Who will you vote for in 2011 for Cal...

Who will you vote for in 2011 for Caldwell Parish Sheriff?

Created by Bystander on Mar 27, 2010

1,731 votes

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Jeff Bailes

David Crain

Benny Douglas

Mitch Bratton

Steve May

Michael Trent


Starke, FL

#119 Apr 10, 2011
A poster supporting Steve making a post at 5 am....must be on meth....lol

Orange, TX

#120 Apr 13, 2011
me and my family will vote for steve.... hes a gd man and fair and he will help any body if u go to him honestly...
Go Steve May

United States

#121 Apr 13, 2011
Well, it seems like to me people that you don't know what a good man you have in office now. Steve May is about as nice a guy as there is and is doing a fine job and deserves to remain in office as long as he so desires. I intend to support Sheriff May and so will my entire family. He has done nothing to lose his job and I hope you think twice about this. Be careful for what you wish as you just might get it. Change for the sake of change usually backfires.

Sieper, LA

#122 Apr 14, 2011
LOL....Please make me a list of all the good things he has done? Are drugs running rampant in your neighborhood? Who gives themself a HUGE raise and forgets about the deputies? How can there be so much theft and no arrest? Go ahead and call the SO Office and they always say...."We don't have a deputy in your area". What's up with that? There are only 1 or 2 working? Are the others just on the payroll? Oh..let's schedule everyone during the week so they can have the weekends off?

Orlando, FL

#123 May 1, 2011
I bet Steve May holds a press conference to praise his detectives for killing Bin Laden....

Sieper, LA

#124 May 2, 2011
LMAO - Ok..I don't care who you are but that's funny. Wonder which one of the "detectives" tracked him down.

Orange, TX

#125 May 5, 2011
steve may all theway
Jeff Bailes 512-1584

Ruston, LA

#126 Jun 10, 2011
All of you fine upstanding people that are paying games with peoples lives need to find life . And as for RN and mom I know. Who you are by your stupid statements. Anne Williams Hester maybe , well keep lying and running your mouth maybe metro needs to make you a visit again. It is funny how all these people don't even know me but they talk all this trash . I know how to do my job of putting bad guys in jail . I wont hide behind a fake name like a kid. I am easy to find and I will talk to anyone about any problem. Just don't lie Mitch! Although you are a expert at it. We can tell when you are lying now when your lips are moving. And if you want to talk to me you know where I live . Jeff M. Bailes for Sheriff
caldwell icon

Terrell, TX

#127 Jun 11, 2011
most of yall suck monkey balls anyway..look at all the "police"..and their families talking trash about each other and putting out each other's dirty laundry..lmao..it's really funny and sad at the same time. everybody got something to say about steve, but ALL of yall crooked or have done some under handed shit at one time or other..most of yall several times..also some people might not put their real names on here because they might not want a visit from "metro" for no damn reason with some made up bs or planted "evidence" just because they typed what the felt on an internet message board...this is still the USA..freedom of speech..1st amendment..even im columbia, louisiana..whether some of you jakeasses like it or not..too damn bad
jeff supporter

Quinlan, TX

#128 Jun 11, 2011
Jeff, I'm glad to see you're on here! By the way, how is Paula and Robin Odom doing? Have you wrecked anymore of your wives trucks while running from the man who took pictures of you having an affair? Or are you too busy dealing with the ethics complaint for campaigning while you were still Justice of the Peace? What about the Louisiana law that says you can't put campaign signs on light poles? Anyway, just wanted to let you know I'm behind you all the way. lmao

Round Rock, TX

#129 Jun 13, 2011
I don't think i will vote . There is'nt one name on the list that can't or already has been bought.----- The temptation is to big for someone only making lawenforcement pay.

