Strange & Unusual - Anti-Mormon DVD G...

Strange & Unusual - Anti-Mormon DVD Given to 18,000 Homes

There are 679 comments on the First Coast News Jacksonville story from Mar 28, 2007, titled Strange & Unusual - Anti-Mormon DVD Given to 18,000 Homes. In it, First Coast News Jacksonville reports that:

By Jim Walsh The Arizona Republic MESA, AZ -- A ministry opposed to Mormonism distributed 18,000 copies of a DVD to homes across the state on Sunday as part of a nationwide effort to persuade members to leave ...

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Bountiful, UT

#536 Mar 10, 2012
Mormon leaders need to do a better job defining doctrine. I will give it my best shot. Doctrine is any true statement made under the influence of the Holy Ghost. Even statements made under the influence of the Holy Ghost can still be fallible as it is a human interpreting the inspiration. Pronouncements of the First Presidency and the Scriptures have a higher probability of being doctrine but still may not be doctrine. Many things in Proverbs, Songs of Solomon, writings of Paul are not doctrine. Paul himself said some of his teachings were his own opinion and not doctrine. The truth is that there really is no absolute doctrine in Mormonism because we do not claim infallibility in scripture or with leaders.

United States

#537 May 10, 2012
Where are you,great dane! I'd love to listen to your nonsensical,rhetorical tirads.
South Park Mormon Episode

United States

#538 Jun 8, 2012
Yep, "Strange & Unusual" is a great way to describe a religion that contends that married couples who are members will receive their own planet to populate and rule over after they die.

The Mormon religion is even more wacky than The Church of Scientology. It's built on the claim that Joseph Smith translated 28 gold plates that no one has ever seen, from an unknown language that no one has ever heard of, and that the only reason Mormons were previously were run out of every state east of Utah was due to religious persecution. Ri-i-i-ight.

The Mormon Churh is the ONLY major religon to ever formally declare war on the U.S. government. Of course, they lost that fight, but some members still continue to marry multiple wives, some as young as ten years old. Seriously.

Watch video starting at 3:37
South Park Mormon Episode

United States

#539 Jun 8, 2012
The Mormon religion is very "strange and unusual."

Tenets include a belief that married couples who live in accordance with church dogma, will inherit their own planet to populate and rule over after they die. Not even the Church of Scientology offers that kind of incentive.

The Mormons are also the only major religion to ever formally declare war on the U. S. government.
Of course, that would be considered terrorism today, and they'd end up in Guantanamo.

For more details about this wacky religion, watch this humorous video starting at 3:37

“Get to know the real Bruce”

Since: Jun 12

Tempe, AZ

#540 Jun 8, 2012
i had a veryg ood friend named Joespehh who was a Mormom in Utah. He had some very pretty wives (though Jess8ica was a real b*tch and once let the dog poop in opur yard!)
Ahhh what a good yeaer 85 was though :)

United States

#541 Nov 4, 2012
Unless a person gets themselves (educated) on any particular faith they should keep their uneducated comments to themselves. Those that have done the research and have accepted the faith that they searched out and found it (inspiraling) should tell the world what they found tobe true to them and then stay faithful for the rest of their lives.AMEN
Great Dane

Layton, UT

#542 Dec 10, 2012
mary wrote:
Where are you,great dane! I'd love to listen to your nonsensical,rhetorical tirads.
Great Dane is back Mary. Aren't you happy?
Great Dane

Layton, UT

#543 Dec 26, 2012
Where are you Mary? My one and only true love. Where have you gone?
Great Dane

Layton, UT

#544 Dec 26, 2012
When Anti Mormons can respond to Fair LDS I will be interested. Carl Mosser a top anti Mormon says that they can not. Wake me up when you get an intelligent credentialed anti Mormon. Otherwise I am going back to sleep.

United States

#545 Jan 6, 2013
Joseph Smith was an 19th century gnostic.
Great Dane

Layton, UT

#546 Jan 14, 2013
Mary, that is an old argument. There was no way Joseph Smith could have known anything about Gnostics, because of the time and place he lived in. Most doctrines were already in the Book of Mormon before Joseph Smith met other people. Nice try Mary.

