It has been brought to my attention that I have been quite political as of late (thanks Gladys) to this I say, there's an election speeding our way and it's a pretty important one too. However,(if I want to keep getting home cooked meals) I will stop and take a breath from politics just this one week and focus on another race that I've been keeping a close eye on throughout the year.
I have noticed an Orwellian style trend, having to do with Orwell it (of cource) has to do with the use of words, as he is most noted (in these days of "Political Correctness") for his literary work, 1984.
The trend I have noticed is a close horse race between the words "Iconic' and 'Epic", these two words can often be followed by the word "Proportions" but, that word is usually preceeded by (a close third in the race) the word "Biblical". I have noticed though, that "Biblical Proportions" is usually reserved for disasters, wars and weather stories.
Which brings us back to the neck and neck race of "Iconic" and "Epic".
"Iconic" is ment (in it's purest form) to mean something which has become so recognized that it is part of our everyday memory and existance (cork wedge shoes are not iconic to me where as they may be to you).
"Epic", on the other hand, is ment to mean something which is done on a grand scale (again, a computer game would not be epic to me but might be so to you).
Of these two, my bet is that (at years end) we will be sick of the "Iconic" term and "Epic" will fall back into history where it belongs. However, I thimk the world (especially our Nation) faces choices that could bring about events of "Biblical Proportions" if we don't do some "Massive" (the word in fourth place but moving up quickly on the inside) homework and also connect our knees to the floor on a regular basis (sorry Gladys but it had to be said) over the next few weeks.
That's my opinion and you're entitled to it.