Top Stories - FBI Raids Outlaws Motor...

Top Stories - FBI Raids Outlaws Motorcycle Club Compound

There are 234 comments on the First Coast News Jacksonville story from Aug 15, 2007, titled Top Stories - FBI Raids Outlaws Motorcycle Club Compound. In it, First Coast News Jacksonville reports that:

By Grayson Kamm First Coast News JACKSONVILLE, FL -- In a precise and coordinated raid, the FBI searched buildings associated with the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in several cities Wednesday.

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#203 Aug 18, 2011
I remember long time ago they raided few houses near main street in Daytona Beach

Casey Mahoney

Biloxi, MS

#204 Sep 19, 2011
I need to call in a favor. From NM (Bandidos) recently got robbed by a female drug include cash, medications, clothing etc....not to mention my debit card that is from A military Federal Credit union.....we were in West Palm Beach....left the girl there.......any help?

United States

#206 Dec 21, 2011
Thunder Bear wrote:
The point here is why is there never anything good posted about the Outlaws MC they do charity work events and runs and who has heard anything about it, the only notice is word of mouth or a flyer seen at a bike (motorcycle) shop or local tavern. However, let something bad happen and they are all over the news.
I have seen and been to several events both hosted by the Outlaws or that the Outlaws participated in. No issues no fights any attitudes. Just normal Guys having a good time.
As for violence that can happen anywhere you can go to the grocery store and have a 40 year old Anglo Saxon man get mad because you beat him to line and get violent pull a knife and try to cut you.(True Story) Therefore, should I know fear all men over 40 at the grocery store, do not think so. What about the Mafia, a bunch of Italian Sicilian guys doing the same things that news reports allege the Outlaws have taken part in are you now going to hide from any one of Sicilian decent. I could go on and on with examples but like any group, there are always a few apples that are a little worse then the rest.
Did you know most of these Outlaws were in the armed forces, defended our country, and would again today if asked? Also in neighborhood’s where Outlaws members live there seems to be little or no crime such as theft vandalism and so fourth.
So, judge not what you know anything about.
yea your are right The OutLaws come to my job all the time to eat and I love having them there

United States

#207 Dec 21, 2011
There not bad at all u just need to get to know them !
They come to my job in port richey fl and Eat all the time and I love having them around they are a good brotherhood poeple need to stop running there mouth with out knowing wat there all about marry chrismas to all the outlaw !!!!

United States

#208 Feb 23, 2012
Does anybody no Roadblock

United States

#209 Feb 23, 2012
Does anyone no Tony Harrell

North Liberty, IN

#210 Feb 26, 2012
Watched outlaws and cobras back down frm renegades while at gibtown bike fest! I'd ride wit real American bikers such as renegades MC! Earned my respect as a outsider(civilian) looking in! Outlaws/HELLS ANGELS are MC clubs that ruin they're own lives too many RATTS !! Jeez I watch gangland tells it all!!! RIDE ON RENEGADES,FLA!!!
lushious jackson

Brookfield, WI

#211 Apr 10, 2012
I need to find Dresser aka Gary and his buddy Chester. I got news about my sister who was their very good friend. If any one knows these guys please pass this along. My sister (H go lightly) and I need to talk to them. Used to know last names but I killed those brain cells. Dresser kicked a car on his bike and messed up his leg. Plus he and I have unfinished buisness in the bed. oooooooh baby
stalked in tampa

United States

#212 Apr 11, 2012
That sounds about right. They're up to property theft and money laundering with Mr. Ward. Oh and intimidating children.

Very manly bunch.


Oh and killing women in their cars. Basically anyone they perceive as an easy victim.


Saint Augustine, FL

#213 Apr 11, 2012
Tom wrote:
<quoted text>
Dear Mr. Grim Reaper:
These Outlaws are the real deal, not credit card yuppie bikers who drink merlot. The story is about the FBI and JSO craking down on these dangerous men.
One side note, the average citizen has nothing to fear from these guys, just don't piss one of them off by trying to rip them off on drug deal. Unlike the gangsta rapper crap you hear about doing all the drive by shootings. If you wrong one of these Outlaws, they are not going to drive by and shoot at your house and mistakenly kill some little girl, they are going to get right in your face and blow your brains out execution style.
So what's the problem ???

Apo, AE

#214 Apr 11, 2012
what Apache said cant be more clear!! MC are a must and the is nothing else to say any better than what was said here!! 100% truth Apache
stalked in tampa

United States

#219 Apr 11, 2012
You have a lily-livered Renegade in the hood if your windshield's rear view mirror falls off and if your vinyl flooring tiles start peeling up. Some toxins they apply to your car and your home cause this glue to erode. OR coat the glue and make it less glue-y.

Your car will have something weird about it anyway and will ahve been tampered with and to the mechanic way too often. Put a security camera on it at all times. THEN find the renegade. Name it. Ruin it.

They're nothing but murdering pigs.

I guess they'd back down to a bunch of women as that is whom they seem afraid of and want to kill.

Or maybe it's the only ones they can victimize.


Apo, AE

#221 Aug 31, 2012
Sometimes to understand people... you have to walk a mile in their shoes. I'm not claiming to be a 1%'er in any way shape or form. I can simply say I appreciate the brotherhood and the live by thier own rules way of life. I've lived my life like that for a while and yet I'm not a 1%'er. I think that it is a representation of freedom that actually scares people. Live the way you choose, I live the way I choose... if people disagree shit happens. If someone doesn't like it... don't be around it. But there are tradition and protocols within the motorcycle world. It has 2 wheels... guess what... it's a motorcycle. As we say in the army... there's a difference between "hard" and "retard".