Since: Aug 10

Location hidden

#130 Jun 22, 2011
This whole page is a pile of crap. I mean really people look at the facts. Example - when Steve became sheriff he was Slims yes man, his little go to boy, all he did was take pictures for the High School yearbook and was the Dare Officer. He had no real law enforcement experience what so ever and he still don’t - just knows how to hold down a desk chair and get his "upstanding" delinquent children out of trouble. And now we have Mitch - really...I mean on what planet do you think you have the experience to be a Sheriff - talk about going from one extreme to another - your a child grow up - Call us when you have stepped up and actually done something but play on your computer. And poor old Benny Douglas...give me another break....what the hell does this guy know - nothing!!! So this leaves Jeff Bailes, someone who actually might have a fighting chance to clean up our town, he has the experience, just nobody wants to give an actual qualified person a chance in this town cause there too busy getting tickets fixed for votes or there uncle, cousin, or child might work for the current administration. This parish has gone so far down it will take a miracle to bring it back up. And who the Hell is Michael Trent……
caldwell icon

Terrell, TX

#131 Jun 22, 2011
jeff bailes aint shit either...a fighting chance? YOU give that another got-damn break...jeff aint any better than anybody else running for sheriff..he full of shit too...

Cotopaxi, CO

#132 Jun 22, 2011
I admire a man that stands up for himself. Jeff I know your crazy ex-wife Ann is stirring shit, that was obvious. If she doesnt watch it the man with the white coat made especially for her will be coming to get her again. Mitch is hiding behind screen names and being the coward that he has always been. Steve has his spies combing this site on a daily schedule waiting to pounch..but you have stepped up to the plate you have my VOTE!!JEFF BAILES FOR SHERIFF!!
jeff is an idiot

Eunice, LA

#133 Jun 22, 2011
how many times are you and your wife going to post? theres like 5 people that look at this site? get over it, jeff.

Cotopaxi, CO

#134 Jun 23, 2011
Dear Mr. "Jeff is an Idiot" is that the best you can do? Jeff gave his cell phone number if you would like to call him and debate weather or not he is an idiot I am sure he would accommodate you. Stand up and be a man stop hiding behind screen names and bashing him, Oh but that would be an honorable thing to do but instead your lurking behind stupid screen names and being the coward that you are. You probably don't have the intelligence to carry on a intellectual conversation with anyone. You have proved that with your idiotic comments already.
Jeff is an idiot

United States

#135 Jun 23, 2011
Cuttin-Loose- I believe it is "whether" instead of "weather". Although it is hot out. lol How's that for intelligent conversation?
Steve-Jeff-Mitch -Benny

United States

#136 Jun 27, 2011
I may be mistaken but isn't Cuttin-Loose a screen name?? By your own logic, wouldn't you, also, be a coward? You people are hilarious!!

If this forum was for a "real" purpose, you would have to register. I think all of the candidates need to stay off of here and go out and talk to the citizens! And talk to them about what you will bring to the department....not what the other candidates have done wrong. NONE of the candidates are perfect..NOT Jeff, Mitch, Steve, Benny, or anyone else who might run. If any of the candidates were to show up at my door bad mouthing another one, they wouldn't get my vote. If more people actually looked at this site, I doubt anyone would even get out to vote. A bunch of grown men, acting like children!!
Caldwell born and Raised

United States

#137 Aug 4, 2011
Steve, how come you don't something about a certain someone that lives at Hebert that does nothing but stay's strung out on drugs and you know what kind I'm sure. She sells and constantly causing problems for others. She is a real danger to herself and other's. Steve she is really out their if you would just go check her out and you will know by looking at her. She could easily harm herself she really is pycho. She's always coming up with these crazy notions accusing innocent people. Please just check it out for your self and if she seems fine so be it, just politic to her and get you opinion. If she needs help call ambulane and get her help: she use to be a good person but not anymore. Your smooth and caring Just check it out. She lives on Caldwell Parish line. Surely you know who this is. Just check it out if she needs help get it for her. Thanks your a good person! I know you will handle it in the most professional way! Thanks again!

Sieper, LA

#138 Aug 5, 2011
You may need to call him and give him the females name. You just described 1/2 of the female population in Hebert.

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