By now you know, I'm old. I mean REAL old...but most of my life, and a good deal of yours (unless you're very young), I have heard the expression "A man's word is his bond!" In fact, many major deals, agreements and jobs have been sealed with just a handshake. This is the world I come from. So it's understandable that the shabby treatment given Tim Tebow by the Denver Broncos upsets me!
Here is a young man who was out on a tour visiting wounded veterans (I'd like to know if the Broncos organized this)....and finds out, through the press no less, that he would be dumped at the drop of a hat if Denver could acquire Peyton Manning!
Now remember (as if we could forget), this young man took a team that was 1-4, and without any preseason training last year (remember the strike), not only to the playoffs, but to a first round win against the best defence in the NFL.
The news (eventually) was flooded with reports that the Broncos would give him the starting position. To me, this was far more than a gentlemens agreement or handshake - this was a promise. Knowing how outraged I was when the Broncos slipped Manning in the back door to wine and dine him, I can only image the devastation this young man felt.
When he was in congress, Davey Crockett was sent around the country on a tour to show off America's down home hero. While he travelling, word came to him that he had been sent away so that Congress could pass an Indian Land Bill that they knew he would oppose, and thereby gain support of other members who would also vote against it. What did Davey do? He stormed back to Washington, placed his vote, and encouraged colleagues to do the same, after which he promptly resigned.
The nation of that time did not deserve Davey and it looks like the Broncos of this time, do not deserve Tim.