too much in the open. Got caught, but now, all good citizens. Good makins for a book !

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