Walmart Deli employees are so rude!!!

Baton Rouge, LA

#21 Apr 13, 2012
You know people there are other deli's in the area. The only way Walmart will get the hint is if the loose customers.

Ashland, KY

#22 May 23, 2012
What is wrong with some of you ?? I've worked in Walmart deli, and yes, we are overworked, berated, and understaffed. Util some of you have worked in their shoes,, you need to get a life instead of tormenting and judging the dei staff. Some of us have no choice, and have to work to support our families! Some of these "customers" need to work a week in our shoes and then we wil see who is "pathetic"

Ashland, KY

#23 May 23, 2012
Until you have gotten up before dawn, done a 6 hour task plus 3 others in a 3and a half hour time span, missed your break, almost been a lunch exception.... My god.. Then come back and wonder where the rest of your staff is! Really!!!!then asked to throw 3 pallets and stock floor and do 10 other projrcts before you leave for the day without your other break! And , have your asst mgr riding you why you aren't finished yet?! Put up with THAT for a couple weeks and survive.. Not to emotion hostile customers rude associates( when they actually do show up!)

Dayton, OH

#24 Aug 20, 2012
I hate excuses. I really do. I have a college degree and a good job. I treat everyone as an equal. I didn't wake up one morning with a degree and a job, I worked for it. I worked in hellish restaurant jobs, and customer service jobs, and even after I was in a profession full time, kept a waitressing job to help pay off debt. I had customers that treated me so bad I cried on much more than one odd occasion.

Stop making excuses about management. So they're jerks?! That sucks. Aim higher. Take their job. Bite the bullet. Look for another department. But every day, you thank your self, your lord, or whomever you want that you have that job. There are people out there who wish they could have a job.

I never once took out my frustrations on a customer. If you find that is something you can justify, then you need to work in another field. Think there are no jobs out of customer interaction that you're qualified for? Who paints the street, builds your house, puts together your car parts, reads your meter....? You get the point. Give up on making excuses for why you are justified in treating a customer poorly and do something you don't hate.

Siloam Springs, AR

#25 Sep 2, 2012
Mainly it's because we have to deal with shit from you white trash nasty fatass sloppy customers. You have no idea how funny it is to mess with your food and serve it to you. Also, we get untroubled for not getting enough help and we need to get things done.Walmart made us this way. So shut the FUUCKK up.
That Guy From The Deli

Detroit, MI

#26 Sep 4, 2012
I've been working in the Deli at Walmart for 2 years now. And EVERY SINGLE day, I'm looking for a better job. Not just because of the pay, but because of the people we deal with, customers, associates, and management the same.

When you're faced with insane customers (who regularly get their service from fast food restaurants like McDonalds or Little Caesars) that don't understand the definition of "patience" and expect "johnny on the spot" what they want, you tend to get a little cranky. Going above and beyond is isn't the most important thing in the mind of a wal-mart associate. The only thing we think about is "when's our first break, when's lunch, when's our last break, and when's clock out our high tail butt outta there!"

I understand where people are coming from when it comes to customer service. But just like everybody else in here that mentioned what we go through, saying "Well at least you got a job, don't get fired for poor service" isn't enough to care about it. We're just doing it to pay our bills. And since the owners of Walmart get tax breaks while we all pay our taxes and become more poor each year while the wealthy get richer, I wouldn't give 2cents worth of care for excellent customer service and work performance neither. Like the motto "Don't work too less but work just enough not to get fired.". My father was a union worker, getting paid 3 times as much as me, and hardly did as much as me. Of course we're depressed and don't want to be there and don't want to help you. We want a better job. I was just at Checkers the other day and the lady looked like her cat died that's how sad she looked. I said "THANK YOU! have a NICE DAY!" every second to show my appreciation for the hard work she did for such a pathetic check.

