Jehovah's Witness...religion or cult?

Port Orange, FL

#85 Jun 22, 2012
Half of my family are jw and they rarely have anything to do with me, and whenever I talk to my grandmother about it because i do see her from time to time she like goes into this trance like rant about God and what his word really is and all that. She always questions wether I'm still a virgin or not too, which is really none of her business, like it would be the end of me if I wasn't, or something, and she CANNOT have just a normal conversation with me too, it's so bad i don't like to talk to her .And my uncle won't let my cuz hang with me because I'm not a witness either.
This past easter my little cousin who is an exceptionally adorable little girl was helping them pass out their fliers and such. when i got a knock on the door and she was standing there looking all cut with her little dress and basket it infuriated me because I knew they were using her. Who could be rude or say no to such a cute kid?

United States

#86 Jun 23, 2012
Theres a woman at work that is JW and she is friendly as can be. She greets you with a smile and will show affection when it calls for it. She laughs cuts up and dresses very nice. So it confuses me when people say they don't associate with non Jw's?

United States

#87 Jun 23, 2012
A shame the garbage they purport to be religion. I frankly think they are all insane to believe the crap they do.

Riverside, CA

#88 Jun 23, 2012
I am 17 and still stuck in this religion. As of right now the other jehovah witnesses are leaving the gathering of my house to go preaching. My father didn't believe in it either but unfortunately he was shot to death when i was 5. My mother introduced my brother and i into this religion. She promised my brother and i that we would see my father again and have a chance to live in a paradise where no one would cry or die. She married an ex elder who is strongly tied with the jehovah witnesses and has two kids of his own. He convinced my mother to get baptized. Ive always fought with my step father for having different views. It was very difficult for me to defend myself from a religious ex body builder who trains in fighting. My mother had a child with him and had to deal with stress from how my step father got her involved in all the religious activities. Slowly my mother became primitive with her beliefs just as my step father and became another carbon copy a jw sheep. I followed her footsteps with regret pretending to be happy. I couldnt hang out with anyone from my school. i fell in love with a girl who was my only friend and we kept contact through wifi and phone calls. We would share pain and she always reminded me how to smile until my parents took away my phone because she was "worldly and evil. later on she had to move to Oregon where she was killed in a car crash so i lost my only true friend. I couldnt get together with my other family because they celebrated holidays. I tried to commit suicide three times to escape the pain and loneliness. My brothers and sister preach all week with their friends who are in the religion so my parents always compare me to them and yell at me about how much of a waste of life i am. My aunts, uncles, and cousins don't believe in it. I only stayed in it for i can talk to m mother and brother. I realize now that my relationship with them is dead. I found passion and happiness in underground music by spreading the message Ive always believed in like my inspiration the underground poet of of saint paul Micheal Eyedea Larsen who made my paths smoother when dealing with pain with no one else. Ive always kept my poetry a secret but i now share it with others. Happiness is now painful for me because it reminds me of what is no more. I'm tired of wearing black clothing and crying myself to sleep each night. The tears are too hot, my eyes feel like they are burning each cold night. I plan to expel myself from this religion next friday. I feel it is the best decision i am ever going to make however i will not have any financial aid for college unfortunately and my parents are kicking me out as soon as i hit 18 next year if i do. I look forward to being expelled. I am going to be free by cutting my heartstrings aka this controlling religion thats been restricting me from being me.

Socorro, NM

#89 Jul 6, 2012
Dixie iron fist wrote:
I say cult.Has anyone seen them build a church?The built one in Erwin OVERNIGHT, there must have been three hundred people there.
What's wrong with building something quickly? I don't think being organized and effiecnt about something is weird or cultlike. Your comment is ignorant.

Darlington, UK

#90 Jul 25, 2012
I work for a company that has quite a few Jehovahs working, because the MD and his son, and brother are all in it.
One I work with is an elder, but the biggest hypocrite I have ever met.
He is arrogant, pompous, bullies those who can't stand up tp him, and hates all coloured, to the extent that when an Indian engineer attended for an interview, he said openly, "that paki will never get past the first interview". When I suggested he might actually be the best person for the job, as he had a good honours degree in engineering, unlike most of the guys i work with, he laughed, and said his skin tone was wrong!
They are are all brainwashed into believing they are perfect and everyone is n=beneath them... just like the moonies!