United States

#222 Sep 29, 2012
Napolean Dynamite wrote:
Where can I apply to be an outlaw, my brother Kip and I would love to join. I have skills and I am good with the bow staff and Kip is training to be a cage fighter.
Find an outlaw and ask him then see what happens
Scootertrashhate r

Lincoln, NE

#224 Feb 14, 2013
The outlaws are a bunch of dumbasses that can't think for themselves. I'd not be so harsh cuz without the gang they all would be gas station attendants or ditch diggers so u can't blame them for needing someone to tell them how to think. It's just evolution, it's not like were out a cure for cancer by losing them from society. And I guess being the no2 gang lol must just fuel their insecurity. Hells angels at least are successful and the no1 gang for a reason. Lol idiots

United States

#225 Mar 6, 2013
This kind of stuff kind of agitates me. I'm a Black Piston in Florida, we SHARE a clubhouse with the Outlaws. I know what my brothers do pretty much every day and see them very often and trust them with my life. I am an Army Vet and couldn't even find the brotherhood there I have found here with the AOA. Before you start spreading rumors and talking bad, maybe you should meet them and hang out. All really great guys and have helped me out more then I would ever have expected and would have asked for. We do things for the community more then anyone knows. we hold benefits for people that need help with hospital bills and what not, participate in toy runs for children, and even collecting cans and recycling them to put towards the money we donate to the homeless vets in surrounding cities so they can buy blankets and stuff. Yeah, sounds like a bunch of muggers and thuggers to me. But no one knows that because the media will only cover things like this and bad things that happen. Every group of people has a had apple or 2. And the RICO Act is a bunch of bullshit. The biggest gangs in America right now is the U.S. Government and Law Enforcement. Because we wear the same thing, about the same thing, and hang out together we are a gang and can get RICO? If that's the case, what about all the police officers charged with selling drugs, tampering with evidence, child pornography/molestation, and what not? Shouldn't they be charged by RICO also? I know I'm going to take heat for all this but I don't care, I'll stand up for what I believe in and my brothers. I am no low life scum, I work for a living, I'm educated, and a very good person and I get judged all the time just because I wear a patch. But I don't care, that's what it's about. I'm going to live how I want to and I don't care if you agree with it or not. My ole lady loves it, they treat her with the up most respect. In our world, you show respect, you get respect. we are fun guys to hang out and have a beer with. we go looking for a GOOD time, not trouble. Doesn't mean it doesn't find us though every once in a while with a bar fight because of the typical hot head that wants to poke fun at the "big bad biker" to prove how tough he is. Well I'm done, This is way longer then I intended. SYLO & SYLBP.
@Casper: I know the guys down there in New Port Richey pretty well, awesome dudes. Probably my favorite house to go hang out at. Actually going down there this month again some time.

Boynton Beach, FL

#226 Mar 7, 2013
You guys are all talking out of your a**. Unless you know first hand, shut the f**k up. I've known bikers for a long time. I have been their brother. And they are some of the best people I've known. Yes, there are rules. And just like everywhere else in the world, there are pros and cons. Every individual will find something they don't like about it. And everyone will find something they do like. If you want to be a part of a family that will accept even your worst flaws and be there for you regardless and do anything in their power to help you with even the simplest things you need, then you should join a club. If you are someone that wouldn't do those things for anybody, then the clubs aren't for you. And as for you A**holes who claim that bikers "don't accomplish anything" maybe you should ask the veterans hospitals, childrens hospitals, cancer research facilities, local businesses, toys for tots,other clubs, local bars, and any single person who has ever asked a biker for help. If you don't understand what I'm saying, read it again. Bikers support every charity in their areas, rain or shine, stand up for their neighborhoods, eachother and organizations that help people. They give out of their own pockets and never ask for anything in return. And they do it all knowing that people out there feel the way you idiots do. But they do it anyway. The only difference is, they don't sell themselves out to live the way others tell them they should. And don't say you don't! As for those of you that relate drugs and guns to the clubs, stop watching tv!

United States

#227 Apr 17, 2013
I have a lot of respect for the OL in Florida. However I believe that they need to send some of their men up to Knoxville. Unfortunately the MC has become a joke here because they have allowed a RC to take over this area. People here are more afraid of the Shepherds Rc than any MC. They have made comments to many people they plan on running the OL's out pf town along with the Mountain Rebels MC. They have already got fourstar hooligans sponsoring them it has really became an embarrassment here. Thinkin I will move to Florida where people have respect!
Beachbum Biker

United States

#228 Apr 19, 2013
Knoxville wrote:
I have a lot of respect for the OL in Florida. However I believe that they need to send some of their men up to Knoxville. Unfortunately the MC has become a joke here because they have allowed a RC to take over this area. People here are more afraid of the Shepherds Rc than any MC. They have made comments to many people they plan on running the OL's out pf town along with the Mountain Rebels MC. They have already got fourstar hooligans sponsoring them it has really became an embarrassment here. Thinkin I will move to Florida where people have respect!
Come on down we got real mc's here man. And as long as you show us respect we will show you the same! I vacationed in the smokey's 2 years ago & went to some bars in Knoxville not flyin colors of course. It's the good ole boy system up there no real bikers even have blacks riding in clubs real bs. Now I don't ride with OL but here all mc's get respect.

Leicester, UK

#230 May 11, 2014
Its a red and white world boys and girls... Some day you'll learn that. Probably the hard way.
ML&R Red And White! Fkn A Right!
Support Your Local 81
piss on outlaws mc you knob

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