Letters: Get rid of speed traps

Letters: Get rid of speed traps

There are 13 comments on the Silver City Sun-News story from Aug 23, 2009, titled Letters: Get rid of speed traps. In it, Silver City Sun-News reports that:

I urge your readers to write to the mayor, their council member and/or the city manager to say no to the radar speed traps in Las Cruces.

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Albuquerque, NM

#1 Aug 24, 2009
"A number of studies have been done that conclude that traffic -- even when unregulated -- will naturally adopt a safe and reasonable speed and pattern based on volume and other considerations."

Maybe in Arizona....but not here in New Mexico. As it is, in Silver City people drive like loons and blow through red lights at will. With a congested city like Las Cruces youa re just asking for an increase in traffic accidents.

"Indeed, some progressive communities have eliminated speed limits all together in some areas and have found accident rates to decline, traffic flow to improve and people to be more civil."

Indeed? Really? Did it also solve food shortages and promote world peace. Gimme a break. Just be honest. You are a leadfoot and don't want to slow down for any reason. Obey the damn laws and quit whining. If you leave earlier for your destination, the speed traps and red light cameras won't be a problem. Or just stay in Arizona where it is obviously paradise (haha).

United States

#2 Aug 31, 2009
really, move to santa clara. to quote tom laughlin frm billy jack "when policeman break the law, then there is no law...just a fight for survivial."
The Boot

United States

#3 Oct 20, 2009
There is one reason for speed traps. It has nothing to do with safety. Can you all say MONEY?

They need to make money so that they can justify having so many cops. We can't just keep printing money to pay these clowns to drive around, waste fuel, sleep on the job, target people who dress like illegals (Joe tells them how to do this), eat donuts, harrass citizens and break the law.

Maybe the Deputy has forgotten that he is here to serve the people, not himself.

Cops are cool, as long as they are doing something useful. Not sure how many are doing useful things.

Apparently, there were a pile of them that made $100K+ this year. The Sheriff said that it comes with the job and working lots of OT. Does it? Those are some expensive donuts.

Rio Rancho, NM

#4 Oct 21, 2009
The Boot: Not that you would know, but I'm retired. Is it about money? You betcha! They need all those police because thanks to Obummer, crime is skyrocketing because of unemployment. Remember, Obummer said it wouldn't go above 8%? It's close to 10 and way over 10 in some areas. What do you think hungry unemployed people are gonna do to get money? Sell pencils on a streetcorner? Does the Sheriff make $100,00? Not in Grant County or anywhere else in this area. Maybe in a county that has a big city in it. But they see a lot more crime than we do. Hate cops? Try calling a hippy next time you have a problem. That still applies today.

BTW....Obummer has no problem printing money night and day so he can buy favors from all the idiots that support him.
The Boot

San Francisco, CA

#5 Oct 21, 2009
Give me a break Deputy. There's crime under Obama and there was crime under every other thief to ever occupy the office. The news out here recently printed that 120-140 officers from the Sheriff's office made $100K+. This is not my story, it was on page 1 of the news. I figured that rather than study a worthwhile career, I should have been a cop. Study some silly crap called Criminal Justice.

I don't hate cops. As I clearly stated, cops are OK as long as they are doing something useful for society. Driving around wasting gas and harrassing people is hardly productive. Giving speeding tickets? Seatbelt tickets? How about goign out and arresting some killers, drug dealers, rapists, etc. I know what you'll say. We do this. Like i said, cops serve some purpose sometimes. You being retired means you are no longer serving any purpose? One more thing, catching killers who come by and confess hardly constitutes doing something. This is as bad as the customs guys who wait until someone tells on someone in order to act.

Engoy not serving a purpose. I vote that we reduce the size of all gov't and this includes cops.