Customers ask dumb questions, don't know how to read. Don't know the difference between "hot" and "spicy", Don't know what "lbs" means on the weight scale, And doesn't know if I'm working there or not even though I'm wearing FULL TACTICAL GEAR! FULLY LOADED! Walmart hat, Khakis, Navy Blue Faded Glory T-Shirt! Wal-mart tag, apron! HAIR NET! BEARD GUARD! BEHIND THE COUNTER! and yet you ask me if I work there or are we closed even though ALL the lights are out?=| PLEASE!

Dealing with that every single day can only hold so much to the human psyche. We're only human and somewhere down the line, that "human" is going to come out. I'm not going to be a standing robot ready to cut your 5 lbs of Prima Della Black Angus Corned Beef SHREDDED to SPACE DUST MOLECULES while you treat me with no respect! Because at the end of the day, even though it's my job and I have to help you, you WILL respect me. Because we're all equal.

But the point of my rant is = We get paid less, they want to keep us there but not pay us for it so they're take away from our hours if we go over 32 hours being part-time. I haven't seen a bonus since I've been working there. We suppose to get 4 a year. They give us too much than we can handle in a days work-load, they want us to close the Deli at 9pm with only TWO people to close the deli by 11pm!? We don't have the time and man-power to get everything done, you're barking up my tree asking me to do this, that and the other that has NOTHING to do with the DELI, AND you want me to help customers with a smile on my face while you give me 5 and a half hours a day for a shift, leaving me with no money to pay my bills which can't afford a roof over my head to provide for my family!?

And then promise me a promotion when I DO go above and beyond but never give it to me afterwards? Or how about how I had to ask 100+ customers in the course of a year to go to the customer service desk and tell them that the guy in the deli needs a gift card when all those state of the art cameras in the store should have already noticed that in the first place!? o_0

I could go on and on but I just ran out of characters to type with. I'll say this. Wal-mart customer or associate, is a bad place to be...
That Guy From The Deli

Detroit, MI

#27 Sep 4, 2012
Another thing that pisses me off is the "Customer is ALWAYS right" motto. First of all! our Deli closes are 9pm PERIOD! we're actually suppose to close at 10pm but because of the LACK of associates (even though they have 1,000+ applicants in the back but never call them), we have to close an hour early. If a customer says "NO! I want my meat and cheese cut NOW! where's your manager!?" and then the dumb ass manager says "Open back up" does that mean I have to help EVERYBODY else that comes after that customer? So does that mean we can't obey the rules that were given to us as an establishment? IF A PLACE IS CLOSED! it's CLOSED! PERIOD! No if's, and's or but's about that. I could lose my job and get fired if we stay open toooooo long simply because of the fact that we have a major work-load after those lights turn off. If we don't get all of it done, I could get coached and fired. So what can you do in those situations? Tell your store manager? then what? only thing the store manager is gonna say is "we'll handle it" BUT IT WILL NEVERRRRR be handled... trust me.
Deli Guy 3

Mcalester, OK

#28 Oct 15, 2012
I've been working in the Wal-Mart Deli for a year and a half now. I'm always seeking another job. Barely paid over minimum wage, 27-30 hrs a week I can barely keep the lights on. I live in a smaller town, so better jobs are hard to come by.
I find the level of stupidity bombarding from all sides, customers, employees, management... just overwhelming many days, that I cannot maintain the happy smile, it's just not possible. Sit under an elephant all day while it pees and poops all over you, 8hrs, see how much your smiling when its all over.
Nothing like having toothless uneducated welfare recipient that didn't even bother to get dressed, sitting in their PJ's with screaming kids complaining that their meat isn't thin enough and talking to you like YOUR the looser servant.
Or smile at the barking lady that stinks so bad you have to stand at least 3' from the counter to breath.
Stupidity today as an example... night manager from receiving decided it must be a safety hazard that we don't cover our cooking oil in the fryers at night.
#1 He's not supposed to be in the Deli if not a deli employee.
#2 When the deli is closed, nobody is supposed to be in the deli.
#3 Covering the oil would cause condensation, water and oil don't mix well, when it heats up, it starts exploding, now it's a safety hazard.
#4 Gives us just one more thing we have to clean.
Also, the district manager came thru today trying to decide where to put all the Christmas stock coming in. They decided that all the Deli supplies, yes all of them, should go out in a trailer in the parking lot. Really? Is this yet another reasonable expectation? Angry customers looking at me with hate while my only other employee not at lunch is out trying to find a manager to get the key to a trailer, climb into said trailer in sleet and ice, get the medium containers I needed, then come back 30-45 minutes later??
Work the Walmart deli, then you can complain. Anyone who has ever worked such a position and says they have NEVER been rude or angry, is either Jesus Christ himself, or a liar.. guess which one I think you are?

