I think one of the most important things Coloradans should consider this election (something that seems to have escaped them in the past) is that, an elected officials name can either give honor or embarrassment to a state. Two examples (easily) come to mind - Hickenlooper and Perlmutter.
I mean seriously, if these names don't make a place sound like Pixley from Green Acres I don't know what does. Please start somewhere in poor old Colorado and begin to return our self respect. Now I know we're stuck with Hickenlooper for another two years (Gladys calls him Chickenpooper, Pooperscooper and Fruitenlooper) but could those of you who live in Colorado's 7th District help us make a start by voting out Perlmutter (Gladys just utters very quiet names under her breath at the mention of his name).
If you really need more reasons than our State's self respect just remember that Perlmutter voted for TARP, the auto bail-out (Government Motors), the Stimulus Bill, Cash for Clunkers (talk about a clunker), Cap and Trade and of cource Obama-Care.
Let's put Perlmutter on the Cannonball Express back to Pixley and get on track to being honorable once again.
That's my opinion and You're entitled to it.