Rio Rancho, NM

#6 Oct 21, 2009
Getting back to the topic...there is a very simple thing that everyone can do to avoid the speeding tickets, seat belt tickets, and all the other alleged "harassment" tickets. Just OBEY THE DANG LAW!!!! If you don't like the law, CHANGE IT via your vote. Breaking the law is NOT a solution. And if you obey the laws, then you won't be keeping the much-hated corrupt police that "The Boot" despises so much in jobs. Obey the law and they won't need or be able to justify large police departments. Now isn't that a SIMPLE and easily implemented solution?

BTW...most people WON'T take the jobs that the LEOs perform/. They get paid well because they face death on a daily basis.
The Boot

San Francisco, CA

#7 Oct 21, 2009
Now you are talking Deputy. Let's all break the law. Breakin' the law, breakin' the law!

The Boot loves cops that are useful.

I agree, eating donuts is a dangerous job. Donuts cause people to be fat and things like high cholesterol, heart disease and high blood pressure could result.

I'd say they face death daily. Death by boredom.

I'm thinking you would be a good substitute to sheriff apaileofshit. The Deputy for Sheriff! Vote for the Deputy.

Oh, btw. Who is watching the watchers Mr. Deputy? Who ensures that the watchers aren't overstepping their bounds?

Educate us as there are things that people don't understand and can take as breaking the law ... like cops running red lights w/out emergency lights on, cops speeding, cops driving their kids around town in police cruisers (if i was the city, i'd be worried about liabilities), etc.

Thanks a bunch Hall Monitor aka Deputy

Continue to live a good retired life ...

Rio Rancho, NM

#8 Oct 22, 2009
Boot the Clueless Anarchist: Police go through red lights without lights and sirens when they are headed for a crime where they DON'T want to alert the bad guys. Sheriffs are elected positions. Don't like them? Vote them out. Now stop crying like a little girl and buck up. Obey the laws and you'll be just fine.
The Boot

Waltham, MA

#9 Oct 22, 2009
This can't be the only reason. You mean to say that this is a daily thing? Not only my gripe. You are still a little cop even in your non-value-added condition. Speeding down to the sandwich shop is hardly an emergency.

Fire 'em! Fire 'em! Fire 'em!

Albuquerque, NM

#10 Oct 23, 2009
Clueless Boot: In Albuquerque it is certainly a daily thing. Same for Chicago and Los Angeles and New York. Believe it or not, there is a LOT of crime going on in cities. And it happens is small towns too. Would you rather they NOT catch the bad guys? It seems there is no pleasing the public. Here in Silver City the public is complainming about too much lights and sirens.

ANd if you fire them who will you replace them with Hippies flashing peace signs and telling people to pull over because they are driving too much and polluting the air?
The Boot

Waltham, MA

#11 Oct 23, 2009
Clueful Boot is what you meant. I'm referring to cases where people have sat and watched or followed where these clowns have gone. There was no silent call. Your stomach churning, saying "give me a donut", although silent does not consitute good use of the Silent Call excuse. In many cases, where they really should be silent, they are blaring sirens full blast. I believe the crime. I also believe that we are all part of that problem either directly or through our corrupt officials (not pigs, politicians).

You know that in order to catch a bad guy, these pigs require a full confession and a voluntary criminal that turns himself in. Yep, catch those bad boys, bad boys.

You so desperately want to please the public. Must have been a hard life being a pig. It's a good thing they've put you out to pasture.

I have to agree. There are lights where lights are not needed. There aren't lights where lights are needed. And yeah, I'm trying to get my beauty sleep.

I say don't replace them. Let all those fancy speed cameras capture people on Cop TV. For every speeding camera out there, they should eliminate 10 cop jobs.

We need more Hippies in this place. Especially in Silver City.

I'm voting for the Deputy to replace the Sheriff. I think he's a hippie!

Let's see a smile there Mr. Deputy. You have to be able to laugh at life and the fact that we live in this wonderful place where you and I can disagree and not have to kill one another for it.

USA all the way!

So, do you all have Pinon Nuts for sale yet?

Albuquerque, NM

#12 Oct 23, 2009
So much for intelligent conversation. I'm outta here.

Guangzhou, China

#13 Apr 26, 2010

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