Danny Ray Cutshall
Jade Cutshall

Fort Myers, FL

#23 Sep 23, 2010
steven wrote:
no u need to get ur facts straight i didn`t even say ur name but if u want to accuse just go ahead and do it and another thing really didn`t know u was married to u so get ur facts straight before u point fingers but now ur talking about me at least im not toothless i have a job not like david he`s not even got a pot to piss in and u married him what does that have to say for u!
You knew that David and I was married. Your so full of sh*t!! David called me and told me EXACTLY what was goin on. I married David over 8yrs ago. I was in my early 20's an still VERY nieve! So, you need to get your facts straight before you add my name on some stupid discussion board that is childish and very inmature. I have children and a career that I care about. I'm not a loser and I'd like for my personal image to stay the way it is!! You have known me for a long time Steven. You know that I'm not trailor trash, a whore, or anything else. So just please keep me out of all y'alls discussions!! Thanks and have a GREAT day!!!

Franklin, TN

#24 Sep 23, 2010
like i said i didn`t bring ur name up i said something to the michelle girl i had the screen name hello so think what u will and i went to school with u i can`t really recall who u are but i`m done talking to so go argue with someone else.
david allen

Knoxville, TN

#25 Sep 23, 2010
As far as you all that think yall know me and jade you dont now us. True we arent together an never wil be but we have kids and we will always love and respect eachother as far as our kids. so go find a job and get alife and stay outta ppls bizz

Johnson City, TN

#26 Sep 23, 2010
Danny Ray is trash and a woman beater. If any girl comes across him, turn around and run like hell.
just for the record

Elizabethton, TN

#27 Sep 23, 2010
Jade Cutshall wrote:
I'm so glad that everyone knows Davids & My business. If I wanted him back, BELIEVE me, he would be with me. We have a daugter 2gether. We get along and are civil because we ARE adults!! To bad all of you aren't. So let's not throw stones in a glass house!!! As for the rest of the haters, learn how to f'n spell before you post rediculous BS!!!
LOL...You can't spell either..It's RIDICULOUS!

United States

#28 Sep 24, 2010
some ppl really need 2 get the facts straight b4 puttin stuff on this site.got a question 4 hello y would u dog ur wife then stay with her u can say its cuz the kids but thats just a excuse obviously what u said about her isnt true or if it is then ur stupid 4 stayin . i wish her luck poor girl prob dont even know she is mentioned on here grow up and quit being immature. this site is a drama starter and id say 90% aint even true.
walkin tall

United States

#29 Sep 24, 2010
so the wife must be pretty hot since people are hating on her i would say jealous to lmfao i get a kick out of reading this bs . dont know any of you but it sure is funny.
Take it to the bank

Elizabethton, TN

#30 Sep 25, 2010
wtf wrote:
some ppl really need 2 get the facts straight b4 puttin stuff on this site.got a question 4 hello y would u dog ur wife then stay with her u can say its cuz the kids but thats just a excuse obviously what u said about her isnt true or if it is then ur stupid 4 stayin . i wish her luck poor girl prob dont even know she is mentioned on here grow up and quit being immature. this site is a drama starter and id say 90% aint even true.
Everything that has been said here, this far, about DRC is true. You can take that to the bank.
hi dar yerk yerk

Nashville, TN

#31 Sep 28, 2010
steven wrote:
well let me tell u i didnt even write that didn`t really know who he was really married to but i`m glad i do now u need to get ur facts straight before u point fingers me rejected please u don`t even know me cause u went to school with me u think u know me yeah right look at what u married ol toothless what does that say for yourself at least i`m not on drugs i can take care of my family and i really don`t care what u think of me or anyone else.
hey man holler at me sometimes havent heard from u in a while u know who this is, ur wifey cuz

Fort Campbell, TN

#32 Sep 28, 2010
ahh..its the kind of man every woman loves. That's the truth.

Johnson City, TN

#33 Oct 19, 2010
he is a snitch if its the one who lives down in mosheim with his mom
david allen

Knoxville, TN

#34 Oct 28, 2010
All I Got To Say Is F**k All Yall Who Has A Problem With Danny, David, And Racheal Yall Need To Get A F**kin Life And Grow Up And I Know For A Fact Danny Isnt A Snitch If He Was A Snitch He Wouldnt Be In Jail So Whoever Matt Is F**k You And Jessica F**k You Too He Isnt A Woman Beater Or Trash So Stop Talking Shit You Two Dollar H*e And F**k Everyone Else On Here Thats Talking S**t

Fort Campbell, TN

#35 Oct 28, 2010
4 real grow the fu*k up. Danny Ray is not a snitch, he's a good person. Hes a good friend of mine, and 4 the ppl who really know him, know he is a sweetheart and hes fun to be around. Go ahead run to another thread and talk shit about someone else you dont know and take the drama with ya.
just let it go

Nashville, TN

#36 Oct 28, 2010
I don't know anybody on this thread, but I really hate what topix has become.. Whoever david is im sure he has made some mistakes for that matter I'm pretty sure everyone has.. If you have made some mistakes so be it thats between you an God. Alittle advice quit defending yourself it really makes things worse. An the the rest of you that love the hate on here... IF YOU CAN'T SAY SOMETHING NICE ABOUT SOMEONE KEEP IT TOO YOURSELF....