United States

#547 Jan 17, 2013
He may not have had formal exposure to gnostic or arian teaching but it does'nt change the reality of his false teaching-that it is gnostic,arian in nature.
Great Dane

Layton, UT

#548 Jan 18, 2013
Actually Mary Mormons are not Arians. We are henotheists. Arians believed Jesus had a beginning. Mormons believe nobody has a beginning. Arians believed Jesus was less than divine. Mormons believe Jesus was divine. The similarity with Arianism is separate in substance. As far as Gnosticism goes there is some similarity. Some of the gospel is secret, premortal life, and open cannon. The insistence that the material world is evil and that God and even perhaps Jesus only have a spirit and not a body are closer to other forms of Christianity instead of Mormonism.

Jersey City, NJ

#549 Jan 18, 2013
ZOG 25000 BC wrote:
I agree. I often thought organized religion too volitile to society. Should be done at home and/or with others in their homes, for those who wish to follow a faith. Some do just that. I had some mormon missionaries in my home,brcause of my neighbors involement. They did their best to convince me to join. I did try it 3 months with a friend. I had issues with how easily people just believed in scriptures that made no sense to me. My neighbor was with jehovah witnesses and left them yhen tried mormons sent them to me. She suffers from depression-anxiety. Searching for connections, thinking religion will solve her problems. Of course it has'nt.

Jersey City, NJ

#550 Jan 18, 2013
Mormons tell me god has a body that is perfect and will renew ours during the resserection. They also talk about the spirit that god consists of. So, which is it? Physical or spritual?

Jersey City, NJ

#551 Jan 18, 2013
I stopped going to church a long time ago. I recently had jehovah witnesses at my door a few days ago,read the phamplet and found contridictions. One of the main reasons I quit church.

United States

#552 Jan 19, 2013
GD,you muddle the truth with fa lot of theological jargon. The bottom line is that the mormon church is polytheistic and does not believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ. The heavenly father is in a long,never ending succession of heavenly fathers. Jesus is is a being on a par with lucifer and others who accepts the role of savior and thus attains,earns if you will,his godhead. A prelude to the mormon concept that you,a willing male human,can obtain a godship by following the example of Jesus.
The divinity of Christ is found in his nature. He is God in human flesh.He is begotten,not made,one in being with the Father. From them flows their Holy Spirit. The one and only God:Trinitarian and indivisible.
Mormonism is very arian in it's approach to Jesus,even if you make the claim that he had no beginning. Apparently the lds church proclaims that all beings have no beginnings,another prompt of polytheism. It is gnostic in it's approach to salvation. It is through one's own works,knowledge and perception as a mormon that one attains salvation.

Layton, UT

#553 Feb 2, 2013
Most seminaries (even Evangelical seminaries) teach that the Jews were really Henotheist not Monotheist. It is time for Mary to update her theology and come out of the eighties. Mormons are closer to Henotheism than Polytheism. We worship one God but believe in many Gods. An exception to this rule is when we ask Jesus for forgiveness or times in the scriptures where Jesus was present. The never ending succession of heavenly fathers is a combination of scripture and extrapolation and is not entirely understood even by Mormons. Lucifer is not a savior. He was our spiritual brother or angel that fell. Men and women can both become gods, but we are not sure what that means. We are joint heirs with Christ and become like him. Trinitarian Christianity was only one of many interpretations in early Christianity. Councils were held in the fourth century, but wars actually settled the issue around 800 AD. Until then there were still many German tribes that were not Arian. Mormons do not save themselves. We are saved from death and permanent Hell by Christ, but Jesus will still judge our works and decide what rewards we will receive.

Layton, UT

#554 Feb 2, 2013
Sorry Mary I meant until 800 AD there were many German tribes that were still some form of Arian and not Trinitarian. Nestorians still exist from antiquity and are not perfectly trinitarian.
Great Danee

Layton, UT

#555 Feb 2, 2013
Sorry Mary the posts from Kaysville were mine.

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