Well, so much for Arab Spring and summer for that matter. Seems they've just gone right into Arab FALL.
Why does every middle east protest somehow end up with someone getting killed at the local US Embassy? We helped Lybia get their emancipation from tyranny and now this? Kinda makes you (almost) glad McCain didn't get elected last time around (if Obama hadn't been such a bad second choice). McCain wanted us involved in Lybia and involved we got.
Now I've never bought the full Libertarian Platform, but this is where Rand Paul was right in warning GOP candidates against too much hawkishness because this is what we get in repayment.
Now you may ask yourself, "why don't they ever head straight to the Russian or Chinese Embassies, after all it's their votes that are helping a Despot in Syria kill his own people?" I'll tell you why they don't, because they would find themselves at war immediately.
The long and the short this whole incident is, that Freedom of Speech and Radical Islam are completely incompatible. The sooner we realize this the sooner we can adjust our Foreign Policy and our Imigration Quota Policies accordingly. Until then we had better get our unarmed people out of the way before the Arab FALL - falls on them.
That's my opinion and you're entitled to it.