KCU puts family of five on the street...
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really me

Wheaton, IL

#165 Oct 6, 2009
...where did that come from"...hello?..the name thing

Ashland, KY

#166 Oct 31, 2009
Is this KCU's fault??? Or the person that was "interviewed" to be president promising more than they could come through with. and who was the "interviewee"? just wondering who all was interviewed for the job.

Ashland, KY

#167 Oct 31, 2009
disregard the last comment...just found a comment that answered all questions

Rutland, OH

#168 Nov 5, 2009
This is a really sad story. I am currently a student at KCU and I have to say, there are a lot of things that I do not like about it. However, it is not early as bad as what some of you are making it out to be. There are always some good and some bad no matter what school you go to. I agree that the school could do a lot more to help people and I believe that KCU should be reaching out to the commuity. But how are they supposed to do that if everyone is in the mindset that KCU is just a awful place filled with fake people?? I am in an athletic program (not naming it) and we are currently trying to become as involved as possible with the community, but we are being met with closed doors. Everything has two sides. Both parties need to get it together before any progress can be made.

Pikeville, KY

#169 Jun 19, 2010
Think about this for a second. If a church kicked someone out, it would be wrong. If a Christian denied help to someone, it would be wrong. But you have to remember, KCU is a school. No one cares if a public university evicts someone...its not even spoken of. Just becase this college bears the name of christian doesn't mean that it should operate like a church. Also, to the person who mentioned Morehead State students working in their community...chances are, it is their punishment...its called community service!

United States

#170 Jun 19, 2010
I hate to say I am not surprised at all. My daughter went there after being told her personal life did not matter. She had a child without getting married but lived with the father. She was promised by family working for KCU this was ok. As soon as the semester started everyone working there gave her a hard time to get her married asap. She transferred to KCTCS. Graduated from there did get married, & lived happily ever after with the baby's father. They now are both RN's, have 2 beautiful children, a farm with a new house. I am very proud. But I did warn her about KCU. It is not what it used to be. I would never trust anyone working there, family included.

Pikeville, KY

#171 Oct 7, 2012
OH i could tell a few good one myself.
One day I'll touch the innerthoughts of this topic ranging 30 years ago till today.

Grayson, KY

#172 Oct 7, 2012
I hate to say it but I believe KCU is a joke and I also do believe it is a scam. I had a friend who went to school there for two yrs and finished at a community college because this school was so bad.They had a scholarship to go and should have been able to get into any other school they wanted but thx to bad reccomendations they couldn't. They had no reason to give these bad reccomendations other than the fact they was a star ball player and they did not want them playing for another school. Is that very christian like? As a matter a fact accordindg to my friend there is not much christian like things that do go on at that school. They are told not to socialize with the locals as if we are some kinda freaks that is going to rub off freakiness on them. Its really sad.

United States

#173 Oct 8, 2012
So you mean to tell me you always formulate your opinions on what your "friends say?" I went to that college...for FOUR years. Never ONCE did a local say hi to me. That's a 2 way street, buddy. How dare you judge the school or anyone else associated with it. It's the finest institution I've ever had privilege to be associated with. It turned me into the successful MAN I am today. And it does the same for countless young men (and women) EVERY single day.

Pikeville, KY

#174 Oct 9, 2012
embarrassed Christian wrote:
FACT NOT RUMOR....A family of five that relocated here from another state solely to attend KCU for ministry got evicted from their campus apartment. Evidently the man that KCU interviewed for the presidents job recruited and gained their confidence that the finances would be no problem. After just one semester(maybe two), not exactly sure on how long they were there, the money ran out and the promises that were made to them were not true, rather to make the "interviewee" look better interviewing for the presidents job; after all, the more people he recruits might gain him ground in his pursuits. They were promised jobs, and plenty, PLENTY of money to get them through school. NOT THE CASE! Another case of christians shooting their wounded. I understand that this family is still in Carter county because they are stranded and out of money. Is this what KCU wants? Is it about your bank account or your willingness to serve Christ by serving others? When a family gives up ALL they have to follow God, why isnt KCU sustaining them financially, emotionally, and spiritually? This is a husband, a wife, and 3 small children that have been lied to, misled, and mistreated by KCU, an institution they trusted enough to give up everything they knew to come here to Grayson. Forward this and let people know what our "CHRISTIAN" college is doing to their brothers and sisters in our community. Who is being held accountable for this abuse of trust?
Sad but probally True.
Graduaed from there and they will go above and beyond to squeeze you for your last dime

Pikeville, KY

#175 Oct 13, 2012
The college ( if not changed) is a joke for a Chrisian place tobe. When I was there, All you had to do was find a preachers daughter and there you go. THeyhave been sheltered for so long, now out on their own and ready to give it out. some good stuff also.
At the college ther are master keys floating around so a few select students can come and go when and where they please.
and drinking??

wow there is a lot of alochol floating around in those dorms.
So anyone know anything else

Pikeville, KY

#176 Oct 13, 2012
SO what and who are the ones/ Family that was supposed to have goten put out on their own?
speakthetruthinl ove

Grayson, KY

#178 Oct 22, 2015
Better get your facts straight before spreading rumors.

Olive Hill, KY

#179 Oct 27, 2015
Kcu Is the devils college as far as I am concerned, I went there, put applied wanted to play football, then found a pinto of vodka in the trash can took it then moochie Mcdavid and all the lil Grayson city police came cuz they don't have nothing better to do and cant get a real job. Then Moochie said not to come back so he can go to where I d/n, i always liked moochie but i will never vote for him again and the grayson city poe poes can kiss it.

Grayson, KY

#180 Oct 28, 2015
Well I know first hand that KCU gets involved in the community and gives blood, not sure about years ago but now they do and those wanting to run them outta town!!?? really do you know how many locals are employed there? Grayson needs to keep and add jobs not run them away.

Byron, GA

#181 Nov 6, 2015
You Cannot be Serious wrote:
For the record, KCU is not a "total scam". That statement absolutely makes no sense whatsoever. If you actually knew anything about the college, you would realize that it depends on private and church donations to survive. They receive no federal funds. How on earth does that comprise a scam? By the way, great plan you have--to run a bunch of Christian people out of town. Just what a town in crisis needs!! Could KCU have more interaction with the community? Absolutely. But I can attest to the fact that the people of Grayson do not exactly greet KCU students with open arms. It's a shame really, for both parties. But maybe you should get your facts straight before speaking on them next time. Pretty sure none of us know the "real" story here--and most stories do have two sides!
Well if half the people who were involved didn't act like they are so much superior than the rest of the town and acted like a christian should they would get better reviews "i see it all the time nicey nice to the ones with $ others are looked down on and yes this is 90% of kcu employees and its who you are if you get a good word spoke about you if only half knew some of the secrets these people have buried they wouldnt be employed there and theres alot overlooked

Lexington, KY

#182 Nov 15, 2015
"Petronius are you a christian ? Oh no your majesty for to be a christian you must love your fellow man and for the life of me i cannot."

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