Knoxville, TN

#37 Oct 28, 2010
Which Cutshall clan does he belong to,theres more than one??? Who's his daddy???
He is a LOSER

Cambridge, OH

#38 Nov 1, 2010
Danny is a loser, woman beater, drunk, druggie, welfare bum & snitch!! He won't work, take care of himself or anything else for that matter. He's NEVER had a job and he SUCKS in bed. We lived together for awhile and he never had a penny that didn't come from his mom or his mamaw or his dad. Maybe he will do like his mom did and finally quit living off of people and get a job when he's in his 50's! Oh wait she still lives off of people but she does have a job. She has to cause she has two sons that are in there middle 20's to support. If you date him, get ready to have NOTHING, be beat on and date his momma. When you date him, his mother is sure to be your buddy for a little while. Till you won't give him your car or you won't let him hit you OR he robs you blind an she defends him!!! The whole family is losers if you ask me. Just look at what happened to his dad. That should tell you everything you want to know. Hope this info finds ANY woman that is thinking about being with him. Don't make the mistakes I did. He just about cost me my kids!! DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Knoxville, TN

#39 Nov 10, 2010
Chasity why would you say that your f**king stupid you fat w***e your nothing but a h*e how many ppl was you f**king while you was with danny and ur trying to call him a bum u bummed off him and racheal and my papaw all the time for gas money to bring u cigs and everything so get your facts straight and ur saying danny about got ur kids took awa ur stupid danny was good to ur kids and so was racheal ur pillhead w***e thats y ur kids about got took no because of danny and if he's such a bad person how come u kept coming back to him ur dumb b***h u have to lay on ur back to get money to take care of ur kids u stupid w***e and ur just mad because ppl actually care for danny and david and will help them out unlike you so go suck a d**k to get some money to buy u some cigs since u dont work either and u low life b***h u was at jimmys trailer when he got killed cause he was takin care of ur w***e a** and all yall stop being bitches put ur name on here p***y b***hs and when danny gets out come to us and talk s**t not over the compter so f**k all yall
wish we werent kin

Johnson City, TN

#40 Dec 30, 2010
well i am famil with both boy an d really wish i wasnt ..... And yes so far the given info is correct... and danny or david i would say it to your faces if i could stand being talked shit about just for being seen with either of you .... but hey i understand where you guys are coming from i wouldnt want my lifes story on the internet .... and these people bringing yalls mom into this ..... shit like the rest of us im sure she just gave up i know i did ....... she needs to be left out of this ..... You boys made your own decisions and yes danny is a snitch and a woman beater hell hes just a straight out punk ..... as for greeneville topix this site is just a way for you all to talk shit without having the backlash .....
Darryl Cutshall

Johnson City, TN

#41 Dec 30, 2010
( wish we werent kin )

ill put my name on here ill say it to yalls faces what can you do beat my ass please wanna bet on it ill put money on it .those two boys gave all cutshalls a bad rep. Fact : it is true for most of them .... but the ones who live right and do right by others get disrespected ..... im here ..... you tell me ....... i usually dont have anything to say about anyone but hey when tru facts are brought out in the open my so many people take claim of you dawnfalls thats what makes you the bigger man ...... thats how you redeem you soul copup to you failings be a man not a mooch....
Other Sister

Hermitage, TN

#42 Apr 2, 2011
David Allen just turned 18 yrs old when he commited the crime that sent him to prison for 7 and a half years! Thing about that for a second, more than 7 calenders! He was a baby when he went in there for God's sake. He did his time and he paid his dues. How anyone can be sayin sh*t about David is beyond me. How the f*ck can you dog someone for sh*t the did as a kid and have now paid for? And he hasn't even been out long enough to do any wrong! For heaven's sake the boy is doing his very best. He was working. He spends every minute he possibly can with his daughter, whom if adores! He is trying to rebuild his life, give him a chance and shut the f*ck up about him!

As far as Danny Ray goes, he does shit wrong, he goes to jail, he pays his debt. That don't make him no damn snitch that's for sure! If he can get by in life without working and is comfortable that way, he aint asking you for money so why you sweatin it? He'd spend more time with his son if the childs mother would allow him to see him without her having to be involved asking him to take her back. He either has to take both or none. That's stupid and it's her doing, not his. You shouldnt use your baby for bait. As for him being a ho...well I guess if you choose to be with him then that's on you. I have personally heard him say many times he doesn't want a relationship, he tells women that up front, he comes with a f*cking warning label!

May God have mercy on the soul's of anyone who spoke ill of the dead. Jimmy was a friend. No one deserves what happened to him. If Jimmy ever brought harm to anyone, it was himself. It was not you so shut up.

Rachael is Rachael. She helped raise me. She is was my step mother. My sister and I lived with our dad for years and she took very good care of all four of us and she did the very best she could. I love her and I appreciate everything she ever did for me and my sis. A child reaches a certain and they make their own choices, you can try to guide them, try to stop them when their wrong but in the end God gave everyone free will and a teen ager is hell bent on doing something they will find a way to do it. Anything they did as adults HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HER. THEY ARE ADULTS THEY MADE THEIR CHOICES! You gonna dog her for being a good mom and standing by her sons while they were in jail? What kind of mother wouldn't? Rachael isn't a bad person and isn't to be blamed for the actions of any other person!

Would I recommend you date Danny Ray? Not if you want a relationship.
Does Danny Ray have a temper? Yep and in includes yelling and possibly throwing his phone. I have never ever seen him hit a female and if he ever would then I guess he would have to be pushed pretty dayum far.
Is he gonna get a job? Probably not, do I care? NO I dont support him and neither do you.

Did David go to prison? Yes and paid his debt. He spent more time than some people who are there for murder!
Does David have a tooth missing? for God's sake! He was in prison not club med. He'll get a f*ckin partial when he can afford it. I am sure right now he is just worried about getting on his feet.
Does David work? He was last time I seen him.
Is he a good daddy? Yes.

For further questions dial 1800FO

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