Fort Mill, SC

#29 Jan 11, 2013
FogHorn wrote:
Ya? i tell you what, the deli is the worst place to work in walmart.
Its always under staffed, always over worked, and the work that needs to be done, is so time consuming and requites them to be vary patent, so sometimes people run out.
Also, if you are looking for good customer service at walmart, you are stupid and looking in the wrong place, walmart is about cuting the bottom line, and having the low prices.
You want good customer service? you need to go to the smaller stores, that have to offer the good customer service because they can't compete with prices.
yeah people that have never worked at walmart dont need to go on the internet talking sh** about something they know nothing about

Denton, TX

#30 Feb 25, 2013
jennifer wrote:
walmart deli workers are extremely rude in every store they just sit and ignore you or your waiting your turn and some guy will walk up 5 min after you and they will walk straight to them and help them can we say sexist???????? i think they are just crabby and mad because they are stuck behind a small secluded counter all day wahahahahah
Okay we'll us deli employees could argue that lost customers are rude!! You have no idea how muh work we have to do other then helping dumb as customers . Honestly whenever we see a customer it is annoying To us because we are so understaffed and have so much to do that hrlping customers is just a waste of time. We don't get praises in our customer service we get scolded for the work that dosnt get done. Management dosnt care how we treat customers and we are just trying to get mange by off our back so chill out
sarah james

United States

#31 Mar 9, 2013
u should try being a custodian for the school district. my friend is so emotinaly distraught and physicaly in pain becuz they demand so much out of one person its pathetic. they treat their custodians like them liars. thieves. lazy....they harrass...micromanage their employees no wonder the turn over is so bad
Walmart deli employee

Charlottesville, VA

#32 Mar 9, 2013
Im just saying wrote:
I was at the Deli standing there waiting to be helped and no one would help me. Until, finally this woman comes over to ask what I needed she was so rude & looked liked she hated her job so much. You could tell she didn't even want to be there much less help me. What happened to Great Customer Service?? I mean don't these employees know that we the consumers are the reason they even get a pay check. Why should we have to stand for this rude behavior? When we have done nothing wrong to these rude, pathetic, so called employees. Do us all a favor & quit your job.....

Walmart pays us not your bitch ass.. We don't need to be nice we don't owe you nothing and we have allot if shit to do so were not going to just stand waiting for a customer to ask for meat. Wait your ass patiently...
Its A Shame

Perkasie, PA

#33 Mar 19, 2013
Cheswold / Dover, Delaware has got to be one of the worst Walmart's on the map. They say its a SUPER WALMART but its shelves are almost always bare. It just opened up last year. I also had a bad experience at the deli, although its under staffed workers should never take it out on the customer. Take it out on your boss or yourself and quit!
Its A Shame

Perkasie, PA

#34 Mar 19, 2013
Immature, oh that's right you are employed by Walmart. When you grow up you'll see what the real workforce is like. If you can't handle working at Walmart then you really are in for a RUDE awakening when you get a real job. Wish you the best
Its A Shame

Perkasie, PA

#35 Mar 19, 2013
My last post was for Walmart deli employee

Eau Claire, WI

#36 Mar 25, 2013
I am a Wal-Mart deli employee. Yep, it's a horrible place to work. Always way understaffed. One associate is counted for coverage of 3-4, and nothing is done to attempt to hire more associates. It's horrible. I can say there is certainly a lack of moral or even a positive attitude among the associates. The problem is most often management that brings it on, but the customers can often be as rude as they claim we are. You want good customer service? I want to give it! But be respectful and polite! Don't think you are better than I am and act like it! I am in my third year of college! I am no dummy! Treat others as you want to be treated!

