May your holiday season be filled with joy and glee, all be it though you are not here with me.
May the sun shine down upon your brow. May you drink your milk for free, from a Psychedelic cow.
May your flowers grow tall in the pale moonlight. Mays your days be filled with laughter well into
the night. May your toes curl up, whenever it gets cold. May you never age at heart, or ever feel
that you are old. May you drink up your Bacardi, and get drunk all over the place. May you smoke
your miscellaneous, to put a smile on your face. May you feel that tingly feeling, way down deep
inside your tummy. May you eat and drink upon your table, and may it taste quite yummy. May
you have a comfy blanket, to warm your body up at night. May you sleep away your weariness, and
have no bed bugs bite. May you sleep like a F*ckin baby for the remainder of your days, and may
your life seem like a dream, upon a Psychotropic Haze.*********