Athens, TN

#91 Jul 25, 2012
So many "Beliefs" out here, makes you wonder if there IS a God. They all are non believers and will judge you whether they know you or not.

Bridgetown, Barbados

#92 Sep 14, 2012
I started doing bible studies with the JW and soon I was going to the meetings they ruined my life my relationship with my boyfriend of five years destroyed. I am so confused as to what the truth is. They make you repeat answers from they literature and don't allow you to think for yourself. They pressured me to end my relationship because I was fornicating and I in turn put lots of pressure on my boyfriend to do studies and go to meetings he was having none of it we ended violently and I was arrested. I started doing research about the religion and realize they brainwash u and alienate u from your friends and family. Now I'm all alone. Anyone thinking about joining should do extensive research before they ruin your life too.
Sounds familiar

Portland, OR

#94 Nov 10, 2012
I have never been a JW, but remember the JW family in my neighborhood that gave away all their worldly possessions in 1975, only to not have the world end. Fortunately, everyone gave everything back.
But I have a father who's Lutheran, and is a raging homophobe, racist, and everything else that goes with it. Seems to me, it's all shades of the same thing.

Hendersonville, TN

#95 Nov 10, 2012
Presently, the answer is - Yes, they are a cult. They are currently labeled a cult by some Protestant groups. However, if a JW is on the ballot as the republican candidate for president in four years, JW will be removed from the list of cults, and at that time the answer will be - No, they are not a cult.
R-VillageIdiotVo te

Johnson City, TN

#96 Nov 10, 2012
we want money is all I hear when they knock at the door but they all do that tax free

Cochrane, Canada

#97 May 14, 2013
We have a manager at the City of Calgary who is a JW and has appointed a number of his friends to high management positions within our business unit without any job competitions. He is one of the most unethical, vindictive managers that I have ever had. He gives his cult friends obscene bonuses for special projects that he oversees personally. He was caught in a conflict of interest case where he was taking a friend, who he gave a two million contract to do work that was never done to a private box seats in Vancouver for hockey games. Since his wife works for Air Canada, she was able to get a free ticket for him, as well as a buddy pass for his contract JW friend. Someone blew the whistle on him, but the Director, who was also a JW, dismissed any discipline against him. Every since that event, he has made ithe workplace extremely difficult on his staff, especially his inspectors.
He has systematically destroyed the work environment/moral and dismantled all staff engagements. Warning to all: if you get a JW into your organization as a manager, be prepared to be overlooked for any significant promotions or further training to better yourself. Those who are not JW and do have low management positions are the biggest suckholes that you will ever find. And the sad part is that they do not realize that they have lost their dignity, intrigity, and respect from their colleagues.

Grand Forks, ND

#99 Jun 29, 2013
really wrote:
<quoted text>i agree. it would be awesome to witness the true message of christ
if u see ppl ride bike go door to door, more likely Mormons .

Knoxville, TN

#100 Jun 29, 2013
would like to know wrote:
seems they lead a life of their own. Why are they so bizarre in their beliefs and even how they act around others? It's like total dysfunction for their faith.
all religions are cults!!

Grand Forks, ND

#101 Jun 29, 2013
greedy King James wrote:
What's the deal that they don't have any windows in their churches? I mean what are they doing in there that they are afraid that people will see?
From what I was told, it's to keep evil out. If I remember that correctly

Greeneville, TN

#102 Jun 29, 2013

Greeneville, TN

#103 Jun 29, 2013
Why don't they have windows
Lourdes Camacho Pieranton

Fort Myers, FL

#104 Jul 1, 2013
its a cult wrote:
<quoted text>
I used to be a JW for 17yrs. Not anymore. They are a cult period. They cut u off from friends & family. They destroyed my life. Don't let them destroy yours.
I hate hate theJW's iam waiting for them to knock on my door. I will show them the cross where Jesus died for their sins. Could you imagine Michael being Jesus that is what they think. Hate Cult of all cults. I hate them.
Lourdes Camacho Pieranton

Fort Myers, FL

#105 Jul 1, 2013
actually wrote:
<quoted text>all religions are cults!!
Excuse me I am a Roman Catholic and we are not a cult. I believe in the holy trinity, the father son holy spirit.

Abingdon, VA

#106 Jul 2, 2013
There no more of an occult than the baptist.

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