Carrollton, TX

#37 Apr 19, 2013
Mandy Marsden wrote:
Angel, poor management isn't an excuse to be rude to customers.
I'm sorry but as an employee at a Walmart deli I agree with management not being competent does contribute to being rude. No matter what kind of person you are if you are run into the ground and a customer has an attitude about having to wait in an understaffed work environment you will not be nice. You will help then and get rid of them as quick as possible and most people will take this as being rude. Put yourself in the position of the employee before you go complaining. If you have not worked for a Walmart deli then you really have no room to talk.

Orland Park, IL

#38 Apr 22, 2013
Wal-Mart has people brain washed until they get you to be an employee. Customers DON'T come first. We have to get our stuff done even if a customer has to wait longer because there is only one person up front when you're trying to get all your jobs done or else you're written up. Even if I came in, started halping a customer and didn't stop with helping a customer until my shift ends, i would be in some SERIOUS trouble the next day for not getting my jobs done. NOT TO MENTION if you're helping a customer and it's timef or you to clock out, you better drop what youre doing and leave or else you will be written up for stealing money(time). M friend once clocked out 30 sec late and was asked to clock out 30 sec early the next day. It's a sick sick world when you ecome an employee and customers have no idea how much is asked of you in so little time. You have to
make sandwhiches and salads
do morning dishes
clean fryer filter
shave meat for the case
shave cheese for the case
stock the case
stock the freezers around the store
do freight
cook for hotcase
cook for orders
take out morning trash
take out compost
wash compost buckets
scan throw aways
make hot foods cold foods
clean slicers and scales every 4 hours
sweep morning mess
take apart rotiseries
take apart fryers
take apart slicers
take apart hotcase
take apart salad case
clean rotiseries
clean/filter fryers
clean slicers
clean hotcase
sweap hot case
clean salad case
wash windowns
clean scales and countertops
clean microwave
take cake orders
write on cakes (bakery leaves 5 hours earlier than deli)
sanitize drains
take out trash
then take care of your customer, oh wait, we have to clock out.
Under staffed for what their expectations are.
deli staff is paid a little more than most of their departments not because of the load of work, because thats in every department, its because of our risks of getting injured in the deli. Not the place to go if youre going to need help with your shopping.

United States

#39 Apr 27, 2013
People in Rock Springs Wy are just plain rude, it doesn't matter if your at Walmart, the mall, the library, or just walking down the street. These are BY FAR the rudest people I've ever seen in my life. Absolutely no manners what so ever and everybody looks as if they hate their lives. I've lived here for almost 3 years now and I refuse to go to the local Walmart because of how negative the entire atmosphere is. I never have high expectations for customer service in this little POS town!

Rock Springs, WY

#40 Jul 4, 2013
It was so funny to read this. I complained awhile back about the same thing. They stand there talking, 4 and 5 standing around. Won't help, and then rude when they do. Two of us were standing and waiting one of the times. Both of use were bugged by this lady with a Spanish accent we finally said something to her about her rudeness. People get away with a lot of crap these days. Not right!! Just like some of us have complained numerous times about Smiths grocery. They have the rudest cashiers. Baggers just close their ears to any request to bag correctly. Have called corporate on them but nothing done and it has been many years,. Just terrible.
FogHorn wrote:
Ya? i tell you what, the deli is the worst place to work in walmart.
Its always under staffed, always over worked, and the work that needs to be done, is so time consuming and requites them to be vary patent, so sometimes people run out.
Also, if you are looking for good customer service at walmart, you are stupid and looking in the wrong place, walmart is about cuting the bottom line, and having the low prices.
You want good customer service? you need to go to the smaller stores, that have to offer the good customer service because they can't compete with prices.

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